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Tie dye sex kit

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I fucked my sister in the bath tub while trying to scrub tie dye off her that she accidentally covered herself in.

I came home to get some lunch after playing out with friends all morning and when I went in to the kitchen it was like a rainbow had attacked the kitchen, there was dye all over the worktops and the floor.

That morning my younger sister Carol, she’s 10, was trying out her new tie dye kit, mom had bought her it as a treat for doing well in school, but mom was at work and Carol was meant to wait for her to get home before opening it, I told her she’d get in trouble before I left that morning, but obviously she didn’t listen.

“Carol.” I shouted at the top of my voice.

“Come upstairs. Quick!” she replied.

She sounded upset, so naturally I raced up the stairs to see what the matter was, but she wasn’t in her room, “Where are you?” I asked.

“In the bathroom.” She replied.

I burst in and she was sitting in the corner of the shower naked, hunched up, with her arms around her knees, sobbing, and all I could do was laugh, not because she was upset, but because she was covered from head to toe in tie dye, she looked like a rainbow had eaten her and then shat her back out.

“What happened?” I asked.

“It won’t come off.” She sobbed.

“How the hell did you manage to do this to yourself?” I asked.

“I was carrying the dye trays from the sink and I slipped and it went everywhere and all over me. It won’t wash out. Will you help me?” she sobbed.

“Yes. But not in there, that’s not going to work. I’ll run you a bath.” I replied.

Once the bath was ready and filled with all the abrasive cleaning products I could find, she stood up from the shower and walked across to the bath and got in to the water, for some reason I couldn’t help but admire her tight little ass as she climb over the side, last time I saw her naked was when she was about 3, and she’s grown a lot since then.

I spent the best part of an hour scrubbing her and trying to get as much of the dye off her skin as possible, it was working, the dye was fading, but it was really slow going, and to be honest after the first half hour my motivation for helping her became sexual, I concentrated my efforts more on her chest, her legs and even her pussy, yes, somehow she managed to get red and yellow dye over that too.

I made up an excuse and told her it would probably be easier if I got in to the tub with her, she agreed, so I stripped off with her watching, I purposely faced her because I wanted her to see my cock as I pushed my pants down, she saw it and looked at it briefly before turning her head away sharply, then I climbed in to the tub and sat behind her, spread my legs out and had her sitting between them as I scrubbed her back.

With her sitting between my legs, her soft butt cheeks were pressing against my crotch and I got an erection, it slid up her back as it got longer and thicker, I started to lightly thrust my hips, rubbing my cock on the warm bare skin of her back, then I asked her to change position, “Okay, lean forward.”, she complied, leaning so far forward her face always touched the water.

“No. I need to get the back of your legs. Can you lean forward more?” I asked.

“No, I’ll drowned.” She replied with a giggle.

“Tell you what. Get on your hands and knees, so your face doesn’t go in the water.” I said, and to my amazement she did it.

It was a beautiful sight, she was on all-fours in front of me and I had a perfect view of her ass and her little pussy, I got up on my knees behind her, rested my cock on the crack of her ass and rubbed her back with the sponge before rubbing her butt and then moving the sponge down between her legs and I rubbed her pussy with hit.

“Did I get a lot down there?” she asked, “It tickles.” She added.

“Yeah, loads.” I replied, I was lying, I’d got most of it off ages ago.

I let the sponge drop out of my hand and then just used my hand to rub her pussy for a while, “There’s a lot of dye down here, I need to rub it really hard, it may hurt a bit, okay?” I said.

“Okay.” She replied.

That’s when I took my cock and pushed the tip in to her pussy, it was so soft and tight as I thrust it gently inside her.

“Ouch.” She whimpered.

I slowly thrust it in and out, getting it further and further inside her every time.

“What are you doing?” she moaned.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry. It’s okay.” I said, gasping with pleasure.

Then I just grabbed hold of her hips and began to fuck her from behind, I think she knew what was happening, she was moaning a lot, her hands kept slipping down the tub and splashing her face in to the water as I pounded her like only a brother can.

“Are you – ungh – doing – ungh – naughty stuff.” She moaned.

It was so nice looking down and watching my cock vanish in to her small pussy over and over again, “It’s not naughty. It’s okay.” I groaned in reply, and a minute or two later I nutted and ejaculated my baby juice in to her.

After using her pussy to satisfy myself, I finished scrubbing her and got most of the dye off her skin, then we cleaned up the kitchen best we could.

That night she sneaked in to my bedroom, told me that she liked how I made her pussy feel when we were in the bath and asked me if I’d do it again to her, I got her to climb in to my bed and I took great pleasure in fucking her 10 year old pussy again…..and then again.
Seems the tie dye kit brought us closer together, much closer, they should rename it to “Excuse to fuck your little sister kit.”

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    i need this

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    Nice story Dude. Loved it.

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    Keep going with her. Help her get the 9 month condition

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    Very hot story. Love that she got into it. If you out her ever want to talk on Kik my username is the same the as the one I use to post comments.

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    Ik how it feels man…. The smooth pussy and the cock getting inside it feels heaven… Great work…