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I accidentally made our Daughter Pregnant 1 & 2

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I accidentally made our Daughter Pregnant and my Wife wanted to keep the child.

I am George and I loved my two Daughters very much to the point that I became obsessed with them.

Betty (11) and Claire (13) were the perfect princesses and the spoilt brats with the love that they received from me and thier Mom.

They weren’t Naughty but they both were attention seekers.

Claire had her first period when she was 12 and Betty still didn’t had hers but was expecting hers.

Since Claire had her period I started to very noticeable changes on her body and somehow I got attracted to her in a totally different way than she was my daughter.

So I let my wife to spend time with Betty and I always kept Claire closer to me so I could watch her closely.

Days passed by and I got more obsessed with her until my Penis started to get Harder for thinking about her.

Then I started to let her wear soft see through vests and I made her wear panties at home more often.

I made her to sit on my lap and I ejaculated multiple times when her soft thighs rub on penis underneath my shorts.

She even started to ask me questions about why I’m being weird around her but I always successfully distracted her into something else.

Few months had passed I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I playfully started to rub my hands on her body and I even buried my face between her thighs smelling her private parts.

I grabbed her dirty undies to smell her spunky pre teen smells and I Ejaculated on them groaning like a wild Animal.

All I wanted was to taste Claire and I really didn’t want to hurt her by any means.

So I started to kiss on her lips whenever I felt like to. She hesitated at first but after a while she kissed me on my lips before I did.

So I lick her lips and stuck my tongue inside her mouth with a playful manner and within a few days I was kissing her passionately like I kiss a lover and she sucked my mouth with no proper experience.

I has shown her a few kissing videos and I made her to play with my mouth using hers.

I kissed her with Chocolate in my mouth or I let her suck Honey out my mouth to make her to get use to it.

Then we kissed day and night whenever her sister or mom wasn’t around and I started to feel her body slowly while we were kissing.

But she didn’t seemed to like me explaining her baby parts because it tickles her.

So I asked her to feel and touch my upper body and I showed her that I don’t get tickles.

I laid down on the bed and asked her to feel my body above my waist and I asked her to smell and kiss me too.

She was new to it but she did her best to feel me with her hands and her lips.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I ran out of patience.

So I waited for a Day for my wife to take out Betty on a long day trip with some friends and I planned to make love to Claire with or without her permission.

Me and Claire said bye to her mom and sister and the minute we stepped in I grabbed her hand and asked her,

“Do you love your Daddy?”

She replied “yes”

“How much?”

“so much”

Then I said “if you love me so much then you must do everything I ask you to do, ok”

And she nodded.

Then I told her “Raise your hands up huny”

She raised them up and I lifted her top out of her hands leaving her with only her shorts.

She was confused but she kept smiling in an innocent way.

“good girls don’t get shy to show thier body” and I rubbed my hands on her young breasts and puffy nipples.

Then I pulled her shorts and panty out of her feet together leaving her completely naked in front of me.

Her vagina was puffy and pinkish, looking like a unripe peach.

I spread her legs a little bit and stuck my hand in the middle grabbing a hold of her soft vagina and her butt cheeks.

She gasped at my touch and didn’t show any feelings about it on her face.

I pulled her into me and started to kiss her while feeling all over her body and I felt like she’s breathing to my touch and finally we got connected.

I studied that young Vaginas do get wet so I kept on rubbing them in a circular motion so after a while she got wet and dripping.

She never felt being this much wet before so she tried to look down at what’s going on and I told her,

“Don’t worry huny, when girls need to feel loved they get wet. It’s a healthy natural thing”

She was very confused but like a good baby daughter she nodded and let me alone to explore other new options.

I felt that she was OK with my actions and I made her hands to touch my Hard Penis through my shorts.

-to be continued-

She touched my Hard throbbed penis through my shorts and I made her to explore what she was touching.

Her both hands were feeling my penis and she even asked me is that a Cucumber inside my shorts, lol

I slowly removed my shorts and revealed my hard rod in front of her face and she kept her eyes locked on them.

My Penis was Spitting pre cum out like a waterfall and I asked her touch my dripping pre cum with her fingers.

She touched it and said “eww” making a face and I started to laugh at her cute reaction.

So then I grabbed her both shoulder and said,

“it’s not eww huny it’s very good for you, lick it, go on, don’t be shy try it”

So she made a face and took a tiny drip on her tongue and I pulled her face towards me and rubbed my uncircumcised cock on her lips and face.

She didn’t liked it very much but I rubbed her face again on my cock and asked her to open her mouth.

First she denied but I slapped her shoulder and raised my voice saying “do it now”

Then she slowly opened her mouth and I said “more huny wider”

And pushed my cock into her tiny mouth.

I did not made her to choke, I moved her head slowly and gently in a rhythm then she started to follow without me holding.

She figured out in a little while that I was enjoying it a lot and she kept on moving her head up and down with her tongue rubbing my sweet spot.

Then I Choked her a little bit by making her to swallow the whole thing and she started to tear up with a runny nose and I made her to swallow my cock with her own snot and tears.

She started to cry a little bit during the sloppy blowjob and I felt a little pity since she’s still 13 and so young.

So I took my cock out of her mouth and wiped her tears and kissed her saying “I love you so much”

And I laid down on the bed and made her to sit down on my face.

She didn’t know what I was trying to do so she kept on moving around but eventually I pulled her butt hole down to my mouth.

As I started to lick and suck her pink butt hole she sent out something similar to moaning and I was happy that I managed to wake her feelings up.

I tried to push my tongue into her butt hole and I sucked and tasted her ass like I was thirsty.

She didn’t seemed to be crying again and I kept on moving to her vagina and butt hole with my tongue, drinking everything that she was leaking.

Then I sat down again, bent her head down and made her butt to spread out. Then I poured some oil around her butt and using my fingers I pushed some of it in a little..

She kept her head on a pillow like a good girl and let her daddy to explore her butt hole.

The next thing I told her was “baby don’t hold your body tight, stay relaxed” and I pushed my index finger into her tight butt hole.

She made a moaning sound like a puppy dog and I pushed it in further.

She said “ooofgh”

I finger fucked her very tight fresh butt hole slowly and carefully without tearing her soft ass hole.

She made sounds like “mmphff, hrghmm, ofghh, ofgghh” and enjoyed every single stroke of my finger.

I pulled my finger out carefully and felt how warm it was inside her.

Then I turned her around and laid her flat on her back and stared to kiss her hard and amazingly for the first time she was really passionate and excited about us making out and she touched my body with her hands like a big girl does.

Then I knelt down on top of her and said “this is the most important part Claire, it might be painful but you must take it for me, OK”

She said “OK I will” and gave me a confident smile.

I grabbed her both legs, spread them far as it goes and I pushed my hard throbbed cock into her soaking wet virgin peach fruit.

She gasped and tried to fight back but I spread her legs more whenever she tried to reach up to push me.

Then I laid on top of her less than 4ft tall 30kg young body tightly and pushed my cock into her tight pussy while she was screaming and squealing.

I felt that she was bleeding after I pierced her hymn and not every guy will get so lucky to look and experience it.

I pushed harder and harder and kept on ramming my rock hard cock into her bleeding, soaking pussy and finally I groaned and growled leaving my huge load inside my Young baby daughters pussy.

I couldn’t get up from her and she kept hugging me as well. So I stayed on top of her for another few minutes and I finally pulled out my cock out of her creamy pussy.

And laid next to her still vibrating body and I saw her relaxed with a full load inside her, she kept her eyes closed and legs spread still.

For some reason I wanted to let her rest in that position and I kept on watching how her chest went up and down and I thought to myself that this was the most beautiful thing that could happen to anyone.

-to be continued-

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