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Gang Raped At The Beach!

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A short story about a girl who is gang raped by a bunch of younger boys while at the beach.

So during summer when I was 19 I visited a beach by myself because all of my friends were busy and I didn’t think anything crazy would happen in a crowded, public place… but I was wrong…
I was wearing a cute red & white stripped bikini and the top made my c cup breast look really good.

After I had been laying on the beach for a while, a group of younger boys(around the ages of 12 & 13) came up and started talking to me. One of them just straight up asked if I’d show them my tits. Of course I said no though!
Then more boys the same age as them showed up, there had to be about 15 or more of them around me now.. They asked me again to show my tits and I said no. Two of them reached down to try and grab my top and when I was about to grab their hands to stop them two of the others leaned down and grabbed my wrist, quickly pinning them down onto the blanket I was laying on. Soon as they had my wrist pinned down, the other two grabbed my top and pulled each piece to the side, exposing my tits.
One of the others got down on his knees and put both of his hands over my mouth before I could yell at them or scream for help.
The next thing I know, 4 or 5 of the boys was reaching in and groping on my breast. It didn’t take long before all of them were on their knees, completely surrounding me so no one else could see what was happening.
I managed to get one wrist free but then two boys on each side pinned my wrist down to make sure I didn’t get free again.
Some of the boys then tried to rub my pussy through my bikini bottoms so I instantly closed my legs… but then 4 of the boys was able to force my legs apart and hold them open. They rubbed on my pussy for a while.. then they started talking about fucking me. I tried my hardest to break free but there were just too many of them holding me down.
When I looked down, I saw one of the 12yo’s getting right between my legs and pulling his swimming trunks down. He pulled my bottoms to the side and slid inside of me with ease because them rubbing on me for so long got me really wet… While he was fucking me hard & fast, the other boys were still groping and rubbing on my tits and some of them had pulled their trunks down and started jerking off to me. The boy didn’t last long though and I felt him cum inside me.

Soon as he pulled out and got out from between my legs, one of the other boys quickly took his place and pushed himself into me. The boys that were jerking off ended up cumming on my stomach and on my tits.
The 2nd boy didn’t last much longer than the first and he came inside of me as well. A 3rd boy replaced him and while that was happening… two of the boys grabbed my head and made me face my side, they uncovered my mouth but before I couldn’t get any noise out, one of them thrust his penis into my mouth.
The 3rd boy actually ended up lasting longer than the first 2 but the one in my mouth blew his load pretty quickly.

A little after the 3rd boy blew his load inside of me and a 2nd one blew their load in my mouth… some of their parents started calling for them so they quickly pulled their trunks up and readjusted my top and bottoms so that I was covered and left..

-The End-

I hope you all enjoyed the story!
I know my writing isn’t good… but I just like to share the ideas I have sometimes. lol
I really hope at least some of you like it! =)

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  • Reply Umm guess ID:14s7429sb0ci

    If only they said “come back (date) and we’ll do this again”

  • Reply Pedo mom ID:1ardd6sp8lj

    When i dovorced i decided not to marry again. But those urges got to about a year later. My son was at that age when they start getting erections. His 5 close schoolfriends often came over to play in the pool. They use to get hard and watch me whenever i joined in the pool with a sexy bikini.
    One day i pretended to be drunk and passed out and they went for it.

    • IndianBully ID:65f29ti8r94

      Finally Pedo mom was gang raped at the pool. 🙂 🙂

    • Pedo mom ID:ndoolecm99r

      No. I was smart. I knew u cant keep it a secret if all boys had free access. They will chat and ill get into shit. So i played them to get them to keep their pie hole shut.

    • Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

      All that young cock

    • Pedo mom ID:2liqqdp8m3

      Hmmm. Yummy

  • Reply Sel ID:ndoolecoi9k

    This gangrape was a walk in the park. I was 24 when hubby and i were hijacked and held captive for two days while they siphoned our bank accounts. In that two days i was gangraped 3 times by the 11 of the 12 assholes.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

    I love your writing style I love the content how long to wait a little longer version. I’d love to chat with you about additional story subjects. [email protected]

  • Reply Debbie ID:bjotpkdk0b4

    Exciting got me wet

    • M ID:bo2qeo7v0i

      Love to see how wet Debbie

    • Debbie ID:bjotpkdk0b4

      M how old are you
      Do you email

    • Gonzo ID:vuf1mkaz5

      I to would like to see that wet pussy. Do you squirt, god I love squirters soooo much. Love getting drenched in woman cum during sex coming up looking like a glazed donut then being licked clean.
      [email protected] or KIK ricowillhitit

  • Reply EmilyG ID:53eij6tv23

    Awesome story!

    • Rod ID:3ttk9i6zj8

      Hey Pedro mom love the idea you had was a great,idea would love to chat more you can message me if you like on [email protected]

    • Rod ID:3ttk9i6zj8

      Hi Emily would love to chat with you more, email me on [email protected]

  • Reply Sarah ID:fe7m6s7m16

    Yes extremely so one day after pub went walking and stopped and husband tipped out 2 meter line of coke and then as I just finished snorting it I turned to see group of 20 guys and husband said enjoy as I was gangraped by these wild animals .


    • Damilare ID:1ah770lfv9i6

      Did you love it

  • Reply Sarah ID:fe7m6s7m16

    Well yes definitely!!!…

    Me and my husband spoke about various fantasies, this was biggest turn on for both….

    So hetook me out for after noon in pub and on wY back stopped said for a wee!!!… pulled into a wooded area , and went off..

    So I sat in car and was sniffing few lines then as snorted 2nd line!!!…

    Car door ripped open and dragged me out screaming and dragged into woods and pushed to floor where I had my clothes cut off and all my coke
    Tipped into a hand and pushed my nose in made me sniff all up and all gone and it felt out of this world and I was desperate for a cigarette so as I light up and took a drag heard steps and then I was surrounded by by about 15 guys and then heard voice saying,, let’s gangrape the slut and then attacked me i was screaming for husband and then saw him shouted help me ,,,, he grabbed my hair forced me to look up at him and then I was put ontop of guys cock up pussy and then felt against my ass hole and violently forced in then gangraped …. felt incredible

    • Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

      I’d love to chat with you and your husband. [email protected]

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak09n

    So u want to get raped huh! Seems to be a running fantasy of some woman. does it make u r pussy wet thinking about having a cock shoved up u. I bet it was nice to watch. other than being to short it was good.