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Arthi – Adult story writer’s meet

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I and Arthi are best friends. The friendship of our story is a weird thing. We are the adult story writers in one famous Tamil adult website.

I and Arthi are best friends. The friendship of our story is a weird thing. We are the adult story writers in one famous Tamil adult website. I wrote some imagination sex stories in that.
But, she wrote about her own experience on that site. I’m a huge fan of her. I read all her stories without missed. But, the magic is she is also my huge fan. She is also read all my stories.
One day I posted one comment on her story that I liked very much. Then she replied that she is also my fan and she read all my stories. She liked my way of conveying stories. After that, we exchanged our mobile numbers and chat for a long time.
After that, another magic is, we are in the same district. Then we decided to meet each other. So, she planned a meeting at her home, when her family members not at home. At first, I thought of meeting her and only making a friendship.
She told me one day to come and meet her one particular day. I went to her house the day she told me too. When I first saw her in person, I could say that I was mesmerized by her body structure. As I watched her mesmerize, she shook me and brought me to self-consciousness.
We both know that lust and the feeling of expressing it are high. She realized that I had fallen for her beauty. Since both are lustful, the thing we are talking about is all about lust. Before meeting each other, we talked many times on the phone about lust and our lust experiences. But, when I first met her in person, I did not understand what to say to her and what to talk about. I was reluctant to say anything, she just understood my reluctance.
She asked me, “What happened? Are you fascinated by my body? Or, have you fainted looking at my physique?” After asking that question, she looked into my eyes and smiled.
When she looked at me like this and smiled, I became embarrassed. “Nothing. I looked casual”, I said.
“Did you just see it? What are you talking about? You talked lustfully on the phone. But now you are hesitant like this. Did you talk on the phone? Or, did anyone else talk to me?” she asked.
This question of hers was a shame to me. Because the way we talked on the phone was like two homosexuals talking. But I was hesitant now. That’s why she asked a question like this.
A woman. She’s the one talking down this far. For me? “Nothing. I was stunned to see your waist,” I said
She said, “Oh … somehow you’re not embarrassed now”. She enjoyed what I said. No anger came from her. She picked me up and went inside and I sat on the sofa there she shown. Then she sat down next to me.
She was wearing a thin red saree that day. Being at home or something, she didn’t wear a bra. Her boobs and armpits were visible through the thin blouse she was wearing. I think she was doing something at home until I arrived. Because sweat was dripping around her armpits.
In her blouse, which was already thin, the armpit was wet with sweat and it became more like glass. Through it all, I could see her blackish armpit and the armpit hair that had grown somewhat in it. Thus I was enjoying watching everything that appeared on any part of her body.
“Are you eating anything?” She asked.
I was already itching for her. I was careful not to be so itchy this time. “Hmm … I think I can eat you…” I said.
“You are so naughty. That’s right…. tell me. What are you eating? ” She asked again.
“I just ate and came. I’m not hungry now” I said.
“It’s OK…” so she didn’t ask me anything more than that. She turned on the TV there. There was a sexy song running through it.
I slowly turned around and looked at her waist as I watched the song. There were a few drops of sweat on her waist. White skin. Butter-like hips. When I saw her waist, it seemed like I had to rub and pinch it.
What she and I do is write concoctions, but when she was near me, I had some sort of fear of touching her. Bringing courage to mind though, I put my hand on her waist. I pinched lightly. “Your hips are pulling me…” I said.
“Hey naughty … what are you doing? Take my hand from my waist…. ”
As sad as I was, I frowned and took my hand. Then I started watching TV. It was only after a few seconds that I began to understand one thing.
When I put my hand on her waist, she did not push my hand. She just looked at me quietly and said take my hand. Oops … this little thing just went unnoticed by me! When women say no, it means yes. I have written this myself in some stories. But now I have forgotten it myself.
The next moment it popped into my mind, I sat close to her. I put my hand on her shoulder and planted a kiss on her cheek all along with her.
When I kissed her she smiled as she admired it and became a little angry, “I was expecting you to do this as soon as you arrived…. Do you have so much time to do this?” she said.
“My sweet thief… do you have such an idea? Could you have said this as soon as it arrived? ” I said.
“Mmm… How woman will say that fuck me like that…? You have to step in first. ”
Now I understand. How big of an innocent have I been? The next moment I heard her say that I hugged her with me and kissed on her lips
She closed her eyes and quietly enjoyed my lip kiss. When I took her mouth off her lips, she opened her eyes and said, “Chi… Idiot…. why did you do this?” She asked.
I told her, “I will do that. What will you do about it? ” I put my hand inside her saree and rubbed her navel. Her navel was a little hollow. I groaned leaving my finger in it. She enjoyed my touch very much.
I asked her, “Why did you postpone our meeting for so many days?”
“You have no brain. You can only be summoned when no one in-home. Don’t you even understand this? ” She asked.
“Oh… I asked you if we both need to meet once. For that, you are looking forward to the time when no one is home. So you want to have sex with me … Is that so? ” I asked her.
“Yes. I thought so. Don’t you think so? Then take your hand away from me… ”She said and tried to get out of my grip.
I hugged her tighter and pleaded, “No… No… I just wanted to fuck you too… I need you right now…..”
“Okay… okay… Don’t beg me too much …” she said, and she leaning on my shoulder and starting to watch TV.
I was rubbing her hips, abdomen, navel all over and I was watching TV too. Then something fell into my hands. I pulled back the saree that was on her chest. That’s her Tali. I picked it up and plugged it between the hooks on her blouse.
She was leaning on my shoulder and watching TV without noticing any of the things I was doing. I could not bear it any longer. I unhooked her blouse. Her boobs were exposed and feasted on my eyes as she did not put the bra inside.
Her boobs were white, fat. Her nipples were nice black. On her chest lay tali tied by her husband and a gold chain. I squeezed her nipples with both my hands. But she was leaning on my shoulder and watching TV without noticing anything.
Unbeknownst to her husband or father-in-law in her own home, Arthi was lying on the shoulder of a stranger, exposing her boobs. But she was normal without even the slightest fear. She had given me too many rights at the time. I could not control my emotions even a little bit.
I immediately bent down and started sucking one of her nipples. I squeezed another nipple with my hand.
“Shhh… it hurt … do it slowly…” Arthi nodded
I decided not to listen to anything she said as well as how she is ubiquitous without even the slightest fear. I will not leave her even if she moans and screams. I bit her nipples and sucked.
Ssssssssss…… she nodded
I rolled up her saree and lifted it to her knees and I put my hand in it. That’s when I found a thing. Arthi was not wearing panty. I stopped sucking her nipples and looked up at her.
“Hey…. what is this? You are not wearing panty. ”
“Just for you…” she said.
I bent down again and started biting her nipples. At the same time, I inserted my fingers into her pussy.
Sssss….. haaaaaa………… she nodded again
I insert my fingers fast into her pussy. I sipped and sucked her nipples alternately. Enough…. it seemed like I couldn’t resist anymore. Just then I made her stand up and threw off her saree also untied her petticoat and it fell to her feet. I remove her blouse which had been already unhooked. Arthi was standing naked in front of me with her husband tied tali.
What a beautiful pussy. She was shaving clean without even a hair. The pussy was a little darker though with the red skin. That’s when I got the memory of her armpit. I pulled her closer. I lifted her hands and looked up. Her armpits were also shaved clean. Her armpits were a little darker, just like her pussy.
Arthi’s father-in-law and mother-in-law will come in the evening. The courage that no one else will come home now. So, I stripped her naked in the hall. I made her kneel.
She also knelt in front of me and unbuttoned my pant and panty herself. I picked up the TV remote and turned up the volume on the TV. Then she took my cock in her hand and let it out. She came closer with desire and left my cock in her mouth. Sucked my cock wonderfully. She sucked me right up and it was like I was flying in the sky.
I unbuttoned my shirt. I was naked before her too. I put my hand on her head and watched the fun as she sucked my cock. It would be tempting for everyone to see someone else’s wife kneel in front of us and suck our cock. I also could not find the words to describe the incident.
To tell you the truth, I simply thought I should come to Arthi’s house and meet her. Little by little I got closer to her and after that, I had somehow persuaded her that I had planned to fuck her.
But, I did not expect her to have sex with me like this without giving me any trouble. This is the sudden gift I got. She had planned to seduce me, and when her father-in-law and mother-in-law were not at home, she called me. Anyway… I’m very excited that I’m going to fuck Arthi today.
She squeezed both of my thighs, shook her head, and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. I put my palms on her scalp and enjoy her sucked.
Haaaa….. ssss…… I nodded in pleasure.
She heard my moaning and lifted her head slightly and smiled at me and sucked my cock fast. Her speed made me extreme pleasure. I squirted my juices right into her mouth. She swallowed it all.
“Have you swallowed everything?” I asked.
“Mmmm…..” She just shook her head.
I lifted her and sat her on the sofa there. I spread her legs. I knelt between her legs and sat on the floor. I put my mouth on her pussy and started licking.
The sound of her moaning increased the speed inside me. I got more and more frantic and ate her pussy all over. I tasted the bite
Hhhhhhhhh……… rrrrrr…….. ttoaaaaa…… she grabbed my hair and screamed
I cuffed her clit. I bit a little and pulled.
“Shhh… Mmmmm…… that’s it… eat well… my pussy is for you ….” Arthi muttered.
I also have more mania and speed. I bit and sucked her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her pussy.
I inserted my tongue into her pussy and licked it. So I ran my tongue into her pussy.
Oops…. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..
I spread her pussy and pressed and licked. Her pussy was soaking wet. I licked and drank it too. I pressed and rubbed her pussy with my two fingers and licked it.
Ssssssss….. haaaaa…… she got peak pleasure with tears. The juice from her pussy squirted into my mouth. I drank a little. She grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me over and hugged tightly. Her breasts pressed on my chest. She hugged me tightly and pulled my lip tight with her teeth. She licked along with the juice of her pussy that was on my lips.
I licked and let my tongue out into her mouth. She also licked my tongue. Just as she let her tongue into my mouth, I sipped and sucked her tongue in the same way. We both exchanged our saliva.
I tasted her lips and made her lie flat on that sofa. I spread her legs. She understood what I was going to do and lifted her pussy. I lay down on her and took my cock and inserted it into her pussy. Her pussy and my cock were wet so it entered without any difficulty. My cock entered her pussy as if inserting a knife into the butter.
Sssss….. Mmmm…… She bought my cock into her pussy while enjoying it.
I slowly increased my speed. Every time I punched her my thigh and her thighs collided and the sound of slap…. slap… came. That noise made me even more hysterical. I rubbed her nipples and ran over to her.
Haa… haa… haa… haa…. she was screaming at every fucking punch of mine.
I licked her lips and licked her. I grabbed her nipple and pinched it.
Ssssss…. mmmmmmm….. She screamed and said it hurts…
I pinched her nipple more and faster regardless of what she was saying.
Hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……. it hurts stupid…. she shouted.
It was as if her nipple was falling apart and coming into my hand as I pinched it. The place I pinched just went red. Despite all this, I never stopped confessing to her. Fast I was licking her.
After ten minutes of orgasm, I squirted my sperm into her pussy. I finished fucking and lay on top of her without taking my cock out of her pussy. We both just relaxed for a while.
The smell of some kind of perfume emanating from her body and the stench of her sweat wafted through. My face was on her neck. That scent of hers evoked a kind of nostalgia in me. I just licked her neck. The tali around her neck stuck to my tongue.
Licking like that, I lifted her hand. Only that armpit on her white body had the slightest dark area. There were four or five wrinkles on her armpits. When I saw them, I was overwhelmed with passion. As she held out her hand, I licked her armpits furiously. The sweat on her armpits was a little too much.
I do not understand a thing. Why do men only like the armpit sweat of these women? Why does it seem like men liked even though it stinks? These are all unanswered questions.
I licked both her armpits alternately. I did not leave the two nipples in the middle as I went from one armpit to the other. I licked them too and went away biting the pet. She lay quietly and enjoyed everything I did.
Just then a call came to her phone. The caller was Arthi’s father-in-law.
“Oh…. oh my God… Why is my father-in-law calling me now?” That’s it. She picked up the phone and said something. She was also listening to what they had to say.
I slowly took out my cock which was inside her pussy and inserted it fast inside again.
Ssssssssssss….. She moaned again.
Arthi, who was talking on the phone, sighed. I don’t know what her father-in-law asked for it. She stumbled and said, “Nothing uncle … I’m in the kitchen. The hand was affected by a small fire accident…” she said.
I took my cock out of her pussy again and stabbed into her pussy fast again. This time she closed her mouth and became silent without making a sound.
I liked that she was suffering from noise. I started fucking her fast. She closed her mouth tightly and was just moaning “Mmmm…. mmmm….” on the phone. Finally, she hung up the phone and threw it on another sofa next to her. Haaaaa…… she shouted.
“Sinner… this time I would have been comfortably trapped by my father-in-law. I escaped by God’s grace…. ”
“Well … what’s the matter? What did your father-in-law call you? ” I asked.
“They’re coming here… you leave right away…” she said.
“Only one more time…” I begged her and made her bend over on the sofa. I stood behind her and tried to insert my cock into her ass. Her ass hole was very tight. Nearby was a bottle of coconut oil.
I took it and poured some oil on her ass hole and I put my finger inside her ass hole and rubbed the oil. Again my cock entered her ass hole. Now entered without any difficulty.
She ran fast on the fork while grabbing and pulling her hair. Because of the oil my cock went easily into her pussy without any friction. She was in pain though.
So haaaa…. haaa… haaaa…. she was screaming.
I left her hair and pulled her tali as a horse’s bridle and fuck her ass hole hard. Twice my semen came out, this time I was able to fuck her for a long time. After ten minutes of fucking I ejaculated a couple of drops into her asshole.
When I took my cock out of her ass, she forced me to leave immediately. I didn’t want to embarrass her further from there. I hurriedly wear my clothes and left. Then I saw a basket of dirty clothes.
I went fast and searched within it. I found the item I was looking for. It is nothing else. Arthi’s dirty panties and bra. I took it.
“What is it for you? What are you going to do with it? ” Arthi asked.
“When your memory comes I will take your dirty panty and sniff it… that’s why…” I said and left.
She came running up to me and hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips. She told me “I want to become your fucking partner. You should come when I call again. We can do the same…”
I asked her, “Why are you so emotional?”
She replied, “I’m your fan… so, I dedicate my body to you baby”
I was shocked really. I think she was kidding. But that moment I was very enjoyed those words. After that, I left there before her family members came.

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