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When people where around

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Little sister Amy and her little friend Hayley next-door

Im tim and this story is A REAL STORY ok
I was in my bedroom AND SISTER was in her room playing around
My mum had to go to work
We live in Sydney Australia
My my was talking with me about this guy at work and out of nowhere AMY come running over to mum and jumped on her before she could get up and asking mum if Hayley could come over for the night then she stood up saying Only if you cleaned up her bedroom & Amy said ok ok I’ll start doing it now and saying to Hayley over the phone she could come over and as Amy was standing up I could see her pink swollen cunt as she opened her legs to get up
Amy is 10 years old 4 foot with dark hair & really skinny
I could pick her up with 1 arm easily
Then mum said that I needed to look after them tonight and she’ll pay me when she gets back from work
As Amy was about to stand up as she sat next to mum lifing 1 leg and showing me her pussy to me
As I looked at her and mum didn’t know I could see right up her little dress and then mum lifted her leg and sat just like Amy did so I could see right up her dress to!
As mum hugged Amy & sat next to her in the same position show me her the size of her pussy smiling
And she kissed Amy on the face but as she did this she pulled her cunt out and spread it open as she kissed Amy then looked back at me smiling then got up saying iv got to go and stood up picking up her work bag and walked toward me a kissed me on the head saying to me be Gentle and slapped my face softly and said call if we needed anything before she got home then closed the front door
As Amy talked to Hayley about what movie they wanted to watch
I couldn’t stop thinking about my mum and what she did before she left home and I was getting some dirty IDEAS as Amy sat there but as I looked over at my 10 year old sister my dick was getting really hard then I said Hay Amy CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET WITH ME AND SHE SAID YEAH OF COURSE
I said ok Amy I need to show you something before Hayley comes around Amy said she’s going to be here in a 2 hours
I said ok come to the bathroom and take your underwear and pants off as we walked upstairs towards the bathroom but as I was walking up the stairs I dropped my pants and kicked them off as Amy was behind me walking up and started Laughing at me because she could see my Bum
Bouncing around as I opened the door and looked back at Amy she was just kicking off her underwear and lifting her dress a little to unclipped it and take it off
I stood in the middle of the bathroom with my little 10 year old sister and said set up on the bench and she did as I looked at her I started playing around with my dick and said Amy we need to keep this between you and me ok and she nodded saying ok big brother and I said show me your little bum so she popped off the bench and stood in front of me them turned around and bent over saying can you see it good enough Tim then she spread her little round ass open as I got on my knees to have a better look and put my hand on her ass spreading her ass open so that her little pussy was Stretching open to
Then I said I going to eat you a like so don’t move Amy ok she said I’ll try not to bro
I started eating out my little swollen cunt and the phone started ringing so I stopped and and Amy was talking to Hayley and asked when she was coming over
As I was slowly pulling on my dick looking at Amy
Then she said you well be here in 40 minutes and she said ill just have a shower then you should be here Hayley and said just ring the Doorbell when you’re here and hung up the phone
And Amy said quietly & quickly we should have a shower now and walked in the shower and turned it on and started to wash her little body as she looked at me pulling my dick she said would you like me to do anything Tim and Tim said yeah can I stick my dick in your mouth for a little bit like I did to you earlier on & AMY said yeah sure so I jumped in the shower and grabbed my dick and said open your mouth and she did then I pushed her hand down and she stared sucking and locking my cock
Then the doorbell rang from downstairs and we jumped and stopped and looked at each other and she jumped out of the shower and I said this isn’t finished ok
As she got dress really quickly saying ok tim we well finish this when Hayley goes back home
And she ran to the front door and Hayley walked in she was 4 years older then Amy and had a bigger bum than Amy did and a little taller then Amy
And I was having IDEAS of Hayley and Amy
And what we could do tonight before mum got home
Then Hayley pulls out her new netball outfit and said Amy you should play for the same team
As me
And I said that sounds good Amy as she was pulling off her little dress to put the netball dress on looking up at me and Hayley said not in front of your Big brother Amy & laughed a little and Amy said don’t worrie he’s seen everything and Iv seen everything he’s got Hayley and laughed really hard
And jumped a little to pull the dress up and turned around to show me he little round ass and bent over spreading it open and making Hayley look at her saying see he’s not going to say or do anything
All right and laughed some more
Then Hayley said oh ok then pulled out 1 more outfit and pulled off her little T-shirt and Hayley littleBoobs popped out bouncing around as Amy tried to grab her boob she said stop and hugged me to save her from Amy’s Hands as she hugged me my dick got harder and you could see the shape of it as Hayley Huged me and then Amy said to Hayley can you keep a secret between you and me & my brother and Amy and Tim were looking at Hayley and Amy said it well be only for us 3 to know and Hayley said what’s the secret about then little walked up to tim and then Amy little hand unzipped Tim’s pants and she pulled out my Dick &
AMY held Hayley’s hand and said you can’t say anything to anyone whatbwe do ok & Hayley smiled at Tim and Amy and she said NO ONE ELSE
Amy and I said to Hayley at the same time no one else would find out ok
Then Hayley said ok then little
Amy said ok it’s only going to be between use guys and grabbed Hayley’s head saying Hayley open your mouth and grabbed my cock and pushed Hayley down on her head saying suck he’s dick
Then she started doing it
And started sucking on my dick and I said to Amy get the shampoo and put it all over your bum
So she did then as she was doing this we all heard a car door closing out the front of the house and Amy ran to the bathroom window to have a look and our mum was home for some reason

LOOKING AT ME Strangely as Hayley was fixing up her dress and Amy pulling up her socks fixing her self up
And asked what we were doing before she walked in and Amy said I was just having bubble bath and needed them 2 to get me a tall so I could dry myself off and seen Hayley and Tim’s hair was wet a little and said ok
But as Tim walked passed mum she said did you like what I showed you earlier ok as Amy looked at tim And tim my brother smiled and nodded saying yeah it was nice mum and said why you asking me for slapped her ass really hard and looked at me and Hayley and Amy smiled as mum walked away into the kitchen
Then Hayley smiled and Amy said is everything ok brother I just smiled and looked at Hayley
And i said oh can you 2 do something for me really quickly and I just pulled out my 6 to 7 inches dick
And Hayley grabbed my dick and said ill do it first
And Amy said ok But be quick because I want to have a go then the shower spotted
And mum yelled out saying who used all the hot water angrily 😠
To be continued part #1

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    looks like there is more than one tim on this site so please be aware before leaving comments

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    Same here!

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    Hopeless mess.
    No literature prize for you!

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      Relax you fucking nerd

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    Let’s try using punctuation, even in Australia they teach that. Watch your grammar and perspective, it got confusing at times. Otherwise a good story.

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      fuck off nerd I was jerking off while writing this I don’t give a fuck

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      I like the story. Let’s hear some more