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Mom and Son: beginning the relationship on his birthday

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Chapter 1
It was a dark and lonely night in the Heyden family residence. The clock struck 12 and the night became day. At least for those who went off of the normal clock. You see Allan was not a normal boy. Allan was no longer a boy however. Today was his Birthday. As his mom would say “my handsome stud of a man” later on when she’d see him at the breakfast table. His mom who’s name was Alexis Heyden had quite the figure, but due to the passing of her husband just a month ago she had gained a few pounds, and looked voluptuous and fine as hell, but when she was younger was a cheerleader, so she knew how to make a boys 18th birthday wishes come true. However she was still a “virgin because she had never had sex and had a test tube pregnancy with Allan. Allan always knew that his mom was a winner and his mother saw that in him as well. Allan also knew that he fancied his mother. He had been dying as he watched his old lazy father treat his mom like crap before he passed. The autopsy said he died of a diabetic blood sugar attack. Allan knew however that it was not of his father Anthony’s doing however because he was the one who killed him. He crept into their room one night before giving him the tiniest of pricks into a his vein to deliver the volatile concoction, and the plan was full proof because his father who also suffered from sleep apnea would be out for a while and this was another cover up for the murder. Then when Allan woke up to see his mother crying in their room he was the first to make his mother feel whole again and that day she knew she fancied Allan more than she ever did Anthony.

Chapter 2
At the breakfast table on the morning of my birthday, my mom has come down in her normal silk robe that shows her sexy figure really well. I mean every morning I jack off to get rid of morning wood, but then I see he here and I get something bigger than normal. Luckily my mom has never seen it. Nor will she ever sadly (I thought), but today seemed to be different I looked at her and she kind of blushed, and then said “today 18 years ago you made me the happiest woman ever and the best moment I ever had was you in my vagina.” I replied with “Okay mom, but I imagine I hurt you that day.” She said “you did, but starting from here on today you can make up for it every day.” I asked “How?” She then got up from her chair where she was sitting and walked out of the room.

Chapter 3
After about thirty minutes or so right after giving my virgin son the clue that I wanted him to follow me to get his birthday present I walked back into the kitchen to get him. I said “hello did you not wanna follow me.” He said “I didn’t know you wanted me to.” I said “I think you should follow me this time.” Then we walked into my room where I slept alone these nights and sat him down on my bed and asked “are you ready to begin the best thing that will ever happen to you?” He replied with a “what do you mean I don’t see what you could be talking about?” I told “him to follow in precisely 10 minutes into my closet.” There I planned on him walking in to see me laying down in this nice black lingerie I bought specifically for him. It has the slits where my pussy and ass hole are for easy access. I had never worn lingerie before because my husband in the past always made me feel unsexy, but with my son I knew different. Every morning I see him get hard at the table because he must have an 8 inch dick or something with how much pops up when I bend over to give him his cereal. I imagine he sees my perfect sized DD tits flash him every morning and that’s why he gets hard. This I knew was going to be greater than the day I pushed him out of my vagina because it was the day he was going to come back home to it. I wanted his seed he was so much better than his father. His father was a felon who got released due to some whacky fluke in the retrial where all of the financial records that showed he raped women and paid them $500 dollars after were missing. However my son was different, and for me he was the perfect man he was was 5’8 and 170 with muscle definition and abs. He always worked out especially after his father passed where he gained 20 pounds lean mass right in front of me. I wanted him more than ever now and I knew it would all be worth his time even though I had gotten to 180 when I stepped on the scale today. I knew it wouldn’t matter though because Allan appreciates me and ever day he says I’m the prettiest woman he’s ever seen, and this always gets me wet because it’s always right before bed where I’d then masturbate and cum all over my sheets thinking of him. Right now I’m going to make his dreams come true.

Chapter 4
I’m sitting here all alone. My mom has just entered her closet to get me my present. I was hoping it was her, but I imagined it would be a new iPad or Xbox. My mom knew me and that was what I really loved. I am always myself around her and I’m comfortable. She said to wait ten minutes, which I have know, so I slowly walked towards the door to her closet. When I got to the door I knocked and asked “if it was time” and she replied “yes babe.” She always knew I liked to be called baby, babe, and sweet boy but only I knew it was because those were words I imagined she say to me when if I ever had the opportunity to give her the best orgasm she ever has. When I opened the door it was something I never expected.

Chapter 5
I opened the door to see the most beautiful picture one could ever see. I saw my mom there where she was sitting fingering her pussy, and so I instantly said “woah.” She said “ that’s right honey. Todays the day you get to start making up for how you hurt mommy 18 years ago.” I stated “YES PLEASE! I have drempt of this day for to long. How do you want me to start?”
She’d reply “ I want you to start with my mind. What do you think I am?” I responded with “My new found love who is going to become my dirty little slut who I make love to every night for the rest of my life.”

Chapter 6
Alexis responded “ that’s right, now get over here and kiss me before you lick my pussy.” Allan would then take his shirt off which made Alexis very wet. He then slowly brought her back to the bed. Now in the bedroom Allan would kiss his mom. It was his first kiss romantically and it’d be one he’d never forget. Alexis led the two of them and would signal with her tongue to Allan when she was ready for him to lick her pussy. Allan would pick up his mother and place her gently onto the bed. He then kneeled down onto the ground and began to eat his moms pussy. It was wetter than he imagined it would be. He twirled his tongue around, and with every centimeter of movement his mother would moan. She quickly grabbed his hair the first time she came in his mouth, and he made sure to get all the cream into his mouth and swallow her fresh vagina juices. Allan had now found out he loved the way pussy tasted and that he loved making his mom cum, so when she jerked his head up and started kissing him while staring to pull down his basketball shorts Allan was already harder than ever before. Alexis stated” wow it’s even bigger than what I thought compared to the dinner table.” Allan said “it’s because you make me feel things I’ve never felt before.” Allan now completely naked was on top of his mother kissing her. Mom told him “to stop. I feel your dick right by my pussy and it’s huge. Put it by my face.” Allan then rose up and scooted over so that his dick was right in front of her face. His Mothers face looked like Allan’s when he was younger and had gotten a huge lollypop. She was lit up cross eyed and ready to suck the python that came her way. She easily though Allan’s cock might have been 10 inches. She stated “this is the biggest duck I’ve ever seen.” Allan responded with “its so big because it’s full of all the love I wanna give you.” That statement sent Alexis off. She started sucking on his cock like never before. She went up and down slobbered all over it and just kept sucking. Allan let out moans of approval as he felt this magical sensation all over his dick. Mom would go deeper into her throat than ever before with her sons dick and as soon as Allan hit new property in her throat he felt it gradually get looser until she gagged and said “Fuck I need that in me now!” Allan then proceeded into his mothers pussy. It was so wet, loose, but tight all at the same time. Allan almost lost his load on entry, but focused on his mothers lips with his to make sure he didn’t come. He’d start with missionary slowly getting the grips of his moms tunnel way. It felt so soothing being back in his mother. Allan started to thrust faster and faster while Alexis was barely able to keep kissing Allan because she was starting to cum so much and was in a fierce orgasm. He would quickly grab his mother by her ass and pick her up and flip her onto the top of him. Mom would start moving her pussy all over my cock in a circle going up and down. Allan was starting to get close to cumming and Alexis sensed it and stoped to rearrange her self. Mom would flip where she looked so I could see her ass bouncing all over my cock. She started twerking up and down all over his dick. Allan felt every inch of his moms vaginal passage. He loved what he felt. He loved what he saw. He had to get her to stop or he was going to blow. Allan got his mom to stop. He then grasped her from behind and felt her tits and rubbed his dick in her ass crack. Mom said “ no anal today I want to have a normal insemation pregnancy with you after all I’m only 39 and haven’t gone through menopause. I want you to cum in my pussy.” Allan would then turn his mother around and kiss her fiercely as he knew this was going to be his wife from here on out and then pulled away to ask” will you marry me tomorrow?” Alexis said “yes spiritually but due to the awkwardness of the situation legally I don’t know how.” Allan said “it’s fine our marriage will be marked by the significance of today and in nine months we shall bare a baby.” They then came together again in missionary position where Allan could only take a couple more minutes. Alexis was so wet and Allan was ready to erupt. Allan slowly grabbed his mothers ass and started to fuck a little faster. Kissing his mom more intensely while he could feel his load staring to come up. Pumping and pumping he would explode like mount st Helen right into his mothers vagina. He kept going until he didn’t feel like he was coming anymore.

Chapter 7
Still locked at the lips Alexis was amazed at how much she was orgasming with Allan. She just kept cuming and cuming. The bed was soaked and she could feel Allan’s load in her. She separated from his lips and said “I love you.” Allan responded with “I love you more mommy.” The clock stuck 11 now and the day had almost past. Alexis said “I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow. Good thing it comes real fast.”

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    love the story

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    Leave out chapter number, the “chapters” are just new paragraphs. But an ok story