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Gran and Grandad in the War

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A True story of my Gran my Grandad and me

This story may not “fit in” here but I have posted a few imagination stories so thought this true one may be of interest.
I am 88 and my story begins in the war years. My father was in the army,and my mother had to work part time in a factory as was the rules at the time. My one treat was to stay at ‘Gran and Grandads” at the weekend. One of the reasons was they had a big garden with fruit bushes and a couple of apple and pear trees so i got to eat things that was rationed (and take some home to mum) The other was they spoilt me rotten.
I was allowed to stay up late and they taught me to play cards, I remember playing Rummy for pennies, If I won I could keep them, If I lost they gave them back. Mind you they had given me them in the first place!

I was very young so that was another advantage.Grans house was closer to the school than home so Gran could look out for me instead of picking me up
Grandad was two old to serve and worked as a gardener for the corporation I remember him telling stories of the First Worl War funny sayings like “Up to my knees in muck and bullets” and a contrary one “Never saw an angry german”
The toilet was at the bottom of the garden and there was no bathroom of course, so it was a kind of strip wash morning and evening sometime a towel tucked around your neck to wash your face
It was a one bedroom cottage so I slept between Gran and Grandad and didn’t think anything of it, Gran was pretty normal size Grandad was skinny and there wasn’t much of me. i do remember they had a kind of old persons “musky” smell but of course bathing those days was the proverbial tub in front of the fire

I had been going for quite a few weeks when Gran started to kiss me, different than the usual hug and peck and as weeks went by it was like without saying anything she was teaching me to kiss like grown ups. It also felt funny because Gran had false teeth which she took out at night. It must have been a month or so before she pulled my pyjamas bottoms down and played with my cock, Now I can’t remember but looking back and working it out Gran must have been in her fifty’s although to me she was old and I think women looked older those days, I do remember her face havin lines and she dressed older thn women of her age do now

So I didn’t know what to do, I was only about 7 maybe 8 my cock was stiff and she gave me another kiss and turrned over. The next week she pulled up her nightdres and guided my hand between her legs and my fingers to her vagina. I now know that while she hadn’t shaved she also didn’t have much hair then she would kiss me again and turn over.
I dont know to this day wether Grandad knew what was going on or a heavy sleeper, she was very quiet and I knew Grandad, worked hard

Soon she had taken off her nighty and guided my hands all over her body, I remember her breasts being nice and her tummy having wrinkles I would suck her nipples but when she pushed my head down to her vagina I didn’t like it as it smelt “fishy”
Soon we where both naked and kissing and what I called feeling but she always woke up and had time to put her nighty back on. Or she would have us both dress when she got up to use the pot

One day I remember it was winter and she was upstairs amd she called me she was lying on the bed naked with her legs wide open. She said its nice and clean and as she guided me to her vagina I could smell the soap, licking seemed to be the natural thing to do. She pulled at the lips, now blow something I have never done since. soon i was sucking and blowing and she was moaning quietly.
She guided me that afternoon my lips to her breasts and vagina my little stiff cock rubbing up and down it’s lips, finishing with hugs and grown up kisses

That night she gave me a hug and a kiss on my forerhead and turned over and went to sleep

Many years later after Grandad had died Gran came to live with me and my first wife. Whether in her old age she remembers I will never know but I would like to think that the look she gives me sometimes is a whistful one and she does

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