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Over time I started sleeping with dad and mom all the time

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As a few years went by, my brother was a senior in high school, my sister was at the same school, going into 10th grade, I was just turning 13 and was in middle school, well that is what they are calling it these days, back then it was junior high.
At home, I was now going to bed with dad and mom every night. The sex was great, I could be sucking dad off, as mom ate me out. Dad was still fucking my sister most every day when she got home from school, and at night he was doing mom and me.
I had discovered that dad and my brother also got together, sucking cock and ass sex. Found this out, on coming home from school early one day.
Now, the entire house had sex. With each other, all of us were always at mom and dads parties, but we had these what I term as private times.
The day I was home early, I heard dad and my brother, in the living room. My brother was naked, leaning back on the sofa, dad was kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. I wanted to to just walk right in and join in, cus I do so love sucking cock and sucking up all the cum I could.
I was getting a name for myself at school, for doing just that. But that should be told another time.
My dad stopped, had my brother turn over and got on his knees and bent over the sofa. My dad rubbed the tip of his very hard cock around my brothers asshole, then was pushing his cock head into my brother’s ass, and slowly began pumping in and out. My brother had his hands down between his legs, I could see he was jacking off and playing with his balls.
My dad, made those sounds of his he does just before and as he cums, these sounds I know well. I was just thinking what a waste, I would love that cum, now lost to me to my brother’s ass.
Then the two of them changed places, my brother now shoving his swollen red hard disk into dad’s ass. My brother never made sounds when he came, but he did jerk his body around , which always looked so funny to me, and he was just doing that. It was dad that moaned, as my brother came.
That night on going to bed, you could not tell that dad came that day before, as he gave full cum loads to mom and I. So, dad was doing both my older brother and sister, and my mom and I. OH those were good times. I really miss them. I sleep with my own hubby and kids, but it is just not the same as when I was young.

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