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Brother and sister sex story pt 4

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When ever Kelly and Allan got the chance, Allan would bury his tongue, finger or cock inside his little sister. Risks wee being taken and Both were it

The day was hot, windows open and electric fans buzzing in the living room and kitchen in fact everywhere in the house to try and keep it cool.
I was wearing just some loose shorts not T-shirt, and folded socks to make them look like todays trainer socks, but that’s all I was wearing, mum was still poorly and laying across the sofa facing away from the kitchen, but still talking to me over the top of the sofa I could not see her but she was talking to me about her friend coming over with in the next half hour or so.

Having just cleaned all the work tops in the kitchen I was washing up the plates and cups when Kelly walked in, she looked fucking sexy as hell wearing tight little skirt with the bottom of her butt cheeks slightly popping out the bottom , a white belly top with no bra, she was 12 just turning 13 I was 15 nearly 16, her body was maturing perfectly, rump little bum, perfect pert tits, her nipples poking out through her crop top, looking a little flustered she walked in squeezed my but cheek, said “hey Al, oh hey Mum as she could still here mum nagging away, I was not listening to what she had to say any more I was to busy staring at my little sister.

I turnt back to the sink to finish the washing up looking up through the the open kitchen window net curtains in place just above the kitchen sink mum still waffling away, Kelly was now acknowledging her, when my stare was broking by a soft but firm grip cupping my cock through by shorts, and a giggly “what ya doin” from Kelly in a funny voice, I let out a quiet sigh as the touch sent signal to my sex nerve making my cock twitch at her touch, I smiled back said “nothing just washing up, going to see our oldest brother at his house after” she put a sad expression across her face and said quietly so mum didn’t hear her “ ohhhhh I wanna play, I wanna play with this”, “I can’t now” I replied I got to go out, her hand still cupping and gently fondling my cock through my shorts, she said in a more angry tone closer to my ear so mum can’t here, “ I want your cock”.

With that she put her hand down the front of my shorts grabbed my semi hard cock, firmly and started stroking it, I tried to shake her off with out pulling my hands out the sink water and jutting my head to try and say stop mums like 15 feet away, though mum was still waffling what ever it is she was talking about, Kelly held here left index finger to her lips and hushed me, while both of us looking at the sofa to see if mum was going to pop her head over back rest of the sofa and catch us, Kelly stroking my cock, I went slightly weak at the knees as my cock grew rapidly at my sister firm stroke, she whispered “your cock wants this too”.

Kelly pulled my throbbing cock out above the waist band of my shorts, she let go of it, to spit in her hand and reattach her hand back to my cock wrapping her fingers round it gently and stroked back and forth allowing her saliva to spread over my cock dedicating a little time on the swollen tip of my cock making my body judder due to the sensitivity, not being able to really express my groans as mum was not far from where her daughter was pleasuring her son, Kelly dropped down to a squatting position knees bent legs apart allowing her skirt to rise and expose her, swollen, puffy pussy, noticing she was not wearing knickers she lifted my cock and ran her tongue from the top of my cock down the bottom of my shaft, and repeated this 4-5 times before doing the same to the top of my cock, leaving strings of saliva for lubrication.

Both still double checking to make sure mum was not looking over the top of the sofa, Kelly gently took the tip of my cock in her mouth not moving just flicking her tongue around the tip, gently rubbing her hand up and down the shaft, staring up at me wanking me into her mouth for a good minute or so, before opening her mouth and pushing her head as far forward as my cock would allow her to go, making her silent heave as the tip touched the back of her throat, holding there for around 10 – 15 second before pulling back, taking a silent deep breath continued sucking my cock, I dried my hands off on the towel next to the sink, grabbed her pony tail and started to thrust forward as she sucked forward getting in as deep as I could,

I noticed that one hand was wrapped around my balls while Kelly was letting me fuck her mouth, saliva strings mixed with precum coming from my throbbing cock to her lips, her other down between her legs rubbing her wet pussy, still checking my mum wasn’t looking, as Kelly was fucking herself to climax she her grip and suction getting tighter around my cock making it throb and twitch with every thrust, my cock swelled and started to gush warm cum in to my sisters mouth, I heard a voice behind me “hey Allan” I jumped looked up at the sofa, it wasn’t mum I looked round at the window, still dick stuck in Kelly’s mouth mums friend peering through the window, she had not noticed Kelly below the kitchen surface, I was all red and heavy breathing from the orgasm I was still experiencing as my cock throbbed in Kelly’s mouth still not being released, “oh hey Julie” I stuttered still staring to see if she can notice Kelly down in front of me squeezing the last cum droplets out of me. “ Mmmmum said you wer wer were coming over”. How you been she asked while Kelly can here Julie above her talking to me she still continues to tease the over sensitive tip gently rubbing her teeth over it. “ will come open the door now” I said with that Julie removed her head from the open window., frantically pushed Kelly back off my cock, gave Kelly the towel to wipe her hands and mouth on and went to open the door.

I left 10 minutes later, to go see my brother. Mum or Julie never knew feet away that I had my cock deep in my sisters mouth.


Later that evening. I was round my brothers house helping put up his shed,
Jess his girlfriend now wife, offered me some dinner, and said mums coming over with Julie for a bit, I knew then Kelly would be alone and that would be prime time for good honest fucking, but had no excuses to go home and stop helping my brother, think think I thought, but nothing would be a good enough excuse to let my brother down, I was well pissed off, about 10 minute had passed and my mum and Julie had arrived at my brothers, we only lived a few streets away from them so it was a regular visit for my mum, but never when myself and Kelly are at home alone. Mum said hello to everyone, said Kelly did not come as she was taking a shower, probably to clean up from earlier I thought.

20 minutes had passed my brothers house phone rang, Jess had answered it, but was not paying attention as to what was being said just the bit when Jess said “no worries I will send him home now and I’m sure it will be ok, don’t worry” and hung up the phone, “Al” Jess called Kel’s just called said there is a problem with the shower it won’t stop leaking and she can’t stop it can you go have a look. I instantly thought Kelly you crafty bitch she got me a excuse to go home and fuck her. With out a thought I went to walk when my brother said “I’ll come mate, have a look,” nah it’s alright mate happens every now and then I know what’s needed but in my head I’m thinking fuck please dont come with me please, “alright then dude he said” and I left.

Heading home in a rush hot evening, cock hard as I knew what the next hour or so was going to be like, 5 minutes I was walking through the back door, locked it, front door already locked, I headed up stairs, Kelly was in her room music playing not to loud, I walked in to her room she had a pleated skirt on, a strange top that covered just her boobs but no bra, wet hair with 2 pigtail platts , white school stocking on up to her sexy slim thighs, I said “shower leaking is it” with a giggle she said “no but I am and I need fixing” as I walked towards her top off still as hot evening working with my brother she pulled a stink face, “eewww you stink, you ain’t coming near me like that go and have a shower” I complained as I wanted to spend as much alone time as possible with her while mum was out, Scott was nowhere to be seen.

I went to shower a cool shower as it was really hot still, leaving the door open so I could still hear Kelly’s music while I showered I stepped in pulled the curtain across and wet my body up, put shampoo in my hair, and started to wash my body, soap from the shampoo got in my eye and started to sting “fuck” and stuck my head under the water to rinse my face and hair off, when I felt Kelly’s hand grasp around my semi hard on and started to rub it, not in a way of wanking me but she soaped her hands and started to play wash me, getting me hard with in seconds, pulling my foreskin back and washing the whole cock making me tense up every time she touched the tip, she said “ better make sure the tool to fix my leak is clean” she said with a smile on her face and tiptoed up for a kiss while still play washing me, she pulled away said hurry the fuck up and rinse off, come and fuck me.

I quickly rinsed off, and rushed out the bathroom towel wrapped around my waist and one over my shoulders, I went in to my mums room where Kelly was for some reason, she said “ the way we are going to fuck we need a bigger bed” this was getting risky I thought first sucking my cock right next to mum, and now fucking in mums bed, I felt strange but kind of excited at the same time, one place we have never fucked was mums bedroom,

Kelly climbed on to the bed, this bed was slightly higher than our beds and worked perfect for us, she stayed on all fours exposing her perfect ass, skirt around her waist pussy exposed, she open her legs, lent forward really exposing her arsehole and pussy while still keeping her head facing back towards me while resting her head on mums bed, she said “come eat this” I stood there for a minute staring at the perfection in front of me, and this dirty minded girl I had a part in creating, towel dropped to the floor I wrapped my hand around my cock and slowly started stroking my cock, Kelly getting inpatient rubbing her index finger between her pussy slit, “Please cum lick me”

To be continued 😏

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    Fuck her

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    You absolutely need to get that slut pregnant