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Pussies love eating rats

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she met a man online and got more than she ever wanted. #Gore

contains violence, rats, death, gore, torture, piss
dont say i didnt fucking warn you

She was 12, short, thin, and terribly cute. Soft dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Libidio beyond what was normal for a girl her age, she sought out men online for a thrill, swapping dirty pictures and chats, learning and lusting after more and more extreme fantasies as the desires of older men stuck in her impressionable mind. That’s how she found me, and by some twist of fate, I learned she lived only a town over from me. So we met one summer day, with promises to make her feel good, to turn her into a woman.

I could sense her nervousness, as I tied her ankles and wrists to the corners of my bed. She had been very interested in bondage, and we had swapped pictures and links to videos of things she would want to try someday. She was unsure of doing it for her first time, but was dazzled into submission after I gave her her first grown up tongue kiss. So malleable after that, her mind overcome with lust. Now with her legs and arms spread wide, I took in her nude, perfect body, my own lust building. She gazed up at me, with those beautiful emerald eyes, likely hoping I approved her body. I ran my hand over her pert nipples, grown hard in the cool air, down her smooth tummy, and over her hairless perfect pussy. My finger trailed up her slit and over her clit, drawing a shuddering gasp.

I smiled and pulled a jar out from my nightstand. Peanut butter? She asked as I unscrewed the jar and dipped my finger inside. I didn’t reply, just ran my finger back over her, leaving a smear on each nipple, her bellybutton, her clit, down her pussy lips and over her tight asshole. Finally back up to her face, running my finger around her lips before pushing it into her mouth. Despite her confusion, she sucked it clean obediantly.

I stepped back, picking up a box on the other side of the room and putting it onto the bed. I ignored her questions and clearly mounting anxiety. I opened and reached into the box, grabbing one of the warm furry bodies inside and lifting it out. She squealed when she saw the rat in my hand, and even louder when I placed it down on her.

The little beast scurried over her, tiny claws pricking at her soft skin. She was writhing, trying to get away from it, but my knotwork kept her firmly in place so the rat could explore. It settled over one of her tiny breasts, licking at the treat on her nipple. She let out a trembling mix of a moan and a whine and I smiled softly at her. Good girl, just relax and enjoy this.

I reach in and add another two rats before putting the lid back on. They scurry over her, one on the other breast, and the other down between her legs. It sniffs her wet little pussy, licking her clit happily. She moans harder, overcome by the pleasure of the tiny tongue violating her. Until the rat decides her button isnt yeilding enough treat, and decides to bite into her. She screams, bucking her hips as it gnaws her clit. It bites harder, digging its claws into her inner thigh to keep its place. She sobs and begs me to help, to get it off. I’m too busy getting myself off, watching her suffer at the foot of the bed. Soon her clit is rat food, and the happy rat isn’t yet satisfied.

It keeps chewing, moving down to her pussy lip. Where her clit was throbs and trickles blood. One of the rats moves from her nipples and begins licking around her mouth. She gags and tries to pull away, but it’s useless. The other bites her nipple now. I grab the rat by her mouth and hold it still. Do what I say and I’ll take them off soon. I make her kiss the rat’s face, then lick and suck its head like a cock. I turn it around and make her lick its massive rat testicles and asshole between her sobs and gags. I squeeze the rat and it pisses in her mouth.

The rat, upset by the squeeze, turns and bites me. Fucker pissed me off, so I moved down to the end of the bed, between her spread legs. I cram the rats head into her virgin cunt. She screams, her sobs incoherent as the disgusting little animal takes her virginity. I force it deeper into her, and it crawls in glad to get away from me. Its claws rake her sensitive pussy skin as it burrows into her. I grab a dildo and press it in after the rat.

I shove it in, stretching her cunt. The hard dildo having far less give than the soft rat body. It rips her pussy walls, and forced the rat up against her cervix, bulging her tummy out grotesquely. The rat squirms inside her angrily, making her thrash and groan as it pleasures her most intimate spots. I pull the dildo out till just the head is inside, then ram it back in. The rat panics and claws and bites her cervix, burrowing into her womb. I do this over and over until the rat’s fully inside her tummy, then leave the dildo plugging her up. I punch her tummy hard. Her voice is gone, her eyes buldging as she screams wordlessly. She’s pissed herself, I run my fingers through it and taste her sweet fear urine. I punch her tummy over and over, until the rat has stopped moving. I tell her about the dead animal in her privates, how it’s gonna be stuck inside her forever. I think the word she keeps mouthing is “Sorry.” The other rats scampered off, but it’s no problem.

It’s time for me to get off. I position my cock over her asshole. Lubed up with her blood and piss, I rape into her tight butthole hard. I fuck her wide open and it doesn’t take long for me to blow my load inside her. I pull out, rapidly growing bored witb my toy. I poise my cock over her face and let loose a stream of piss into her pleading eyes.

I grab a fresh rat out from the box and shove it up her now gaped anus. It crawls inside her and I force a large buttplug in to keep it trapped. I wondered if it would find a way out before it died. I settled into a chair near the bed, watching the girl weep from her puffy red eyes, refusing to look at me. I slowly stroked my cock, eyeing her bloody abused body. I pulled another rat out of the box, forcing a finger into its rat pussy. I made quick work hollowing it out enough to force my cock into. Its death spasms felt nice as I jerked off with my little cocksleeve.

Suddenly I could tell the anal rat had made a plan and the girls body went rigid. She threw her head back in pain and her tummy pushed away from her. I’ll spare you the gorey details as the rat escaped its tight preteen prison. It didnt take long for her to bleed out after that, but I had enough time to cum into her new hole, shove my hand in, and squeeze the dead rat out of her pussy from the inside. The last thing she saw and felt was the rat speared on my cock, its mouth dribbling my sperm, kissing her goodnight as I raped its corpse into her soon-to-be-dead mouth.

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  • Reply Helliah ID:3057hetqra

    Wtf. This is… Weird. Good grammer and punctuation tho

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:9k0oovsz

    So fucking hot!! Please, more sick stories like this. Perhaps a rat up a little boys bumhole next?!

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      I love how he fucked up that little girl though! Whore had it coming!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    what a waste, that ass had plenty more anal rapes to get

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      Or at least shove more than 1 rat in her asshole!

  • Reply Anon ID:37299am9j

    This made me wanna go out, buy some rats, & shove them inside my 10 year old sister’s holes when our parents are on vacation!

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      DO IT!!!

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      I may go a different route & see how many rats i could shove up inside my 10 year old sister’s pussy & see how long i can keep them plugged inside her

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      You should shove food up her pussy before you shove a rat in so it has stuff to eat & last longer inside her before it explores inside her womb

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      Shove a whole family of rats in your sister’s small pussy! Let the tails hang out & watch the wriggle!

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      Whats your little sister like? Would it be easy to stick rats up her pussy? Or would you have to tie her down & rape her with them???

    • Mac ID:37299am9j

      You need to do it! Make your sister your rat whore!

  • Reply Jason Derulo ID:2vqwknnr49c

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  • Reply Disgusted Citizen ID:4cwj801849d

    What the fuck is wrong with you? This is messed up.

  • Reply Kelly ID:202p0kut0d

    So hot. Love to have this done to me

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Melde dich du kleine fotze mal sehen was ich für dich tun kann

  • Reply Kelly ID:202p0kut0d

    This was totally hot. Made my pussy drip. Would love to talk to you.

    • John ID:5u1d7cdqra

      Do you have sc or kik

  • Reply Jessica ID:fzq6k79d4

    This is sick, literally disgusting. I threw up on my bed twice after reading this. Stop making stories like this. You’re a terrible person.

    • L ID:7n7gt7wn8i

      I agree this is literally fucking disgusting

    • nnnn ID:5di5dft0c

      you were warned

  • Reply Greg the pussy slayer ID:2c3j13f7zj

    Could you make more

  • Reply annnonnymouss ID:bldr1a42

    Could you write anymore stories? This turned me on!

  • Reply Pampered ID:2nhiv6tdqm

    I was intrigued by the title and header. Thought this would just gross me out. I’m now worried as this has turned me on. I have put my buttplug in and got my wand working my clit thinking about this story. I think I mite now need psychiatric help.

    • Doq ID:bo1uf52qj

      Do you have any media

    • Max ID:ffh2ubrm2

      You wanna kik or snap?

    • Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

      😳damn girl that’s what I like to hear