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Brother and sisters love pt2

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Finding Dads collection was the best thing ever to happen to Kelly and Allan.

The same evening of our first encounter, Scott was taking a bath I was downstairs and Kelly was in her room playing, it was nearly her bedtime and mum wanted her in bed before she got home which was about an hour away, so I went upstairs to remind Kelly she best get ready for bed and get into bed so mum won’t be angry when she returns home.

Kelly stood up and put her toys away and opened her drawers, so she was getting her nighty out to get ready for bed, I left then went down stairs to continue watching my program on tv, still hearing Scott’s music coming from the bathroom he was going to be ages anyway always was.

5 minutes passed and I can hear Kelly calling my name from the top of the stairs not to loud but just enough to hear her, I replied what do you want she said can you come here please i need you to fix my toy, so I went upstairs to see what she wanted, as I entered the room Kelly was laying on the bed with her legs open naked, told me to come in but leave the door open so we can still hear Scott’s music in the bathroom that way when the music stops we know we have a few minutes before he comes out,

Kelly started to rub herself while gently beckoning me to come closer to her and watch her again, telling me how good it feels to touch herself and enjoyed watching me wank over her playing with herself, again I was shocked at what was happening but knew this was going to be amazing as I knelt down next to her no more than a foot away I could get a even better view of what was happening between those young sexy thighs.

Kelly this time had lifted her knees up near enough to the top of her shoulders legs in the air perfect little bum sticking out giving me the most perfect view of everything she was really flexible being young she could really expose herself to me. She started to run little finger up and down her pink slit collecting the juices from her pussy sex hole and creating a slippery surface for her to easily glide her finger around her pussy and lubricate her clit for the gentle slippery swirling action she does.

Again biting her lip going red in the face gentle moaning and the view of my little sister finger fucking herself was proving to much for my cock, the twitching soon went to throbbing and swelling making my not so manly cock look like a man’s cock, I started to rub cock a foot away from my sister while she again entered one finger gently into her wet hole little bit at a time then pulled it out rubbed her clit with the juices then slid back down and enters 2 fingers this time making her gently moan and twitch, the view was amazing precum was already seeping out the top of my cock.

Kelly staring at my throbbing, pulled out her fingers and quickly grabbed my cock in her little hand and said you rub mine I can rub yours, the feel of her little hand grabbing my cock was a sensation I had never experienced ever and it was one i want to feel for ever, as she gently started to rub my cock back and forth I could feel the slippery wetness on my cock from where Kelly had been fingering her pussy now smearing of my shaft mixing with my precum, I reached down between her legs and met with the most warmest softest and wet texture of my sister pink pussy, slowly rubbing her clit avoiding putting my fingers inside her until she said put your fingers in me, I obliged of course taking her breath away as my finger are longer and thicker than hers this was a better feeling for her.

Feeling her pussy tighten around my fingers and her grip my dick as she was having a orgasm made my cock thicken balls tighten and flooded a stream of sticky white cum over my little sister, both just smiling at each other and giggly, we forgot Scott was still at home but luckily he was still in the bathroom with music on. Kelly put her nighty on got in to bed, o went to my room and cleaned up, 2 minutes later I walked passed Kelly and she was fast asleep, guessing the new experiences and cumming as she did really tired her out,


Mum had left for work a little later than normal around 9am Scott was in bed still myself and Kelly were down stairs, watching Saturday morning TV with cereal, not having anything planned for the day ahead I said to Kelly when Scott wakes up and goes out shall we watch the cassette I found in dads box, seemingly up for anything at the moment Kelly replied oh yea, hope more pictures are on there she said.

Waiting for Scott seemed a lifetime away but while we waited we were just fooling around with each other she would tease me with pulling her nighty up revealing her pussy not wearing any underwear, I would show her mine, eventually Scott appeared grumpy and moody and usually mopes around the house but thanfully he shouted I’m going to Darren’s ring his house phone if you need me. Myself and Kelly listened for the door to closed, smiled at each other with excitement, I ran off to my room to get the cassette and pushed it in to the VCR made sure all curtains were closed doors were locked and pushed play and sat back with Kelly very close to Kelly.

The Tv screen filled with title Safari Girls, we thought it was going to be a slide show thing, with just pictures but instantly we were wrong, a woman was on the screen beautiful not long a man entered, and sure enough she had his cock in her hand he had 3 finger buried in her pussy, Kelly responded that’s what we do giggling, I just smiled back instantly turning my view back to the screen, a few minutes had passed where they had been pleasuring each other with there hands, the woman pulls the man’s cock out, it was huge a lot bigger than mine but I was a lot younger than this stud.

Already Kelly had knees up feet planted on the sofa legs spread fingers working on her pussy, as the woman knelt down on to her knees and gently took the tip of this huge cock in her mouth, before taking as much as she could before she gagged, Kelly and I looked at each other shocked at first but then kind of intrigued by what was happening, the man pulled the woman up over to the bed and moved her over his body she put his cock back in her mouth and lowered her pussy on to his mouth, we continued to watch I pulled my dressing gown off pulled down my boxers and started to rub myself at first before Kelly grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs and she grabbed mine and we started to wank each other like the night before, slowly and with out care,this went on for a few minutes then I asked Kelly do you want to try that,

with a cheeky smile and pure excitement she let go of my cock and stood up, I took my boxers off she took her nighty off and we were both butt naked ready to try what ever it was they were doing on the Tv, I laid back on the floor Kelly stood over me giving me a beautiful view of her wet tight pussy as she lowered herself on my face, instantly I tasted the wetness on the tip of my tongue as I gently licked at her little clit I can feel her grinding down on my mouth little jerks as pleasure ripped through her body, as she leaned forward she opened her pussy up giving the most amazing view, I slid my tongue as deep as I could in to her wet waiting hole, making her moan loudly, while she was stroking my shaft up and down, she leant a little further forward and raped her little lips around the tip of my dick, not doing much at first until I gently thrust my hip upwards for a little more to enter her mouth she acknowledged this but sucking then gently moving her head up and down while wanking my throbbing cock into her mouth, the more I licked her pussy the more she sucked my cock, getting faster with her hand until I said I was going to cum she kept sucking I could not pull away from her mouth and emptied my balls in to her mouth, with enough force for it to hit the back of her throat making her cough and gag, as she claimed off and turned around she was pulling a face to say she did not like that with my white liquid dripping from her mouth, I got her a towel to spit it out and clean up.

My cock was still solid and eager for more, Kelly had returned from her clean up but she was smiling and laughing about what had happened, she said she did not feel like she did yesterday so want me to finish her with my fingers again so she could have that same feeling, as we sat back down, my hand straight back to where she wanted them fingering her wet tight pussy, she let out a gasp and said he has put his thing in her, turning to look at the screen could see a close up of his cock entering the woman inch by slow inch, until he was all the way to his balls inside her, as he slid back out cock glistening with her juices Kelly looked at me and said can we try that.

I was still rock hard and really wanted more so I positioned my self between her legs, pulled her closer to me so her bum was off the sofa a little, pushed her legs back revealing her swollen wet snatch and to give me a better view of. Where I need to put it to enter her, I guided the tip of my cock at the entrance and gently pushed forward, it did not seem to want to go in at first, slipping up and running the underside of my dick in her wet slit, this seemed to feel really nice for Kelly as she let out a sexual sigh,so again repeated rubbing the underside of my dick between the slit teasing her clit with the tip of my cock before, finally pulling back and finding the sex hole needed to enter my little sister.

just the tip at first made it in as this made Kelly wince a little and close her eyes tight, stopping and letting her relax I pulled out a little then entered the tip again this time did not seem so bad, so I rested this again each thrust forward getting a little deeper inside her until half my cock was in her, I thought this was as far as I can go so gently started to fuck my sister very tight pussy both moaning and heavy breathing, when Kelly said more I pushed hard and my whole cock pushed in making Kelly flinch in pain at first stopping and holding me inside her I asked if she was ok, I did not know what happened but now I am really deep inside her, she relaxed a bit said she was ok and wanted me to carry on, we continued, ,me sliding in and out gently, not noticing she had actually bled from where I pushed through the skin protecting her virginity. The feeling of being this deep in something so tight wet and soft at the same time did not take long for Kelly to tighten her pussy wrap her legs around my back pulling me deep in to her as a orgasm tore through her body making he back arch, pussy throb around my cock made my cock swell and burst deep inside her willing pussy, holding me there until my cock softened inside her, she smiled at me and said that was amazing, as I pulled out of her legs still in the air my cum mixed slowly oozed out of her mixed with my sister virginity I just took.

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    My brother and I started fucking when he was 11 and me 9 , we were at it like rabbits for several months until we got caught . Mum walked in on us one evening , stood for a moment , and left without a word . We didn’t know she had seen us until we went downstairs and she asked if we had been doing it for long . We didn’t know what she meant until she told us she had seen us . Instead of going mad she told us we could carry on but only if she could watch us . We didn’t want to stop so we agreed and since then we have done it many time with mum either watching and dildoing herself or her joining in . My brother has fucked her lots of times while i have watched them and then eaten his cum out of her . I’m 16 now and loving life . I hope when I get married it is to a man who has similar views on life and sex as my family does . Drop me a line at [email protected] if you want to chat about my experiences

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    Fuck that’s hot, I wish my brother was still in my city so we could still be fucking everyday, [email protected]

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    Super cool

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    Sorry for the mistakes.