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Confessions of a Nymph

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I’m a woman who loves to fuck, when I’m not getting it, I’m thinking about getting it, cock

Confessions of a Nymph
Hello my name is Liz, mother of a very sought after football player, his Junior year he was scouted. My husband, my son and I drove to a college Jim thought he may like to attend. Husband very big on this school forgot to make a reservation of a hotel or motel finding only single room with a king size bed. Tired from the long drive and festivities of the day we decided taking the room rather than driving to another town, we’d sleep three to the bed.
Husband asleep and snoring by the time of his head hit the pillow, I crawled over Jim and making a joke of sleeping, between my two men. Dressed of a cropped topped t-shirt and panties, at home I sleep naked, hadn’t planned sleeping next to my son, therefore any proper sleeping attire I hadn’t brought.
“Mom, how do you sleep with Dad snoring like that?”
“He’s not normally this loud but he is tired,” Jim and I both covered our heads with pillows trying to block the noise. Lying there trying to sleep, I’m a very horny woman of thirty eight and very active, in my mind fucking is the best, keeping in shape. I’ll fuck at the drop of a hat, someone mention sex in the same room as and pussy gets wet. Shaving my pussy I don’t, rather like the appearance of my dark triangle full bush and have a very large bush. Five foot six, long dark hair, bright blue eyes, bubble butted, men make remarks. Long legs and 36 Double D tits, which still sway when I leave free, as I often do when home.
Head under pillow and butt toward Jim, I felt a hard cock probing at the back of my legs. Raised my leg slightly to allow Jim’s cock between my legs and against my panties clad pussy, reached down and felt the head coming through. Jim’s cock felt huge, a good inch or so bigger than his father, pulling my panties down I placed Jim’s cock against my bare pussy. Let me tell you girls, I don’t need anyone to spit on nothing, just rub a hard cock on my pussy and I’ll deliver all the lubrication needed.
Sky Rockets bursting in my mind as Jim buried his huge cock deep, never had felt a cock more fanatic, than my son’s cock. Reached behind bringing Jim’s hand to my tits, with the corner of the pillow stuffed in my mouth, I quieted my screams. There are people who will tell you a Nymph can’t be satisfied and never gets enough. Personally I can tell you that are a lie, my hairy cunt orgasms by the time the huge head of Jim’s cock, entered my pussy. I love sucking cock and eating cum but my pussy being fucked, is where my true pleasures come. It just feels so damn good, I never want to stop and don’t until whatever cock I’m being pleased, softens and goes limp.
With his father asleep Jim gave me a good twenty minutes of orgasms, before he blew his load, which felt ten times more than any other I have ever been with and Jim kept fucking, his mother’s pussy. Another thirty minutes Jim fucked before blowing his load a second time and still he didn’t pull from his mother’s pussy. The corner of my pillow now completely soaked from my saliva, Jim slowly fucking, not to shake the bed and waking his father.
By the third time Jim came in his mother’s pussy, I couldn’t take it any longer and had to taste his cum. Don’t know if any of you girls have ever been fucked so well, you just have to eat cum and that’s where I was. Turned to Jim curling down to get his cock in my mouth. Satisfying myself with the taste of Jim’s cum I positioned myself to receive Jim’s, hard, huge cock, back in his mother’s wanton pussy facing him to kiss and place my tits with crop top pulled up, against Jim’s chest.
Slow fucking though I wanted to pound his cock but not wanting to wake his father, we lay chest to chest, whispering and kissing each other. “You are the best Mommy has ever had,” don’t know why I reverted to calling myself Mommy at a time like this but it seemed to spur Jim on. “We can never go back,” Jim knew what I was saying.
“Mom, I never want to stop fucking with you. I love you so much and it’s like, Sky Rockets bursting in air, very time I cum inside you,” talk about music to the ears, as Jim came inside his mother’s pussy again. Six times Jim came inside his mother’s well satisfied pussy. It’s been ten years now and Jim and I fuck very chance we have, any private moment we can without his father to catch us. Hours of fucking, sucking and eating each other cum. I never have to go in search of cock as before, Jim hasn’t married and comes often to fuck with his mother.

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

    Fantastic memory

    • Danny ID:eq6cwsoij8

      My husband has no idea i cheat or how much of a whore I am ,, we’ve been married for 5 years and I’ve cheated and slept with 145 guys behind his back and most recently was his works office party I was mingling and got flirting with one his fit work colleagues and I went out with 2 them for a cigarette and on way back he pulled me into an office and his mate joined , he just put out 6 gigantic lines of coke they sniffed 2 each , and never done before he said go on hurry just get it down ya so I thought what the hell , then he saw my face and they position me and spitroasted me and I was most horny and turned on ever been so told them cum my mouth then infront them went back kissed husband … and then I was offered another by different guys , and so went off with another 5 different guys separately and fucked all

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak090

    My mom had a smaller waste at 45 then my beautiful three sisters. I seen a pic of her when she was 18 and my fucking mouth hit the floor. I would have fucked the crap out of my mom if given the chance and two of my hot sisters. the oldest one got fat and I do not like fat woman period.
    Hot story as my devious mind turns.