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Is zoophilla ok?

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14y/o F, is zoophila ok? Its the only thing that gets me wet.

Im a 14 year old girl and ive been so obsessed with zoophila for a month now. I keep day dreaming about a dog raping me, knoting in me, licking my pussy till i cum and i cant stop, is this normal? People on the internet say it’s disgusting and wrong and i kinda agree, i mean its an animal right? It cant say yes or tell me what it wants but at the same time its the only thing that gets me wet.

Ive been watching alot of zoo porn and i think i wanna try it out but i dont have a dog and i always feel ashamed and bad after watching it. Does anyone know how to get help, get better or just stop getting wet/turned on when watching it? I dont want to be a bad person its just something that i like and im scared its gonna lead to worse things in the future. What should i do?

Also am I considered a zoophile even though i just think about it and have never actually touched an animal like that? I feel like i still have a chance to change but im not sure how. If anyone knows if its really as bad as i think it is, if i should do it or not please let me know.

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  • Reply Anon ID:1cxcv6ekhysb

    It’s amazing. I would recommend all girls to atleast try it once. I had my 1st expereince with a dog when i was on my relative’s farm and there was no looking back

  • Reply Just curious ID:1ardd6tbhj

    Can a woman get any diseases from dogs. My rottie is well maintained and uo to date with all his shots and this one night he mounted and knotted me after i got out of the shower. Husband was away and he sleeps in the house when im alone. When i tried to wiggle away from under him he growled and put his mouth around my next and pushed my head down . Nobody knows of it and it will remain a secret for life.

    • Ur dog helper ID:i1kgr9v8zvs

      No. But U do need to be careful

    • Human bitch ID:ndooler20j


  • Reply CumptyDumpty ID:2c3gmr8d9b

    You won’t be sorry. A warm raspy dog tongue shove up your cunt is something every woman should enjoy.

  • Reply daddysbreedingslut19 ID:5u1d7cgzrd

    any mature men wanna discuss about this [email protected]

  • Reply Rockin Strings ID:fx7ith8rd

    If you actually want to erase that kink from your life, I can try to help you with hypnosis. I have Discord, Snap, WhatsApp, and email. Which would you prefer?

    • TT ID:bo2qeoy41

      Dm on discord
      Jonah Farquad#4964

  • Reply Tim ID:bo1ufou8l

    It’s not a bad thing to explore and try thinks that’s how you learn I think you should try it and only tell us and people you trust

  • Reply Miss ID:92b3vleh

    Nothing wrong with dog sex it’s up to you. I think you already know that. Sex it good as long as you enjoy it. Dogs are better lovers then most guys. Plus you can’t get pregnant and they don’t brag. Dogs cum more plus they knot. They make you cum more. Plus there loyal, won’t cheat one you with a bother girl. You should try it once you do you will love it. Don’t forget about blowing the dog, cum dog cum taste great.do all your holes.

  • Reply Jenny ID:4c9s0ttx8ra

    Dont think its wrong as long as no harm and injury is caused to any participant. And no physical or emotional trauma is caused to any participants.
    If there are anyone, male or female, With experience will to share or just discuss anonymously on email then leave your email.

  • Reply no ID:2y8tjnoyv0

    this isnt a question and answers page dummy

  • Reply Snap erickgrey0110 ID:61nk56sad99

    I love zoophilia nothing is bad

  • Reply Slime Life ID:3057ijezra

    I mean it’s pretty bad but here we all are

  • Reply ZOOPILIA IS NO T OK ID:22lsvr15qi

    Its bad, its very bad, an animal can’t consent, its not even the same species, DO NOT GO DOWN THAT PARH PLEASE

    • wickr: someonelost ID:5wipufthl

      Honestly, watching it does not make you a bad person but it ca get you addicted as it depraved and an unusual fantasy.
      Sex with animals has advantages and vice-versa 🙂 You can’t get pregnant, dogs can cum more frequently than guys, and their tongue will send shievrs down you spine :D.
      you can reach out, mentioned where, to ask more about this. I also like that, so can definitely tell you there is nothing wrong with it. Simply ignore the bullshitters, like this mister who are also here. And if the animal is not interested, it will simply walk away. Hope this helps and you find pleasure!! <3

  • Reply HereCuzBoredLoL ID:60zt3eozrk

    Nah, As long you are not harming the animal it’s not that bad

  • Reply Frost ID:6e2x4ov4

    Its can’t be all that bad I mean as long as you’re not harming the animal if you’d want to vent or talk about it more my Kik is Glowfrosty89

  • Reply Taylor ID:2auer1820d

    What’s ur Snapchat we can discuss it

  • Reply Henry ID:42p3wut0a

    If you try it you will find out how wonderful it is. Just go easy the first time so you can feel it

  • Reply Quinn ID:30s02i4t0i

    I love zoophilia. If you ever want to talk about it. Kik me at jonestim1323

    • Cathy ID:1ard99820j

      Can chat anonymously on email

  • Reply AdultRP ID:202m32f6ic

    It’s not bad in my opinion. There are things that are bad. Necrophilia is bad. Easier is bad. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone or anything I think it’s fine. If you want to talk about it more my Kik is AdultRP

    • Loli lover ID:99uwotzm

      I had a friend of mine tried it she got hooked