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A brother and sister sex story

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The starting of a forbidden relationship, the discovery of their fathers collection turns brother and sister into lovers.

It all started in the early 90’s not sure the actual age of myself or my younger sister when it all started, but think I was around 10-11 and she was around 8 at time of our first sexual interaction.

Our mum was a single mother, our father left home about 6 months prior to this leaving my mum to bring up myself, younger sister and one of my older brothers, my oldest sister and brother had already moved out as they had their own girlfriend/boyfriend.

My mum was a hard working mum working two jobs meaning she was out most days and most nights leaving my brother to babysit, myself and Kelly but Scott being a teenager spent most of his babysitting time not babysitting but out with friends, leaving myself and younger sister alone for hours.

It all started on afternoon after school had finished,I returned home to a empty house, dead silence, but knew Kelly would be home in the next 5 minutes as she get dropped off with a family friend, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and noticed the usual chore list from mum on the kitchen table, written on a old envelope with the usual clean your room, fold your uniform, feed the dog, but at the bottom read “your fathers stuff is at the bottom of the stairs for him to collect tomorrow, don’t touch it.

On my way to my bedroom I noticed this box and curiosity got the better of me, I gave the box a quick nudge with my foot and the top of the box popped up, as I went to close it not wanting my mum to know it’s been tampered with I noticed some magazines with naked ladies on and some old cassette tapes, no labels to identify what movies these were, I pulled a magazine out and looked inside and saw some real sexy pictures of sexy women, legs spread, perfect boobs, some with women holding two finger inside their pussies, this sent instant shock waves to my cock, heart racing knowing any moment Kelly would be home and see me at the bottom of the stairs, rock hard cock poking through my school trousers staring at my fathers porn mag, I quickly snapped out of the trance grabbed a cassette tape and closed the box up as if I disturbed, I ran off to my room to investigate this magazine a little more.
I stripped down To my boxers and started the new experience of looking at my first ever porn magazine enjoying every picture of these sexy women touching themselves, no more than 5 minutes later Kelly burst into my room, I quickly shoved the the magazine under my pillow and tried to cover the bulge in my boxer as best I can.
Kelly had stopped in her tracks knowing I was up to something shyly said, what are you doing ? Looking shocked and worried I replied nothing, she continued I know you was up to something what are you doing I replied nothing again but knew she knew something was happening, I can tell as I was certain she had noticed the bulge in my boxer but she played dumb to it, she came and sat down next to me and started to talk to me telling me all about her day with her friends at school and what she had done at break time, talking for about 10 minutes I stood up and went to put a few more clothes on feeling a little uncomfortable sitting there half naked with my little sister in the room.
As I was facing the wardrobe, I heard a little cough and Kelly say errrrmm what’s this Allan ? I turned and saw my little sister staring wide eyed the same way I did in to the magazine I thought was under my pillow,, I stuttered in my reply I I I ff found it in the box at the bottom of the stairs it dads magazines I just wanted to see what it was, still staring in the magazine Kelly biting her bottom lip, going slightly red in the face while staring in to the magazine, stated it’s really pretty, taken aback a bit I responded yea it’s sexy not thinking would Kelly understand what sexy is, she said it really is and it’s making her feel funny in her private area. Is that why your Willy was really big when I came in to the room ? I replied shocked Ummmm yea I guess so, we really need to put it back before mum finds out, she said one more minute and we will, I walked back over to sit next to Kelly and both staring at the picture of a big fitted blond woman with 2 fingers holding her pussy open while the other two finger on the other hand were buried knuckle dwell in her wet looking pussy, both staring I could feel my cock hardening once again, not hiding it this time Kelly’s eyes kept flicking down to my cock back to the picture back to my cock back to the picture, when she suddenly said I wonder how that feels I want to try it, not knowing what to say I said I bet it feels nice from the woman face expression in the picture, Kelly said she was going to try it she instantly sat further back on my bed pulled her school skirt up exposing her pretty white knickers, opened her smooth thighs showing the already damp patch on her knickers where her pussy had got wet from looking at the picture but at the time I did not know what it was, she touched herself through her knickers biting her bottom lip,a slightly heavy breathing and a gradual sexual pleasure moan coming from her throat, I was could not believe what was happening I just stood there staring at my little sister rubbing herself making the wet patch on her knickers bigger was in awe just staring she grabbed the gusset of her knickers and pulled them gently to one side held her bald beautiful pink pussy open with her left hand and rubbed her little clit with two fingers with the other gently up and down the slit and round the clit, back down to where all the wetness seemed to be coming from, I could not help it anymore the bulge in my boxers needed to be released and the urge to touch myself while staring at my sister wet fingers rubbing herself was to much, I was watching Kelly and Kelly was watching me staring at each other sex tools, both heavy breathing and gentle moans of pleasure coming from my room, Kelly gently pushed a finger inside herself making her moan louder still rubbing her clit and fingering her hole with the other hand she started finger fucking herself harder and faster, I was rubbing my swollen cock faster then with out warning a flood of white liquid spurted out the end of my cock shooting across the floor, Kelly’s body tensed up and twitched and small groan of pleasure fell from her mouth as she pulled her finger out of herself leaving a wet string of pussy juice between her wet pussy and finger as she pulled it away. Both just stared at each other for a moment realising we should not have done that, but smiled at each other, as we started cleaning ourselves up, we heard our front door open and a shout up the stairs our brother was home, quickly all hot and flustered we got cleaned up and Kelly rushed off to her room saying as she closed my door behind her we can do it again if I like with a giggle.

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    Really cute story

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    Cute story. Keep em cumming.

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    Second part please, this is soo cool