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My “little” boy pt 5

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The final story in the series, following a mother and her boy who grew up too fast

I called my son into my bedroom and told him he was about to learn how babies are made by playing with mom

His eyes lit up “mommy how are babies made? And what are you doing with that bottle of medicine?” I explained what sperm does and how it works with something known as a vagina, he already knew what eggs were then he asked “mommy what’s a vagina?” And I had no hesitation, I took off my panties and laid down on my bed, spread my legs, and pointed at my pussy, then explained the anatomy of a vagina and how he came out of one

He then said “I don’t think I fit in there mommy” I asked him if he meant himself or his penis which was stupid because he clearly had no idea a cock would go in a pussy “mommy my body is too big i cant fit in a vagina” I then explained how he grew into what he was and how his penis grew with his body and he said “mommy I fit in your belly when I was a baby?”

I explained the 9 month period and how a woman looks fat when she makes a baby and he said “that’s really cool mommy!” I asked him if he wanted to know how a baby is made and he said “mommy I sort of know when you played with me in the bathroom but I wanna see it”

So I told him to take his clothes off and wait on the bed, he started stripping and I went to the kitchen with the bottle of birth control and got a cup then filled it with water and took a pill then sat on the counter for a minute or two while the pill worked it’s magic and while I was sitting on the counter the realization hit me that I was about to have sex with my 10 year old son

I felt weird but I was too far in to quit, besides I witnessed and caught my son’s first nightfall with my mouth so what was the big deal? after some time I hopped off the counter and went back to my bedroom where my son was sitting on the edge of my bed kicking his feet and looking around

I told him to stand up and come towards me, he hopped off the bed and his overdeveloped dick slapped around as he scooted towards me I told him to start masturbating and he looked confused but did, as he was doing it he looked up at me and said “mommy can I look at your boobies?” I happily obliged and pulled my nightgown down a little bit in a seductive manner, just enough for him to see the nipples pointing back at him, his cock almost exploded in his hands “wow mommy! They look cooler here then in the bathroom”

After he was nice and primed I told him to stop masturbating and get back on the bed, he obliged and I took off my nightgown making me completely nude in front of him, he then said “mommy you look like Wonder Woman if she had a big chest” I laughed, I worked out but I wasn’t a fitness freak and my hair did resemble Wonder Woman a little bit, I was toned but not like they make Wonder Woman out to be, besides with this little kid blasting cum around the house all Willy nilly I couldn’t risk a single swimmer getting on my unprotected eggs and causing a baby bump to smooth out my abs that I worked so hard for

I got on the bed and rubbed myself a little so my overdeveloped son could enter me with no issues, he was entertained watching this and then I told him to put his penis against my vagina and guided him inside me

He was loud “mommy this feels so good” I told him how to thrust and he started going slow and kept moaning “mommy” over and over again, he eventually sped up and said “mommy im about to climax” I assured him it was alright to climax inside me and he could do whatever he wanted, he started fondling my breasts and then I felt it, a gigantic torrent of splooge shot against my womb and I was ever so thankful I decided to invest in birth control because if I hadn’t my son would have made me a mother all over again, as he spasmed he leaned forward putting more boy meat inside me and gave me a big kiss

I was shocked but returned the favor and kissed back while squeezing his muscular little behind with one hand

After he was done he opened up “mommy that was fun can we do it again?” I told him if he was good we’d do it all the time and I’d teach him more, he looked happy and I told him to back up and pull his penis out slowly, he did so and he grunted animalistic-ally as his young slab retreated out of where he came out of 10 years ago, my made sure to sit back and let him stare at what he did before asking him go get my phone off the nightstand and he did, afterwards I checked the calendar to see when his next doctor’s appointment was and he had several months

I told my boy to go to his room and play as he left I scooped up some cream and ate it while I browsed the morning news which had several headlines of a trend causing boys to get overdeveloped cocks, and ejaculate way too early

I realized how special my boy was, and how blessed I was as a mom to have him in my life

P.S THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE I might include the “Wonder Woman” mom in a Halloween story following this one among a doctor’s visit and maybe some other stories

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  • Reply Barry ID:4phnbakd19

    just a beautiful story….lucky boy…..lucky mum

  • Reply Worried mother ID:1ui2zwdq7

    Any questions about the story?

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

      Great story my mom was a lot like you

    • Robert ID:fx7wlf6ib1

      What did your son’s cock feel like compared to other cocks that have been inside you? Did he give you an orgasm? What type of birth control are you using? Maybe the neighbors little 10 year old daughter would enjoy your son fucking her.

    • Worried mother ID:1ui2zwdq7

      This story is fictitious, i cant answer those questions

    • Robert ID:fx7wlf6ib1

      Of course the story is fictitious. That’s a given. But if you can write a story about a mother having sex with her gifted son, then you should be able to write fictitious answers to questions that support the story. I did really enjoy your story. Made me hard and I had to stop stroking myself to keep from cuming. Write more please.

    • Worried mother ID:1ui2zwdq7

      @Robert, my son’s cock felt amazing way better than my ex, he made me cum my brains out, I use ovasitol, my neighbor doesn’t have a daughter

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fiin

    I absolutely wanna taste that young cum

    • Anonymous ID:21c8qotim0j

      You can taste my young cum

  • Reply Crazy love ID:4hv4gwyqii

    I want me plzzz

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d0

    I don’t want this to end truly amazing

  • Reply Horny 23 ID:3zxjren720a7

    Please rite more of them

  • Reply Del boy ID:2kbmfq1k0dr

    Truly loved your story

    • Naughty wife ID:ndooleck09o

      I agree. Entertaining