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Interracial blood brother sister sex

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How a brown brother and blonde sister, both blood siblings involved in sex, marriage and kids.

Let me start with my family. I am Gwen who’s 24 years old with 5 feet 8 inch. My father, Samuel who’s a motel owner and Mother, Brandi, a housewife. At last my brother Joe who’s 26 years old who’s slightly touches 6 feet.

We have a unique family with my father is a mix of Cuban-American and my mother white American blonde resulting in my brother who got genes from my father and me from my mother which is a rare phenomena.

My relationship with my brother has always been very protective and I care for him too. I never thought my brother as a different person from me until it happened in the High school. My brother was bullied for being different from as they all said that I can’t be his sister. Since my brother was about to enter the university, therefore our family has shifted to nearby state so that no one can bully my brother on the basis of our looks. After 2 years when I also entered the same University we decided not to reveal ourselves through we pretended to be good friends in front of our mates since we can’t avoid eachother like this.

One day an unusual thing happened when I was roaming around the campus a mad pervert guy appeared who claims to like me. I refused to talk since I don’t know him & found him creepy. I was horrified when he started to grab & pull my hand. I cried for help and within few minutes a punch came onto that guy’s face with a line of, “keep your fucking hands out of her.” Suddenly that guy ran away with bleeding nose spitting some cursed shit words from his mouth. Being in shock of what happened I suddenly grabbed my brother and started crying with my face buried on his chest. Yes, it was my brother who saved me. I could feel the arms around me, his warm 6 pack body, the feeling I never felt that before. “It’s okay sweetheart now you’re safe in my hands,” Joe said while making me comfortable. After a few minutes my good friend, Sofia, also appeared and asked us for what happened, we told her everything about the incident and requested her not to spread this news.

When the situation was under control Joe told me to be careful and ran for the class as he was getting late, on the other hand Sofia offered me to go to cafe so I agreed since our classes got cancelled. (In cafe we both were chatting)

“You’re 19 year old virgin and still have no boyfriend, why?” Sofia asked.

It’s a question that I didn’t expect. “well i never thought about this before” I said.

“Isn’t there anyone you got a crush on?” Sofia asked.

“Well not exactly. Is there any guy you’ve in mind for me?” I asked.

“Yes, I think Joe is very suitable for you,” Sofia said.

“Ho… how do you think so?” I shockingly asked.

“Gwen, I have always seen you both talking so comfortably to each other, he’s very caring towards you and everyone of our friends have noticed this,” Sofia said while keeping her hand on my hand.

The conversation ended shortly and I reached home. It felt like an electricity when Sofia told me about this. I started to feel something else for my brother. My body started to get horny with such thinking and being tired of what happened before I started to masturbate in my room which made me half conscious. My pussy was literally hot and drenched. When opened my eyes I saw it was 6 PM and Joe was standing in front door shockingly frozen of what he just saw. I instantly stood up kicked him out of my room. I was really embarrassed for what I had done and felt pretty ashamed. Mom called us for the dinner but there also we didn’t talk to eachother. During 1 AM when I wasn’t able to sleep due to overthinking, so I thought to go to the kitchen. While coming out from the room I heard some weird noise from Joe’s room. “Ohhh Gwen you’re so hot,” voice came from Joe’s room. He was jerking off with my name!!

Without thinking any moment I barged into his room and to his sudden surprise he started to cover is big cock (maybe 7-8 inches).

“Gwen WTH you’re doing here?” Joe angrily asked.

“It’s better to answer why you’re screaming my name while jerking off,” I replied.

“It’s som…… something that’s none of your business,” Joe said with hesitation.

I tried my best to make him comfortable and let him cover his semi erect penis properly so that he won’t be shy to that he won’t be shy to talk. I asked him again for what he was doing and after several interrogating questions he confessed to me that he’s in love with me. He looks me more as a woman rather than a sister. Joe even told me that he made a girlfriend last year and had sex with her so to avoid thinking me, but that didn’t work out. I was pretty happy and sad because I am glad that I have such a loving guy who loves me a lot but I failed as a sister. I also confessed to him that why I am not able to have a crush on other guys maybe because I am also in love with Joe. I could also see his cock getting up from the blanket.

All this made me really horny, so I made the first approach by leaning my face closer to him and kissed. Our lip kiss turned into French and we did it for 10 minutes. The best kiss I’ve ever had. (I’ve kissed a guy before but that time it didn’t work out well). “Are you sure you want to do this, you’ll lose your virginity,” Joe asked hesitantly.

“No problem, I want you to be my first time,” I whispered in his ear.

Joe immediately goes for my panty and was astonished to see my milky white virgin pussy and starts licking it. He undressed me and now we were in 69 position.

“you’ve a beautiful pussy and tastes very great,” Joe complimented.

“Awwwww how sweet of you. I think it’s time to put it in me,” I said while looking at his brown tool.
My brother laid me down on the bed and cautioned me for the pain and proceeds to insert his huge coke inside my virgin tight pussy. I was about to shout but he suddenly kissed me to shut my mouth as our parents may heard us. First his cock wasn’t fitting in my cunt but it gradually starts to fit while slowly pumping. Blood came out of my vagina since it was my first time. I was crying with pain but feeling satisfied because it’s my brother to whom I was having sex with. I was moaning heavily and we were so much succumbed into sex that we didn’t care if anyone could hear us. While doing sex my brother sometimes caressed my breasts and sucked on my tits. I had orgasm twice but Joe wasn’t done yet. After 20 minutes it was that moment when he asked where to cum and I told him to do it inside my pussy as I was on pill since college on the recommendation of my Mom. After few ‘oh yeah,aah’ voices his hip muscles contracted and he ejaculated a thick load of hot cum inside my pussy. Some of his semen came out from my vagina with a mixture of my virgin blood even though his dick was still inside it. We slept immediately because of the tiredness. After few hours I woke up at 5 AM and told Joe to take out his dick from my vagina. He was half conscious since we both were sleepy. It took him few minutes to take out his cock cause his semen dried up and acted as a glue. I immediately got dressed up and told him to keep our relationship as a secret and he said that only if we continue to do this stuff again.

“Oh hell yeah my naughty big brother” I answered seductively and kissed him a good bye so that Mom and dad won’t catch us.


It was 9 AM when mom called us downstairs for the breakfast and she told us that she’ll go to Dad’s Motel as the cashier took an off that day so only me and my Joe will be there for the whole day. We both were elated but can’t express this feeling in front of her.

After sometime mom left for dad’s motel and the moment she closed the entry gate, Joe quickly grabbed me and kissed me. He was pressing my boobs and rubbing my pussy and I on the other hand was rubbing his hot rod dick with clothes on.

“What happened suddenly?” I asked. “Is your slut sister making you horny?”

“God knows how lucky I am to have you as my sister,” he said.

I took off his lower and started to suck his cock, this time he came immediately into my mouth and it tasted a bit salty.

Looking at my cum filled mouth Joe’s cock became quickly erect. Now it was his turn as he inserted his tool inside me and began to pump. We had sex in different positions like doggy, missionary and everytime he ended up cumming inside my pussy. It happened for a whole day.

While we were both naked on bed our parents called us that they’ll be in house within an hour so we both got dressed up and pretend like nothing happened. When parents came from motel later that evening.
How’s your day kids?” Dad asked.

“I got a leg cramp papa but brother took very good care of me” I replied (actually I got cramped due to a lot of sex)

“Damn! take care of yourself sweetheart,” dad replied.

And later that night we all proceeds to sleep.


Tomorrow morning while preparing for the college I found that my boobs and hips became large and Skin was glowing a lot even before a shower. I was looking sexy af. I knew that it was because of sex but never thought it to be true until that day. I showed it to Joe and he said that he started to saw that change from yesterday only. I mean What the hell? He observes my own body much better than me?

After one hour drive we reached our campus. Joe always dropped me a mile early so that no one can observe that he has something in relation to me. While I met some of my friends they observed my body structure change. When asked was it because of sex, I confessed that it was all result of that thing but didn’t tell them about the guy. Suddenly Sofia asked if it’s Joe with whom I’d sex with and to my sudden surprise I asked, “How…I mean w..why do you think so?”

“I took a different route because of the road construction and I saw you both in the car,” she replied.

I first tried to avoid this question but they all stopped me and forced me to answer and atlast I had to confess that I am in sexual relationship with Joe. The only plus point was that they didn’t know that he’s my brother. Girls started to ask that Joe must have a big cock, great body and all. I was proud of my brother as a sister/lover, that so much girls admire him.

When I told about these circumstances to Joe he freaked out. It’s because he was scared if our real relationship get revealed then it’ll be a big problem. So, he advised me to be careful especially in front of Sofia. From now on I started to hangout with Joe more in campus we were officially lovers for the college’s point of view. We did this more so that no one comes to know about our secret. For few months we enjoyed fucking each other, exploring our bodies and had a college trip for one week. There we literally lived as a couple.

But in every love story, some speed breakers may appear to your happy journey.

Joe was playing college level soccer where he got a fracture in the right foot. He was taken to medical facility and then advised to rest. Mom and I were taking care of him for a week. It was at that moment when things started to get worse. Joe’s college friend appeared out of nowhere in our house. He knew me through Joe only. The time when I opened the door we both were shocked to see eachother.

“H..Hi. What’re you doing here?” I asked.

“Hey! I’ve come to see my pal. What’re you doing here? Maybe you’ve come to see your boyfriend. Where’s he?” Ryan asked.

This isn’t Joe’s house, it’s my house,” I replied

“But I dropped him exactly here last year. Wait a minute? Damn! For how long you’re in relationship?” he said jokingly.

“Sorry to disturb you. I’ll ask him his address, have a nice day”, he added and then gone.

I took sigh relief and closed the door. When I turned back there was mom standing behind me.

“What the hell is he talking about?” mom angrily asked.

“Mom it’s not what you think,” I got panicked.

“Shut up you little shit. Tell me what’s going on between you and your brother?” Mom asked.

“mom you’re thinking wrong,” I replied.

“For the past few days I saw some familiar looking girl panties in Joe’s room, used condoms in your room. I wondered who might be your love partners but never thought that you were doing it with each other. So now just fucking tell me the truth,” Mom in anger.

Now there was no point in hiding it so I revealed the truth and told her everything. Mom was first shocked and ran towards her room and locked it. I knocked the door but she didn’t reply so I returned to Joe’s room and told him everything. He was scared and started to curse Ryan. We were both crying for what happened and in no time we felt asleep. It was around 1 AM when we both woke up and realised that mom hadn’t call us for the
dinner. Our father also came by that time and they both were sleeping. It maybe possible that mom told him everything. I brought some food for brother and myself and discussed about what could we do in the future. We were scared if we got seperated. We decided to talk to our parents tomorrow, if they don’t listen to us then we’ll leave our home. It was a point when we were not thinking like siblings but rather like lovers and so we slept again.

Tomorrow morning 9 AM mom called us for the breakfast we’re both scared and curious that what will happen to us. “So you guys just messed up a lot of things, right? I know everything now,” Dad asked while sitting on his chair.

“Sorry dad but it just happened, we…we had just crossed the line a bit too far”, Joe said.

“crossed the line? You just did more than that you idiots”, father angrily said.

“Honey calm down I think we should tell them what we’ve decided,” mom intervened.

“What do you mean by that,” I asked.

“Your mother and I’ve decided to let you continue your relationship till the college ends,” father said.

(We both were happy with the decision of our parents but sad to learn that they don’t want us to be together forever)

“This is not good. I love Joe, I want to be with him. there’s no chance if we can think of someone else in our life,” I cried.

“You should be grateful that I have allowed you to do this much also,” Dad said.

the argument continued.


2 years skip, I’ve already completed my college. Today is my wedding day. My groom is waiting there looking at me with happiness and me going there as a bride and mom being emotional with joy as her children were getting married. Yes, I was marrying Joe. Only our college mates were in the wedding since mom and dad were orphans as a result no relatives. Dad was standing with Joe as Groom’s side and mom on my side so that no one can doubt. Church Father gives Joe a green signal to kiss me and now we’re officially husband and wife. Everyone applauded us and we were so happy to see this.

2 weeks later we were on a honeymoon in Hawaii. Joe wanted to have sex badly since I was seducing with my pink bra in the beach whole time. The moment we enter the room he stripped me naked and started kissing me. He was rubbing my vagina at the same time and I was moaning with joy. This process continued for 15 minutes. I took out his dick and started to lubricate with my mouth. His cock also grew upto 8 inches (yes I’d measure the cock few months ago). We were again in our favourite 69 position. Then he entered his dick into my pussy, which perfectly fits into it as if God made his penis just for my vagina only. A choclatey dick inside a milky pussy, the best combination rarely a brother sister could’ve. He continues pump and I was at the peak of my joy. “Ohhh brother make me pregnant with your kid, breed your little sister,” I said with heavy moaning. This made him more excited and pumping became quicker. I could hear the picher picher noise and in no time he discharged a heavy load of his seeds into my fertile pussy. He rested on me and asked, “how about another round sis?”

“Oh hell yeah brother. Let’s have kids as early as possible,” I said and we started to make love again.


1.5 year later, now we’re parents of a healthy girl and we both shifted to another state so that no one can find out that we’re brother and sister. The kid looks like a mix of us. Thank god she resembles both of us. Our parents sometimes visit us to bless their granddaughter. Now we all live happily and may consider another child in the upcoming future.

Hope you like the story since this is my first time. Thank you.

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    How are they sister and brother but not same skin color

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      Rare case in the genetics lottery

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    I can tell the English language is not your primary. all in all a good story and yes I look forward to maybe part 2.

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      What do you want in part 2 ?

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