The wrong choice felt so good

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This is a truth story of me giving into my pervert desires and sometimes i regret it

After a long day at work i was ready to just pass out. As soon as i got comfortable I received a text from my ex who was apparently drunk with a friend. They both wanted me to come over to fuck them but i declined because my ex is a stupid dirty bitch. I ignored and tried to go to sleep, until i got a phone from her, i reluctant answered this time “Hey can you please come by and help me with my friend? She’s drunk and acting crazy” She sounded sober when her friend was fucking shit up. Like a dumbass i got dressed and ready to go to her house. When i arrived i had to sneak in the back because of the jerk neighbors. My ex let me in, she didn’t even look or sound drunk, she was faking it to get me to come and fuck her. Her friend was upstairs and she was hella drunk. Half naked and saying weird shit. I talked her down, got her dressed, and put her in the car. My ex tried to invite me back inside for a quickie but of course I turned her down. As i was driving the drunk home she kept trying to pull my arm back so she could hold it. She was in the back seat, crying, apologizing, kissing my arm. I was so confused, she then began saying “Don’t take me please i want to be with you… fuck me please” I declined at first but i wanted to so bad. Her body was slim thick, tight and thick lips, definitely c cup titts. “Don’t you take me home you fucking bitch!” She shouted at me as she pulled my arm. I was pisses, we could’ve wrecked. I pull over to the side of the road and got out quickly. As soon as i opened her door she back away. I guess think i was gonna come in the car. Instead i pulled out my cock and grabbed her by the back of the head and forced my cock down her throat and holy shit was it good. It was like a vacuum, i was literally down her throat. Not many chicks can swallow my dick like she did. I fucked her face making spit drool down her chin, on her shirt and to the car floor. I tried to stop because it was wrong, but dammmmmmn this bitch can suck some dick. After awhile she went limp and pass out. I pull my cock out her mouth, pushing her in the back seat, i then take her clothes off, all of them. I kissed her and sucked on her titts before getting on top of her and ramming my cock inside her. She screamed as she woke up from the pain i guess. “Wait! Don’t stop!!!”

Part 2?

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  • Reply Jason ID:5u1d7cdqra3

    Did you go back for the ex?

    • 04perv23 ID:1dan6rsb0bl

      Hell nah

  • Reply Danny 1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

    You absolutely need to I’m pregnant with them

  • Reply Marcel ID:2wzbannwd42

    oh yes we need a part 2

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ah770lfxia6


    • Anonymous ID:1dan6rsb0bl