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Friends dad part 2

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Day turned to night and I was slightly nervous to know what could happen in the very near future.My friend and I both went bed.I lay in my sleeping bag anxious until maybe around 3 am I heard the door creak open and I immediately closed my eyes pretending to sleep, I assumed it was his mum checking to see if we were asleep and not messing around but it wasn’t his mum but his dad!I I didn’t move, half paralyzed from fear.He made sure my friend was asleep before approaching me, he slowly unzipped my sleeping bad thinking that I was asleep, he placed his hand under my top and slowly rubbed across my stomach and chest then started playing with my nipples, I was dead Still I knew now why he wanted me too stay and I hated it at first but I must admit after a bit it did feel good.I didn’t expect him to continue but he did lowering his hand from my stomach to the band of my shorts and pulled them up and slid his hand in.He started playing with my flaccid dick and balls until I couldn’t resist and started to get hard, I think he started to notice I wasn’t really asleep as he started jerking me , he whispered in my ear that he knew I was awake.I was slightly fearful but now I was also aroused so I still pretended to be asleep although it was obvious I was awake.There was a pause and I thought he was going to go until I felt my underwear and shorts being pulled of and then his tongue on my nipple and I gave a slight whimper moan as it felt so good and I opened my eyes and he put his finger to his lips telling me to be quiet, he then licked me from my chest to my hips, he started sucking my balls, the feeling was incredible but not as good as what was about to happen next, he then started licking the base of my shaft and making it to the tip of my cock and then took the whole thing in his mouth, i let out a whimper of pleasure he started rubbing my chest while sucking, it felt so good and I was about to cum until he stopped and whispered that enough for you.I was annoyed as I didn’t cum, he wiped his mouth then pulled my shorts up and left without a word.I thought when he left I would just relive myself but not even 10 seconds after he left he came back and told me not to jerk off or he would still tell everyone about yesterday and that he has a video of me jerking from the night before and I thought he was bluffing until he told me too look up and too my horror there was a camera and he told me they were all over the house.I eventually got too sleep.

The sun had arisen and a new day had begun, my balls were aching a little from not being able to cum.I put that aside and I went to wake my friend, but he wasn’t there I got downstairs and saw he was already dressed and when I asked why he was up so early he told me he had tennis practice, I had completely forgot and then I asked who was taking him he replied that his mom was.My heart started beating fast, he asked if that was okay as he must have seen something on my face displaying discomfort, u reassured him everything was fine.He left and I quickly ran too his room.I locked the door, it was just me and his dad in the house.Suprisingly he never attempted to enter and ever knocked to let me know he was just heading out to go shopping.I smelt myself and realized I absolutely reeked.So I thought after he leaves I’ll hop in the shower.He shouted out he was off and then I heard the door close, I waited 5 mins before opening the door, I then headed into the shower I was washing my hair and got soap in my eye and so started trying to wash out vigorously started trying to wash out, I heard the door creak open and I quickly tried to turn round but I felts my head be grabbed and forced to keep looking the same direction.I froze and then tried to move his hand and then he blackmailed me about the video he had on the security camera and told me if I didn’t do what he said he would send too everyone at school if I didn’t do what he said when he said.I started crying, a mixture of soap in my eye with frustration of what could happen if I didn’t listen and the feat of what he could do to me…..

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  • Reply Quinn ID:30s02i4t0i

    Love it so far, wish I was there to fuck you

    • Anonymous 16 ID:5q5u6ou8m

      Just posted new part should be out soon