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How my home is, from Cotton

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In my rl world today, my hubby and I have a no clothes in the house policy. Our kids, as soon as they come in the door, clothes off, and that goes for whatever friends that come in with them.
Husband and I also will do anything sexual in front of whomever is there, we really get off on it.
Our kids are like so use to watching TV with hubby and I fucking or sucking away in the same room. We leave it to any of them to join in, if they wish.
So far, we have had years of everyone sleeping in bed with us. I have had the little hands reach out and explore my tits and pussy, add they seem to do it much more so to my husband’s cock, they like to play with his cock when it is soft and have it get hard in their hands. Hubby has creamed many times from their touch.
All the kids, have licked and sucked on both of us, and each other. I am sure one of the boys likes sucking cocktail, as he does so on his dad and younger brother. He gets hard these days, he first jacked off in front of us all, later jacking off onto the chest and stomach of his younger brother, since has also been doing it on his sister and me. So cute to get a small load of cum onto my boobs. I rub it in as he does it. We know he has poked his new hard play thing into both his brother and sister.
Our daughter has wanted to know when she could have daddy do that on her, just like he does on me, and like her brother does on her. I think she likes the huge cum loads, over the small ones from her brother. She has been within inches of hubbies cock as I have sucked it, and as he has jacked off on me, mostly followed by me quickly getting it in my mouth, cut I love the cut.
Almost broke down and took our sons cock into my mouth the other day as he started cumming on my tits. I am getting weak, will break soon and do it.
Hubby and I are sure the other kids, and their visiting friends have sucked him off. One of his older friends he had over had laid in bed with us all and sucked on my boobs, the little shit also several times rubbed his fingers over my pussy, one time sliding one or two fingers in,, as I was really wet at the time.
Our son told us of one time sleeping over at that boys house, they had both jacked off together. And have sucked each other..
On that subject, we had that boys dad over a few times, the mother has always been unable to make it. But, I gave the kids old man a heck of a blow job, and I do not think he gets that at home. They have a pool over at their house, we do not. All of us have been over there, our kids much more than us.

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  • Reply Christy Jennings ID:cxsd7buk0c4

    It’s ridiculous

  • Reply This is the dumbest story ive ever read. ID:4kejxs5433

    Long running sentences unbelievable story and just plain stupid

    • Anon ID:2musu2bhrc4

      Keep writing them please, I love hearing about your family