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Raped by my girlfriends dad

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I had been seeing this girl for a couple of weeks and both our parents have been so supportive. I’d never been with a girl before so I’ve been nervous about staying but I was so horny and ready to take things to the next level.

The day went by totally normal and I was excited for the night Amber and I climbed into her king size bed. I’m totally jealous off it, my bed at home is so small!.

We kissed and she was just as nervous as I was but I knew how to make her feel better. I haven’t had an experience with a woman but I had seen a lot off porn so I slowly took her clothes off exposing her small naked body to me. She was smooth and hairless and I loved her and I loved running my tongue down from her tit to her pussy. Swirling my tongue around her clit and darting it inside her vagina. I continued licking her out like a dehydrated Labrador till eventually she came on face I giggled and got up beside her making out with her again rubbing her juices on her face. She sat up and got behind me and bent me over into a doggy position and started to eat my ass out for a while before fingering my vagina while she eat me out eventually I came on her fingers and we layed down beside each other naked and covered in liquids I kissed her forehead as she got ready to sleep.

After about half an hour she had fell asleep but I couldn’t so I started to touch myself I moved the covers off Amber so I could look at her while I did it she was laying on her stomach so I, being very horny again I got up and kneeled behind her and burried my face into her ass I dunno how long I done it for but she didn’t even move so after a while I stopped and lay down again touching myself.

As I was doing so the door opened slowly and I panicked pretending to be a asleep I heard someone slowly creep in my heart started to pound when I felt someone climb on the bed I opened my eyes and saw her father ballock naked climbing on top off me before I can even say anything he has his hand covering my mouth

“Don’t say a fucking word. Imagine how heartbroken little Amber would be if I told her you molested her while she was sleeping”

Oh fuck he’s right. She’d never take me back. I’m a monster. But I don’t want to be fucked by her dad.

“I’m going to fuck you and cum in your belly just like I would to Amber and if you say a fucking word I’ll show the world you and her being filthy little lesbians then you molesting her like the sex depraved whore you are.”

God how long has he been watching us. Wtf am I going to do.

He takes his hand off me and gets on his knees he lifts my legs up and forces them up behind my head

“You really think I’d let my daughter be with an other girl if I wasn’t getting something in return.”

My pussy still soaking wet he just shoves his cock deep inside me. I take deep breaths to stop myself from screaming

“I knew you’d slip up and id get to fuck you. I just didn’t think it would be this soon” he continues
“Are you ready for the best fucking you’ll ever get”

He violently thrust into me over and over again. It hurts so fucking bad but I don’t want to scream I start to breathe harder

“Fucking stupid gay slut. You lesbians are so selfish taking away good woman from the men that deserve it”

His words cut me deep. Is he right? Am I selfish? Is this my purpose?

“Why don’t I wake her up. She can join the fun”

“No please” I beg

“Well guess what”

He leans down to my ear and whispers
“She’s been awake this whole time ” the words make me sick to my stomach. I’ve been tricked. Played right into there hands.

“Get up baby girl” he says as he slaps her ass. She gets up right away with a sad face not looking at me just down at the bed

“Doggie baby” she gets on her stomach and arches her back ready for him as he pulls out off her and puts it in her pussy pounding away at her

“Aren’t you jealous. Don’t you wish it was you getting fucked like the true whore you are”

I shake my head

“Mhm maybe I need to be more rough” he takes his dick out off her pussy and forces it into her ass pounding it hard. She cries but I’ll be honest I didn’t care she tricked me! And I don’t want my ass fucked.

“You say you want it and I’ll stop fucking her”

I stay silent as she cries louder

“Beg her baby. Tell her how sore you are and how you wish it would stop”

“Please baby girl. I thought you loved me. This is so sore i just need a little break”

I ignore her

“You cold hearted bitch letting her get raped by her daddy”

She cries and screams a little as he pounds her faster before he cums in her ass.

He grabs my hair and drags me down to her ass

“When I pull out you better clean up all the cum or im going to rape your ass okay”

I do as I’m told and position my tongue under his dick as he pulls out the cum spills onto my tongue. It’s my first time so I wasn’t ready for his toxic foul tasting cum. I out off
impulse spat it out. He grabs the back off my neck angrily and pulls me up

“Bitch is that cleaning up!” I shake my head

“No. It’s not!”

He puts me in a doggy position as Amber lies beside me crying.

I hear him jerking his dick before he rubs his now soft dick up and down my ass checks for a bit. Realising that he can’t get it back up out off sheer awkwardness I let out a short laugh this enrages him.

“Don’t you dare fucking laugh at me. You stupid worthless whore. You deserved everything I done to you!” he screams at me before flipping me over and slapping me a couple off times

“You’re not laughing now are you, you cunt” he punches my stomach. I let out a yelp and start to cry.

He grumbles something before climbing off the bed and storming out the room. Slamming the door shut.

Amber crawls into me as we both cry. I felt disgusted but although I was angry at her I can see why she done it.

This somehow brought us closer together.

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  • Reply Debbie ID:7ylren2v9a

    I would lick her so damn clean

  • Reply Ratrap ID:gmi750l43

    ik your mad at her but your a good gf if you share her rapes so she doesnt have to take it alone

  • Reply Jason ID:5u1d7cdqra

    You should let your gf father breed you as she watches.

  • Reply Confydence ID:1ah770lfv9j

    It really hurts alot to be fucked in the ass

  • Reply Mark ID:n4ip9l8l

    I am a straight guy but If i see your girlfriend’s dad, I will fuck him in his ass and won’t stop till he get sore. I will cum in his ass like a cum dump!

    • Itsllygirl ID:rz5vjb0i

      Really? Man