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Naughty summertime PART 2

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So the next morning we just laughed about it. As we were still in bed in hopes of something happening I asked ‘wanna cuddle?’ he replied with a simple ‘sure’.


Just out of respect I asked ‘is it cool if I’m the big spoon’? ‘yeah’ he replied. We cuddled in silence until we heard a knock on my door. Jason quickly got up and panicked. ‘Calm down, my doors are locked’ I replied. I gave him a pillow and told him to lay on the floor. I then went to unlock and open the door, it was just my brother calling me down for breakfast, yeah he gave Jason a weird look when he saw him and wondered why is he in my room. To which I replied ‘we where watching a movie last night’ He replied with ‘ ugh whatever, thanks for the invite’ and just went downstairs. I closed the door and we both tried to hide our laughter as much as we could. We got dressed and went downstairs, had breakfast and watched TV. Later we went to a coffee shop, and then to the beach. For lunch we went to eat in a restaurant and then back on the beach, we got home and I went to shower. I came out wearing just a towel around me since the bathroom was upstairs near our room and it was the bathroom only the 2 of us shared. I entered my room took of the towel started to put on shorts cuz that’ what I usually wear to bed (free balling squad where you at) as I was putting on the shorts Jason came in, yeah he saw my dick lol. He apologized for not knocking. I pulled him in the room and asked ‘ so… where you sleeping tonight’ I could tell he was nervous cuz he kept stuttering and glancing at my body. ‘ I could sleep here again if you want, I’m just gonna go shower’ he replied.

He returned to my room got on the bed and sighed. ‘whats wrong?’ I asked

he replied saying that hes tired. ‘come on dont tell me you actualy wanna sleep’

We just started talking about stuff in our lives and he came out to me saying that hes gay, and then looked at me and said:

‘You seem like the type who kisses a guy and then says “no homo” ‘

I didnt say it when i kissed you, did I’ He looked at me before he realized what I wanted to say and then he said ‘why didnt you tell me you were…’ he paused. I conutinued the sentence with

‘ bisexual’ . ‘why didnt you tell me you were gay’ i asked him. ‘ cuy you lowkey seem like a toxic straight dude’ he said. i just laughed.

He switched our conversation to be about our kiss, and asked me how it felt ‘ it was weird, but goof weird’ i replied

‘ am i at least a good kisser’ i asked He laughed and replied with ‘jog my memory if you want me to answer cuz i dont remember after all the voka-redbull mixes i had’

and there we are both shirtless makeing out litterly 5 seconds after, im laying on top of him, holding his writs tight, his arms are all over my back. He was slowly gliding his finger up and down my back and that tingling made me feel so relaxed. I sat up leaning on the pillow and patted on my lap.

‘who made you the boss’ he replied while sitting on my lap. We continued making out, both of us had massive boners but we didnt go any further than making out. After about 30 minutes we stopped looking at eachother not saying a word, just smiling. He layed his head on top of my stomach and fell asleep while i was slowly gliding my finger through his hair.

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