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Kicked in the head

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My teenage daughter got kicked in the head and suddenly started acting like a little kid again. I ended up having sex with her. I couldn’t resist.

A few weeks ago my 15 year old daughter, Emma, was out playing in the park with her friends, her friends were on the swings and Emma made the mistake of running in front of them, she ended up getting kicked in the head by one of her friends as she swung towards her, it was an accident, but it had a very odd result.

We took her to hospital because she had a cut on her head, she has concussion, and ever since she was kicked in the head, she believes and acts like she’s 4 years old, doctors said it is only temporary and she will snap out of it eventually.

When Emma was 4 years old she acted like any other kid that age, runs around all giddy and excited, plays with dolls, is always jumping up on me wanting cuddles and kisses, and even runs around the house naked without realising she has everything on show.

She has been acting like that for the last few weeks, Emma is 15 years old, and her body shows it, she has big youthful firm breasts and a very sexy body, having her running around and jumping on me naked drove me crazy.

I’d be sitting in a chair and she’d come running in to the room carrying a doll, naked, and she’s jump and sat on my lap to give me a hug, I’d feel her firm warm flesh in my hands, her breasts would press against my face when she squeezed in for a hug, and my male instincts couldn’t ignore it.

One afternoon I’d given her a bath, she’d splash around playing with bath toys, still acting like she was only 4 years old, then she’d get out the bath and make me chase her around the house naked, until I finally caught her, swept her up in to my arms and carried her to her bed.

I put her down and she held out her hands asking me to hand her a doll, she held it close to her chest, curled up and then went to sleep sucking on her thumb.

I watched her laying there so peacefully, naked, with such a mature body on show, and I couldn’t help myself, there would never be another opportunity like this one, so I spread open her legs and went down on her, I licked her juicy pussy for a very long time and it got my cock very hard.

I rolled her on to her back and moved her arms away to expose her ample breasts, I licked her nipples with the tip of my tongue and then sucked and nibbled on them like I was sucking on a balloon valve, my daughter tastes so good.

I laid myself over her, lightly pressing my body on top of hers, she reacted naturally and put her arms around me, hugging her daddy, and then I started to rub my twitching cock against her pussy crack and feeling her sexual heat on my balls.

Thrusting my hips forward once, then again, and once more, I breached her barrier and I entered her hole, she woke up and whimpered a little, she may have the mind of a 4 year old, but her body is developed and mature enough for full penetrative sex, “Shush – it’s okay, sweetheart, daddy is here.” I whispered.

She quietly went back to sleep while I continued to slowly pump her pussy, she’d moan on occasion as I fucked her, “Ungh – Mmm – Ungh”, I sang her a lullaby to keep her calm, and it worked a treat.

Feeling her breasts wobbling and bouncing against my chest as I fucked her was a great feeling, I’d heard stories about fathers fucking their daughters and always thought it would be weird and feel so wrong, but this didn’t feel weird or wrong at all, this is amazing, her pussy was the best I’d ever fucked and she was so sweet, my cock loved it.

After a long while she started to wake up, moaning louder as time went on, I could feel her pussy getting wetter, my baby was having an orgasm, so I pumped her hardy and a little bit faster, forcing the orgasm out of her, “Ungh – Ungh – Unnnngggh!” she moaned and moaned.

At the moment of climax, her eyes sprang wide open and she looked directly at me, opened her mouth, gasped, moaned out loud, and then soaked my balls with her orgasmic fluids.

A few seconds after that, I ejaculated in to her, our sexual bodily fluids mixed as I pumped my seed in to her body.

She looked at me with a sad face and hit me on my shoulder, “Naughty, daddy.” She said.

“Aww. Yeah, daddy is naughty, but daddy loves you. Do you love daddy?” I asked.

When she didn’t answer I had no choice but to tickle her, and she smiled and giggled, “Do you love me?” I asked again.

“Yeah. Daddy. I love you, daddy. Stop. I love you.” She replied, giggling some more, she was happy again, and luckily never mentioned to her mother what I’d done to her in bed that afternoon.

It only happened once, I won’t be doing it again.

She’s still acting like a 4 year old though, starting to get worried it may be permanent at this rate, I do miss my 15 year old though, whatever happens, she will always be my baby girl.

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