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I tried to fuck my small dog

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I (16m) need your opinion on something please🙏

Ever since I was young I had my dog and we do everything together everywhere I went he went as well so as I got older you could imagine that when I started jerking off I didn’t think it was a big deal that my dog was in the room because it’s not like he’s going to tell anyone.

One day when nobody was home I decided that I wanted it jerk off and my dog jumped on my bed and started to sniff my dick I was a bit hesitant at first but I just thought he was curious but the he licked it and it felt amazing so I came all over his face. That continued for weeks until I seen a video of a a guy outing his dick inside a dogs pussy.

I was a bit sad because my dog was a boy but then I thought why not stick it in his ass so I pulled out my dick and let him lick it like he always does to get it hard and wet and turned him around. Immediately he tried to turn back around but I didn’t let him and slowly put the tip of my penis inside of him. He yelped in pain so I slowly took it out.

I’m thinking about doing this again but it might hurt him so I thought i might see what other people have to say before I do it

Pls leave suggestions in the comments

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  • Reply Spudd ID:43xy3vnqmo

    What would U like My opinion on? I’ll check back here if U wanna talk privately just tell me where. I’ll give U an honest opinion.

  • Reply Megasus ID:11avls53xial

    Fuck you creep stop this shit

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d0

    Is there some way I can get in contact with you

  • Reply Friend ID:38b6g1oiil

    Don’t do it, get a gf or a bf. Dogs’ anus aren’t designed to take a human’s penis. You’ll hurt him.

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d0

    He will get use to it

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d0

    Don’t give up❤

  • Reply Ashley ID:1ftmhgf20bl

    leave him alone you sick fuck. you don’t deserve to have him as a pet

    • ok ID:43xwytk0c8

      fr. He was in pain but still wants to try again. I hope the dog is okay and his parents find out about it.

    • lol ID:2wzbanuzrip

      shut up💀