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Pledges of a famous Sorority House, six new pledges of their Freshman year, the best two fucker would be accepted

Fucking my son Jim for the nearly the past year, I haven’t had to go in search of cock, even of his studies in first year college, Jim has kept his mother fucked well. I must confess it’s more than his huge ten inch cock taking care of his mother’s needs. Something special happens each time Jim’s cock enters his mother’s pussy or mouth, it’s like we are tuned to each other, incest fucking with Jim.
Toward the end of Jim’s first year in college and pledged to a house, Jim came to me with a proposal of his initiation, of a sorority. A Fuck-a-thon with his mother and his sorority to watch, would cement his position of the house. Jim attending a very famous university of the large city we live, I’ll not mention any names. Contacts and friendships of this very famous house could serve him well in the years after college, after hearing the rules of the Fuck-a-thon, I simply asked Jim, if he wanted to practice.
“Always,” came his answer, with Jim’s ten inch cock buried in his mother’s hairy pussy, we discussed the rules. The six pledges and there was only two positions of the Sorority opening. Jim wanted badly to be accepted his first year and would be up against five older guys, second year guys. Jim saw the Fuck-a-thon as his chance to hobnob with of very famous and influential people’s sons. Main rules, Pledges had to bring older woman and fuck her while the Sorority watched.
The winner would be determined who could last the longest, the nastiest and the woman to cum the most. Only the women would be judged of their orgasms, the Sorority voting, if the women orgasms were real or faked. Professionals could be very good at faking and pleasing their clients, I brought to Jim’s attention as he shot cum deep inside his mother’s, wanton pussy.
“Not against the rules, Mom,” watching Jim’s eyes, it was very apparent he was in total bliss. Jim loves fucking his mother nearly as much as his mother loves him fucking her, no problem for Jim to cum for his mother six times of an evening. This past year, I’ve not had more restful, peaceful sleep since my pussy awaked to the fact I have to have cock, five or six times a day.
The evening of the event finally arrive of a Friday, happy I was participating, I absolutely love fucking, cock and cum. Having someone watching me do what I love most of the world, I had absolutely no problems. Six very attractive women showed with their dates of the evening and I realized right away I was up against five professionals but this I thought gave Jim and I and edge, we really do love fucking with each other. Introductions were made of only first names and no declarations of professionals or relationships with the pledges.
Six single beds were sat up of the house’s main living room, I have mentioned the rich of this particular house, and these were high dollar, call girls. As the House Sorority Leader was explaining the rules, I chose one of the bed in the middle, disrobed and lay with my naked hairy pussy capped open for all to see, others followed my lead until all beds were filled. Wolf calls and whistles could be heard down the block but I was sure this was nothing unusual.
“Ah’s,” were heard as Jim disrobed and his massive cock sprung free.
“Oh my god! You have us at a disadvantage,” woman uttered to my right.
“Good thing we are not being judged on size,” another’s call came.
“Time!” House leader called, all the beds turn sideways for optical viewing, Jim climb to the bed cock in hand, rubbing in my flowing juices.
“Man! Would I love to dick something with a cock like that!”
Jim fucked me with me having orgasms nearly from the start, my pussy dripping wet with anticipation, and a good twenty minutes Jim lasted pulling out to shoot cum all over me. Up through my large high standing tits Jim shot his cum with my mouth open, catching what I could. To the doggy position Jim helped me with my tits swinging and his cum dripping from my body. Twenty minutes or more Jim lasted pulling out and shooting his cum in the crack of my ass, before ramming into my asshole.
Nothing new here, Jim and I here many times, Jim came in my ass and brought his huge cock to my mouth, I happily opened. Eating cum right off his cock, I took down to his fuck bone. Our next position, we planned of course, I was standing of my head and shoulders, Jim held one leg and forked my legs with his, fucking my hairy pussy downwards. A good hour had passed and the room had gone quite, watching Jim’s ten inch thick cock, ramming his mother’s pussy. Every conceivable position as with the others, Jim and I fucked.
Allowed each time Jim’s cock shot cum for those viewing to see. Three hours passed with many cocks of the audience shooting cum. Jim plastered my body with his cum when I wasn’t swallowing, filling my mouth to the point cum leaked out from the corners. Jim was accepted of his first year’s pledging.

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