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Proud Mama

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The most rewarding decision I ever made was loving with my son.

Hello, my name is Liz, I am so very proud of my sixteen year old son, Max. Max has recently graduated high school and accepted to the Med College of his choice. Max’s father and I had divorced two years ago, Max plans becoming a doctor like his father. Max’s father has always accused me of loving our son more than him, I have to give him that one. I do love Max so dearly. It all started when Max’s father caught me kissing Max’s little pee-pee.
That is how I have always thought of Max’s little cock from the first time I brought him home from the hospital. Changing Max’s diaper and after his circumcised little cock healed, I noticed Max with a piss hard, I remember thinking then as his little pee-pee was only two inches long. The pride I felt, his peepee stay hard after spraying piss everywhere and my husband walked in. Max and I were in the kitchen after a pizza supper I brought home and as I cleaned, Max stated he was off to check the mail.
“Mom, it’s here,” I knew what he was speaking of, we’d been checking the mail daily, waiting the letter’s arrival.
“You open it Mom,” looking to Max’s eyes, I felt if it was bad news I could soften the blow for him, tearing the envelope open. Screaming with delight, I shout, “You got in!”
Kissed Max full on the lips, Max and I hugging of the good news. I never had a doubt Maw wouldn’t be accepted, he is such a bright young man I must call him from this day forward. Max sat to the table reading the letter out loud, I couldn’t help myself, so proud my sixteen year old son was going to the same college as his father. At a younger age than his father, I sat down in Max’s lap kissing him again, a passionate kiss of the pride I was feeling.
Max’s hand came up to one of my tits, stopping but not pushing his hand away, I looked deeply into Max’s eyes. Long moments of looking into his eyes, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse with Max’s attention on what I was doing, before my bra hit the floor I could feel Max hardening beneath me. Lifted my large 36 D-cup breast to Max’s lips, wondrous, magnificent I felt cradling my son to my breast once again. I couldn’t help myself, my feelings for Max turned sexual, and one breast to the other, ever so carefully and tenderly Max nuzzled his mother’s tits.
There was no stopping, I wanted this and Max wanted his mother. How could I say no to my wonderful sixteen year old, I love him so very much and making his mother so very proud. My naked large tits swaying as I stood, taking Max by the hand leading my virgin son to my bedroom. Striped my skirt and panties to sit upon the bed I undid Max’s jeans and belt, looking up to his eyes as his cock spring free in front of my face.
Covered his cock once again with my warm mouth and sure he saw my eyes roll back into my head of the ecstasy I was receiving, no cock has ever done for me what Max’s cock was delivering now. Shoved Max’s jeans and shorts down for him to step from, his t-shirt Max pulled over his head, throwing the covers back I pulled Max onto my bed. Kissed Max with my large tits pressed into his naked chest before lying to his side, opening my legs I pulled Max atop me, guiding his large eight inch thick cock inside my wet hairy pussy.
Never had my cunt become so wet and wanton, Sky Rockets I’d never known and only heard, were bursting air exploding in my mind, the wondrous feeling of my son’s cock inside his mother once again, there are not words to describe. Lights left on, the way I wanted, seeing my beautiful athletic son’s hard muscles, his abs were a perfect six pack. Max began slowly fucking his mother, crushing my huge tits of his hand, examining my large aureoles by rubbing his thumb over the little bumps surrounding, my nearly one inch hard nipples.
Into my eyes and down to my dark haired pussy, Max wanted me seeing him fucking in and out of his mother’s pussy. Pure ecstasy and lust, I’m sure Max saw in my eyes, fucking his mother ever so perfectly, though in my heart I know he is virgin and inexperienced. With my first orgasm beginning and to my total surprise, Max slid from my pussy and down, eating my pussy as if he were somehow a pro. Max had never dated or had a girlfriend, yet he knew how to love his mother so perfectly.
Perfect is the only word I can use to describe Max’s skills, I didn’t know how he achieved, Max eat my pussy with me cradling his head of my hands. Face fucking him ever so gently, again and again my pussy gushed until my orgasms subsided and Max again slipped his large cock where I most wanted, back in his mother’s pussy. How to explain how fanatic my pussy felt with my son’s eight inch cock buried deep in my pussy, is like trying to say the little words that are never said quite well enough. I love you this much giving my body, heart and soul to my son.
There are no words to express and during my time of the month, I love Max cumming in my mouth. Something I use to do for my husband but with Max, I’m doing it more for me, than him. Hours Max can go to my pleasure, if I don’t take him too far, love him seeing me loving his cock and eating his cum. Max’s love takes me to greater pleasures than I ever reached with my husband or any other man. Our first time together, Max cemented our relationship for all time, while fucking his mother.
“Mom, I never wanted to do it with any other person,” Max declared while we watched his beautiful cock sliding in and out of his mother’s hairy pussy. A fascination for the two of us, I tell Max how wonderful he makes me feel, watching my son fucking me I never get enough of. I was never this way with my husband. Oh I did enjoy sex with Max’s father but never to the levels I receive with my son. Thinking back I may have passively begun what our relationship was to become, loving and sucking his precious little hard on, as a baby. If I did I have absolutely no regrets watching Max’s huge cock, slid in and out of his mother’s, wet, hairy, hot pussy.

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    Max got you pregnant with another lover for you?

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    That’s hot

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    Let’s hear more about baby max