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Sharing him with my daughter

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I caught my babysitting having sex with my daughter, but she brought it on herself, she was always flirting with him. Now we’re both fucking him.

I’ve had my work friend’s 15 year old son, George, babysit my 9 year old daughter for almost 6 months, and from the moment my daughter, Sophia, saw him, she had been smitten with him.

She would follow him around like a little puppy, hang around him all the time he was there, when he sat down she would be sit beside him, on his lap, or stand behind the couch and drape her arms over him hugging him, she is always all over him like a rash.

She kept trying to kiss him on the lips and he’d be turning his head away and she’d have to kiss him on the cheek instead, he didn’t mind her being all clingy but he did tell me she was getting a bit too flirty with him at times.

I had a word with her and asked her to calm it down, she told me she was in love with him, which I thought was very cute, her first crush.

I never expected anything to happen between them, he is a good lad and she is just a crazy kid, I was very wrong though.

I got home from work and saw them on the couch having sex.

They were on the couch and Sophia’s clothes were all over the living room floor, she was underneath him with her legs sticking out either side of him, he was on top of her with his shirt off and his jeans and boxers pulled down to his knees, I stood and watched for a moment as his ass bounced up and down while he thrust his cock repeatedly inside my little girl.

You may be surprised to hear that I didn’t stop them, she had brought this on herself, all her flirting had finally got her what she wanted, it was only a matter of time before she pushed him too far and he’d give in to his teenage sexual urges, I laughed and sat down in the chair opposite and watched them, “Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked.

George freaked a little and was about to get off her, “No. No. Don’t stop. Carry on. She wanted this.” I told him, and so he did.

“Hi Mom – Ungh – Ooh.”

“Hi baby, are you getting what you wanted?” I asked her.

She had a long pleasurable moment and moaned loudly for a couple of minutes before answering me, “Yeah, mom – ungh” She said.

“How’s his cock feel?” I asked.

“Ungh – Ungh – Ungh – Good.” She replied.

George turned and looked at me with a smile on his face while continuing to thrust his cock in to my little girls pussy.

“Yeah. That does look good. He’s got a big one, doesn’t he.” I said, starting to get a little hot myself just watching them.

Then Sophia had a very intense orgasm, it was so intense that I had to rush over, kneel on the floor and stroke her head to comfort her as she went through it, her little body was shaking like crazy and she moaning and gasping for air, and grabbing at the fabric of the couch with her finger nails, “Aah – Ungh – Oooh – Aah – Ungh – Ungh – Ungh!”

“You’re doing well, baby, let it out…” I said, then I turned to George, “…Are you going to come?” I asked him.

“Yeah.” He gasped.

“Okay, great. Give it to her. – Go on – fuck her. Fuck her harder! – Faster, come on!” I said.

He picked up speed and really went for it, I helped bend her legs all the way back so he could push his cock real deep inside her, and he thrust a couple more times very hard and then he ejaculated, “Oooah-argh!” he groaned with release, emptying his sack in to her.

“Good boy. Good boy. Yeah, that’s it.” I cheered.

When he was done he pushed himself off her, leaving her lying flat on her back, sweating all over, her little pussy was bright red from the pounding he gave it, but she was smiling and happy, that’s all that counts.

Sophia was pretty tired after that so I took her up to bed, then I took George up to my bed and let him fuck me too, he looked so impressive when he was fucking my little girl, I just had to try him out.

He’s so good in bed, he has so much enthusiasm, and a big sex drive, and that boy can go all night long.

So now me and Sophia have been sharing him and having threesome’s nightly with the stud.

I know the whole situation sounds so wrong, but his cock feels so right.

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    great mum lucky daughter

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    Good momma the best never make it stop

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5hj

    Oh fuck was that hot. I have had many like this and I for one totally agree with your decision. There is no better than a mother daughter combo except a sister sister combo.
    Just thinking about it gets my cock hard.
    Such a naughty story and I love it!.

    • l.ucien ID:3zxjfle2k0i

      I have also enjoyed many mother daughter relationships. Agree that sisters are still the best … enjoying some really hardcore play with 3 sister at present. Sadly they are moving in 2 weeks and my life will experience a void.

      [email protected]

  • Reply Robby ID:5u1ci0soia

    If you decide to film it, put the link in these comments somewhere

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    Have you thought about him getting you and your daughter pregnant ?

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