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Before being married off to my husband, my virginity was taken by my father. It was as a teaching technique and I had to learn how to stay silent, bear pain and allow myself to be used for the man’s pleasure. It’s all a part of our culture.
I’m known to be bit of a rebel so I insisted I will only get married after obtaining a degree. Was married off at 25 and It’s been three years and I’m a good and happy wife . I don’t know if the word is happy. But content because I know my husband is pleased and that’s my primary duty although there’s so much more I do.
I work hard at my office , do some yoga and some online studying daily. But when my husband comes home I must have dinner ready and spend time with him after all that’s why he married me. Because he needs a wife to take care of his needs. So I do it. Happily. Every night my husband needs to have sex. Sometimes twice. This though is not always welcome by me , I must allow it as I feel like I’m not fulfilling my duty and obligation if I refuse. So even if it’s very difficult for me I spread my legs open for him and let him penetrate me and fuck me his liking. Sometimes In the middle of the night he starts needing seconds. So as a rule I have been told not to wear panties at night and I must only wear night dresses. That way when the need arises he can lift it up and simply enter me , parting my vaginal lips and forcing his cock up my pussy and fuck me till his seed is spilled inside me. I’m not allowed to wash it or wipe it off as we have been taught that the womb was made for the deposition of a mans spillings. So I’m content allowing my body to be used , fulfilling its true purpose and being a good wife who makes my body available for my husband’s sexual pleasure regardless of how I feel. As much as some people would call it marital rape, it really doesn’t make sense to me how I can agree to marry someone which automatically says I’m giving my body over to him and then withdraw from that obligation. I don’t think it’s fair for us women to do that to our husbands. At the end of the day – men need it and that’s why they married us. So that we would be there to satisfy their sexual pleasures be there for my husband’s release. That’s how we were built and made . So allowing your self and body to be used despite the hurt, the soreness, the pain , being sleepy , sick or tired is very fulfilling

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  • Reply Lady doc ID:1ardd6ta40

    I worked with a group of doctors in africa where the tribal chief had the first rights to all the bides in the tribe and the new brides father in laws and brother in laws are entitled to fuck her whenever they wish. It was considered a privilege to have the chiefs baby and acceptable to have babies of any man on husbands side as its the same bloodline

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    The wife should always be there to open her legs for her husband and let him fuck her . And even if she is on her period she should be freely available . And if there is a younger daughter in the family , then ber dad should be able to fuck her up the ass , saving her virginity for her husband when she gets married .

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      completely agree @joe!
      girls are nothing but fucktoys here to please men! a mans daughter belongs to him, and she is to obey! my sister has been used as an anal sex toy her whole life! she is 35 now with a daughter who just turned 13yo. i just got back from a week at her house. the day her daughter, my niece turned 13, she was being butt fucked by her dad in her room all day long! my sister would come in to bring water, lube or towels. the girls sobs filled the house. i got there after three days of this. when i went in the house, my sister was on all fours presenting to me. her daughter was straddling her dad on the couch, and riding him with his dick in her ass! we both came in the anal fuck toys, then switched. my nieces ass was so tight, i came in minutes!

    • CumptyDumpty ID:2c3gmr8d9b

      I must respectfully disagree. It is a fathers right to claim his daughters virginity. The first seed to fill each hole should be the one that created her.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    completely agree! young girls need to be taught that they are here for our pleasure! all the women in my family are taught this starting at 12or 13yo by their male guardian. in my family though, the pussy is usually resurved for making babies, and left virgin for the husband to take. the asshole is for pleasure (hence my huge anal fetish lol)! never forget the irst time my dad raped my 13yo sister up the ass! came home to find him pinning her to the floor, and fucking the shit out of her ass from behind as she begged for him to stop! hardcore anal porn playing to the livingroom tv. he raped her ass till he blew a huge load in her guts. then we all ate dinner at the table. once we finished, my dad grabbed my still nude and crying sister, threw her over the table, and fucked her asshole hard and deep for the secod time. he covered her mouth as she screamed and cried. my mom just cleaned up as this was going on. my dad raped her ass constantly for a week, and at the end of it she just submitted and took it. soon my uncle and me were invited to use her ass whenever we wanted. she is married now, and her husband lets any man fuck her asshole full of cum that wants to, me included!

    • Goodwife ID:374zxqgbm9k

      That’s lovely. As with anything, sex too is hard and painful at first. You get used to it over time. First we serve our fathers and then eventually we serve our husbands.

    • Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

      I’d like to fuck your sister’s ass

    • Onesickdude ID:10zh6qgib0i

      Goodwife will you teach your daughter’s when you have them how to please men at a young age

  • Reply Proud Feminist ID:3vi2rjpvqrj

    No thats a rape girls.Mens are to be treated equally.Men should know his place and treat women equally

    • Goodwife ID:408wl2tvoi9

      I’m happy knowing my place is under him 🙂

    • Ruffun ID:eq5yuftd3

      Learn to serve

    • anon ID:15qddhgdoij

      This story was written by a man lmao

    • Goodwife ID:374zxqgbm9k

      Anon. It most definitely wasn’t! I’m a woman. A woman who likes being useful to my hsband

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

    I’m sorry this turned my on so much🥲

    • Goodwife ID:408wl2tvoi9

      I’m glad it did. The story fulfilling its purpose just like I do mine- pleasure

    • Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

      Thank you Hey do you have somewhere I can maybe chat with you🥰

    • Goodwife ID:408wl2tvoi9

      Unfortunately not. But do tell me why the story turned you on and what else you think

    • Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

      The idea of free use always turns me on and sadly I really like rape

  • Reply dad ID:3zxisyc3k0k

    That’s right women’s body is for sex

    • Goodwife ID:408wl2tvoi9

      Especially for my husband. If he doesn’t use my body as he pleases who else is he supposed to use right? So naturally I must make myself available and I do. So I’m happy my body is used for sex

    • Onesickdude ID:vuf0i7zm

      Goodwife you are mostly correct only other person or persons to help please your husband is your daughter or daughters