Middle Schooler’s shower fantasy

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Hi it’s Kylie again, I have another story to tell! It’s about a fantasy I had of a guy who hit on me 😀

Before I write my little story I’d like to thank everyone who explained to me that I’m actually bisexual! I’m glad everyone is so nice to me, reading some stories on here I thought people might just be creepy. So thank you!! Here’s a story about what happened to me during the school year (knowing what I know now I should’ve known I was bi)

I guess for a middle schooler I look pretty older for my age. I developed a lot quicker than the other girls and strangers usually guess I’m 16-18. So what happened wasn’t that crazy. One day as I was walking to my Aunt’s house after school I noticed a guy on the side of the road was trying to tell me something so I stopped to listen.

“Hey shawty, whatcha doing by yourself? Wanna chill with me?”

I know why guys call to girls like that and an adult hitting on me scared me so I quicky told him I was only 13 and he looked shocked and said sorry. I took no time to get to her house after that.

I was scared and didn’t think about it much, but when I got in the shower later that night my mind couldn’t help but race. I was thinking about what would happen if I did go up to that man and what we’d do together.

In my imagination I accepted his offer and we sat in the back of the car together. He then unzipped his pants and showed me his rock hard penis. I never had sex with a boy before so from just watching porn I’d have to go off from what I saw. I took his dick in my hand and started moving up and down as I watched him cuss and moan from my hand job. Eventually he’ll get fed up with my poor attempt and shove himself into my mouth and face hump me so hard I couldn’t breathe anymore, but I didn’t care because I loved the feeling of his big dick in my little mouth. At this point I’m dripping wet, both in my fantasy and in real life. As soon as he shot his sticky sperm inside my throat I made sure he watched me swallow it (I heard guys liked that). I took control after that, taking off my clothes infront of him and spreading my legs to show him my dripping wet pussy. He’ll then kiss me hard and make sure to leave hickeys all over my neck and boobs while roughly rubbing my button, that would make me squirt several times. Soon enough I’ll bounce on his big hard dick, but since I’m a inside virgin it would hurt so much until I got used to being filled. After that I’d be in a bunch of pleasure and not last long between orgasms. We’ll keep switching positions and he’ll take control of me and fuck me really roughly, but I’d be so tight that he can’t help but cum over and over inside of me.

In the shower, in real life me couldn’t help but hold the shower head on my button. I cried and moaned so loudly from all the orgasms I had and my pussy was super duper sensitive. I still think about it today and I’m sad I missed my chance experiencing sex with a guy but I’m glad I still get to have sex my besties almost everyday!!!

That’s all bye guys! Please ask me questions in the comments or just talk to me 😀 sadly I can’t talk to anyone on social media because my parents would know 🙁

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  • Reply Leigh ID:42oi3vv9bm

    pretty cool

  • Reply may be 13 ID:1fr5vpzrdi

    such a hot story

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    Can we meet and have sex

    • John ID:3zxjovj86i97


  • Reply John ID:3zxjovj86i97

    Kylie I want to spend a day fucking ur brains out

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0dl

    I guess you have no Idea just how much older guys love younger woman. I would lick that ass any day of the week and from head to toe!. I think you would Love a nice thick warm cock in your tight pussy feeling that warm cum hit your insides making you cum again. My dog goes ape shit licking pussy as he is a horn dog just like me. Trust me when I say it would be a pleasure making you cum multiple times so hard you almost pass out. Then I would lap up all the dripping juice as you lie there cleaning you up good.
    Yep!, that sure would be fun.

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0bk

      Really?? People really like me? Thank you Mister Gonzo!! Maybe it would be really really fun feeling your penis all up in me 😀 I just don’t want to hurt, I’m still an inside virgin and I can only fit one finger 🙁 (Idk how to make it fit more)

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoicq

      Yep one finger is definitely tight. I have had that and even so wet I had to force it in. sex is great but you have to relax and enjoy. virgins are finiky some times and the process is three to four fold process, I teach as much as I can.
      A big cock can cure that pain after 30 minutes.

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0bk

      WOW! Really Mister Gonzo? 🤩 If I guy puts his cock inside me once it would cure the super tightness and pain? Thank you! You’re teaching me a lot, please tell me more ☺️

  • Reply Debbie ID:7ylren3fij1

    I use the shower head on me feels so good used it on my daughter so she could get off

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:8bw8pby20dm

    I love your stories Kylie.
    I’d love to cum all over your young boobs,then lick you clean

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0bk

      Thank you Mister, that sounds super duper fun 😀 Did my story get you excited? I hope it made someone cum 😙

  • Reply Emoji ID:5qw95w3e49bi

    I’m 14 and I fantasize about Fucking women I see on the internet all the time. Gets me really hard

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0bk

      I love to fantasize I’m in the girl’s place or that I join them too!!! Thinking about it is making me drippy

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5hin

    I want to have a threesome with you me and my dog max. his cock is my size around 8 inches but his knot is huge. I bet we could have a lot of fun together. Just a thought kitten

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0bk

      I don’t know about a doggie Mister, but it’s nice to know that people really do like me and want to do sex with me! No one ever likes me in real life besides my friends.. So that makes me really happy Mister, thank you 😀 !!

    • DOM55 ID:fzq5qe38mm

      Gonzo … read a few of your comments. Sounds like we have a lot in common. Chat?

      dom352 on wickr

  • Reply [email protected], ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

    Naughty girl so good I bet he would’ve loved it almost as much as you did

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0bk

      Thank you! Maybe one day I can experience something like that ☺️

  • Reply lol ID:2wzbadjoiki

    i love your fantasies 😮‍💨

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0bk

      Thank you !! 😀