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Kathija – Sex Slave to the Prophet

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Then he heard Khadija’s moaning sound from inside the bedroom of the Prophet Muhammad.

Midnight. Abdullah woke up to urinating. He has to cross the room of the Prophet Muhammad to get out of the house. Then he heard Khadija’s moaning sound from inside the bedroom of the Prophet Muhammad. Khadija’s moaning was like she was crying. Abdullah wondered if his father had beaten Muhammad Nabi’s wife Khadija. Abdullah thought his mother was crying because his father had beaten him and he did not know what to do. Abdullah now thought that if he knocked on the door and entered the room, he would be beaten by his dad. So he came out of the house slowly and slowly opened the window of the Prophet Muhammad’s bedroom and peeked inside. A great shock awaited him when he saw like that. The Prophet Muhammad’s wife naked and (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) knelt down like a dog. The prophet Muhammad stood behind her and fucked her ass-hole. Abdullah’s eyes became dark and dizzy.
Abdullah was dizzy not only to see his mother and father naked but also to see them both having anal sex. More than that he had another great suspicion.
Only a few days ago, the Prophet Muhammad said that anal sex and sexual intercourse with animals are illegal in Islam. But today he was fucking his wife in the shitty ass-hole.
Khadija mom’s naked buttocks were very bulging. But the male organ of the Prophet Muhammad was very small. The pain was not great for Khadija even though the Prophet Muhammad was fucking her furiously. She was only raising a slight moan. It was this noise that Abdullah heard through the room door.
Whoever sees her mother having sex like this will suddenly turn her face away. But now I do not know what. His dick began to erect slowly when Abdullah saw his mother Khadija’s huge ass and her naked fatty body.
Abdullah’s dick erected a lot to see Khadija was not enjoy the real sex feeling no matter how fast the Prophet Muhammad was having sex and that the Prophet was now having anal sex with her against Islamic law. Unbeknownst to him his hands began to rub his dick. Abdullah left his hand inside his underwear and took out his penis. Great shock to him.
Abdullah’s dick was bigger than his father, the Prophet Muhammad. It was strange for Abdullah that his penis was bigger for a 14-year-old boy than his father.
Unbeknownst to him, Abdullah began to gently shake his dick. He was shaking his penis and watching the anal intercourse between the Prophet Muhammad and Khadija.
After seeing his mother’s sexy naked body, Abdullah had a desire to fuck hard someone. So Abdullah began to think of himself in the place of the Prophet Muhammad.
Abdullah imagined that he butt fucked his mom Khadija at that time.
Now the Prophet Muhammad and Khadija were at the peak of sexual intercourse. Prophet Muhammad screamed and quickly fucked and sprayed his semen into Khadija’s anus. Then he got up and lay down on the mattress. Khadija, who was still kneeling like a dog, wiped the sperm of the Prophet Muhammad from her ass hole.
Khadija’s ass and naked body were red but her genitals and anus were slightly darker. The house was colourful but the kitchen stove was still dark. The semen of the Prophet Muhammad was clearly visible on the way from Khadija’s black ass hole.
Abdullah ejaculated, shaking his penis fast, looking at his mother Khadija’s bared ass and naked body. Just like that he sprayed his sperm on the window door. But in his imagination Abdullah realized that his sperm was splashing in the buttocks of his mother Khadija.
Then Khadija got up and wiped and cleaned the dick of Prophet Muhammad who was lying on the mattress. Then she took a mat and spread it on the floor. It was too different that the Prophet Muhammad went to bed after having intercourse and ejaculating semen. The Prophet Muhammad behaved as if he were having sex with a prostitute and leaving after work. Khadija also behaved like a bitchy slave dog.
Hey slut. Why are you lying down? Come and suck my dick.
At the command of the Prophet Muhammad, Khadija abruptly got up from the mat. She went fast and lay down on the mattress and started stroking and licking the penis of Prophet Muhammad.
Abdullah, who was now peeking out the window, had his penis contracted. Another thing that surprised him. Abdullah was perplexed as to why his father, the Prophet Muhammad, called his mother Khadija a slut. He thought why the mother doing what her father told her to do without any objection.
Everything that the Prophet Muhammad says that all women are equal to men is pure. All this sermon is for the city. Prophet Muhammad treats his wife like a slave. Prophet Muhammad speaks highly of his wife in the presence of others. However, when he came into the private bedroom, the Prophet Muhammad used to scold his wife, treat her like a slave and have anal sex with her.
Abdullah was watching everything from the outside. Khadijah was seen licking the penis of the Prophet Muhammad with her naked body, and for Abdullah who saw it, it was like his mother licking his penis.
Abdullah began to shake his dick again as he watched his mother squirm like a prostitute. His dick began to stiffen. But, the small cock of the Prophet Muhammad is not yet erect. Khadija was licking the cock of the Prophet Muhammad like a calf licking a cow’s shaggy udder.
My dick is not erect yet. Slave dog, suck fast. You fucking slut…
The Prophet Muhammad shouted, squeezing Khadija’s face on his dick and balls. Khadija gasped. Yet the Prophet Muhammad’s dick had not erected. The Prophet Muhammad lifted Khadija’s head and slapped alternately on her cheeks.
With tears streaming from Khadija’s eyes, her cheeks turned red. Seeing Khadija’s pain, the Prophet Muhammad’s cock began to erect. The Prophet Muhammad grabbed Khadija’s head again and pressed it against his dick, and Khadija got the Prophet’s cock into her mouth. She began to suck fast.
Although Khadija was humiliated to get the slaps like this, she was sucking the penis of the Prophet Muhammad a little too shamelessly fast. Seeing his mother’s dedication, Abdullah’s dick hardened even more. Admiring the naked body of the mother and her swaying beauty
Mom … that’s it. Suck well. Even faster.
Abdullah lamented in his mind. In his imagination, Khadija was sucking Abdullah’s penis.
Khadija is a milf. Her milky shaggy boobs were like a milk cow. Her nipples were large in black. While Khadija was sucking fast, her big milky tits were jumping like rabbit cubs.
Abdullah stared at it in amazement and masturbated.
At that moment, the Prophet Muhammad climaxed, and sprayed his sperm into Khadija’s mouth and a few drops fell on the Prophet’s thigh. When Prophet Muhammad saw this, he became very angry. He got up fast and strongly slapped Khadija on the cheek.
Is this how you suck? It has been so many years since we got married. Still don’t even seem to suck properly. Irritating slut.
The Prophet Muhammad shouted, Khadija was crying,
Please forgive me. This will not happen again
Khadija to say that, the Prophet Muhammad was angry,
Get lost…
He said and lay down. Khadija also came crying and lay down on the mat which was spread on the floor.
Seeing his mother crying, Abdullah ejaculate a second time on the window. Then he went to his bedroom and lay down on his bed. In his dream, his mother, Khadija, was still dancing naked. Since then Abdullah has Khadija in his mind, while he masturbate. Plus, he started watching his mom’s sex scenes through the window without missing a lot of nights.
The Prophet Muhammad was a clergyman outside, enjoying cruel sexual pleasure with his wife, He fucked Khadija’s all holes. Those all was not visible to Abdullah’s eyes. It was his mother’s naked sexy body and her enslavement and her bitchy activities that began to give Abdullah boundless lust.

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