Getting Mutt not to hate me

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Doggy sitting Mutt. Who hates me. Part 3 of my stories

This is part 3 in my “confession” series- Enjoy!

I had a fairly useless boyfriend when I was 19. His Mom hated me. And in turn, her lap mutt hated me. I was sugary sweet to both of them- his mother and her mutt. But? Didn’t matter. Baby boy, you know?

I had moved back in with my Mom. A few hours away from him. He’d drive down every other weekend. And… I cheated on him the entire time. (Stories for an other time.) Right before one of the weekends he was supposed to come down, his mother broke her ankle. Had to have surgery. And could I possibly take Mutt for the weekend? As a favor to her? He had to stay at the hospital with her. Well, fuck.

The first day with Mutt was uneventful. He loved my Mom. She laughed at his boner. Which I was surprised I never noticed before. Probably because he hates me. I looked where she was pointing, and yes’m. He was fully extended from his sheath. Twitching with his own excitement. He kept jumping around, trying to lick my Mom. “I know this behavior,” I thought. I took the opportunity to get an eye full. He was maybe 4″ long. Not very thick. His knot wasn’t fully formed, but I’d imagine it would be a decent size. Smirking, I totally understand Boyfriend’s Moms obsession with her Mutt.

Because of this behavior, Mom wanted him sleeping in my room. She didn’t want him humping her pillows and jizzing on them.

Mutt decided to sleep at the end of my bed. I smoked a joint. Passed the fuck out.

I woke up to Mutt humping my hand. I must have gripped it while sleeping? I don’t know. But he was humping. I moved my hand up and down his shaft. Allowing some precum to get on my hands to lube up. I felt down to find a fully formed knot. About the size of a peach. I moaned thinking about wanting to feel him. Mutt stopped moving once I took hold of the base. Cum spewing from his hard cock. Opened my mouth. Closed my eyes. And aimed his cum stream at my face.

It was so hot. It tasted salty and a bit bitter. But it stop me from sticking out my tongue and enjoying being a doggy cum slut in the moment. After what felt like a life time, he finished cumming on me. I could feel a sticky layer all over my face and tits. Was this my rite of passage? Mutt licked his rocket. Licked his lips. Then began to lick me. He started with my chest, licking up his mess. He moved up to my face, then mouth. I opened it willing and allowed him to tongue fuck my mouth. I was so hot. Kicking off the blankets and underwear, I spread myself wide. My clit was so hard. My pussy was dripping down my ass crack. I brought my finger up to see if Muft was interested? He was!

This was heaven. He knew what he was doing. Mutt spent his time licking my clit. I was just about to cum when he stopped. He moved his attention to my pussy. His tongue licking up inside quickly. It was a shock to my system. I don’t remember how long he was at it before I came. I just remember it was fast and hard. I squirted all over. Mutt didn’t stop. The more I came, the harder and faster he licked. At least it felt like it.

I must have passed out during the multiple orgasms. I awoke with Mutt cuddled up close to me. He woke up shortly after me. I wonder if he was going to turn mean now? Was last night him horny? I was answered by him going straight for my lips with his tongue. That was it. He knew I was submissive to him now.

We repeated the previous night’s events till I heard my Mom wake up. Mutt and I had fun again from when my Mom left that Saturday afternoon to go stay with her boyfriend till about a hour before Boyfriend showed up Sunday to pick Mutt up.

I wasn’t able to lock with Mutt. He slipped in a couple times. But never had the best position. Didn’t dawn on me to just try on my side /facepalm. I debated asking Boyfriend. Nawwwe

We broke up a couple weeks later. Man, I miss that dog. He could cum so much. It was a fountain. And I was able to feel like a total doggy slut.

Thank you for reading! And for the wonderful emails. If I haven’t answered yet, please bear with me. I am getting better after that terrible virus

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:7zv1lmk9m35

    amazing story i loved the detail! maybe we could talk abt our experences with dogs

  • Reply Charliedogg ID:5vyiv7ci49am

    Great his mum was getting it too

    • CurvieK9Chick ID:vuf0ij8j8

      That’s what I thought for sure

  • Reply lilx ID:1bfeiorqhra3

    please write more and a longer one

    • CurvieK9Chick ID:fx7ita9hmi

      I’m just writing my experiences. The next one should be longer 🙂

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5u0x3wo340j

    Very nice another great story

    • CurvieK9Chick ID:fx7ita9hmi

      Why, thank you 😊

  • Reply Michael ID:vzg2veqmj

    I have sucked my dogs dick I have not been fucked in my ass yet

    • CurvieK9Chick ID:7ylren4qrc4

      Isn’t it awesome sucking doggy cock?

  • Reply Debbie ID:7ylren3fij1

    Loved it

    • CurvieK9Chick ID:7ylren4qrc4

      Thank you so much

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrb1

    OH!, you naughty zoo girl you. I would love to be there watching and helping you get knotted the get a good blow job as both of us shoot are cum deep inside you.
    I love naughty knotty girls even more.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrb1

      Of course you know we are in this thing together so my dog and I can’t wait to see you cum and squirt hard.

    • CurvieK9Chick ID:7ylren4qrc4

      Tale as old as time you’ll see in future stories to cum… I always needed help. And never had it. So I have yet to be knotted

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d0

    Where can I find part 2 if you don’t mind my asking

    • CurvieK9Chick ID:7ylren4qrc4

      Click on my name. It’ll have the other stories I’ve posted.