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The best girlfriend ever

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I met Mia online and we started going out. One day we explored each other’s bodies and ended up having sex for the first time. And ever since…

I have, without any doubt, the greatest and most perfect girlfriend in the entire world.

We’re both 12 years old and we met on a random video chatroom during lockdown, we just happened to be randomly connected to each other and we started talking and got on really well, at first we were friends and then I found out that she only lived 20 minutes away on foot.

Her name is Mia, after talking online and over the phone for a few months we asked our parents if it was okay if we met up, we weren’t meant to though, covid restrictions were still in place and we weren’t meant to be going out and meeting up with people, but our parents said it was fine and so a few days later I ran to Mia’s house.

When we first saw each other in person, it was nothing like on video, she looked so much more beautiful in person, my hot little blonde girl, she hugged me on her doorstep, it was like we’d been friends for years, “We’re going upstairs, mom.” She shouted, after taking my hand and dragging me straight upstairs to her bedroom.

“Okay. Leave your door open.” Her mom said, not sure why she said that.

Long story short, we hung out a lot, I’d go to her house and she would come to mine, we got close and then we had our first kiss and we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Nothing sexual happened at first, but a few months later Mia was at my house, we were in my bedroom having a tickle fight, we always seemed to pillow fighting, or wrestling and just rolling around having fun, she is a very energetic girl who isn’t afraid to get a little bit rough now and then, but fun and playfully.

She had me pinned down on the floor, sitting on my knees and tickling my ribs, she knew where to get me, but she suddenly stopped, “What the hell is this?” she said, I lifted my head off the floor and look down my body, I had a random erection sticking up from underneath my pants, and she grabbed the top over the fabric and started moving my cock around in circles.

I wiggled free from her and crawled over to the wall hiding my bulge, “Let me see it.” She said, chasing after me.

“No.” I replied, embarrassed.

“Come on. Let me see it.” She begged, and she was grabbing towards me trying to get at my pants.

“No. Don’t. Stop.” I replied, she was being silly.

She managed to grab my pants and we had a tug of war as she attempted to pull them down and I tried my best to keep them held up, I lost, and my waist band came loose from my grip and my pants fell to my ankles, Mia fell along with them and when she looked back up, all she saw was my erect cock right next to her face, she gasped and because she was so close, the warm air from her breath blew on to and warmed my cock and balls, causing my cock to twitch.

She giggled and smiled, “Wow. I like your cock.” She said, then she pushed her head forward and licked my tip and giggled again.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“I’ve seen it online. This is what girls do.” She replied, grabbing and rubbing my cock and then licking it some more, “Does it feel nice?” she asked.

“Ye-ah.” I replied, it really did feel nice, I had tingled going through my entire body.

“I went on a school trip last year to a farm and this is like what they do to cows. If I keep rubbing it then milk will…” she started talking but was then interrupted when I suddenly ejaculated all over her face, she just sat there looking up at me, motionless, with lines of white spunk covering her face, then she started laughing and wiping it off her face with her hands, “You could have warned me.” She said.

“Sorry. It just shot out fast.” I replied.

Then she licked it off her hands, “It’s not as nice as the girls in the online videos make it look. I think your milk’s off, it’s gone sour.” She joked, “Do you want to see mine now?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe it, she was willing to show me her pussy, and of course it was an instant yes, “Yes!” I replied.

She pulled her pink shorts and white panties down and then sat on the edge of my bed with her legs spread wide open to show me her shiny hairless pussy, she let me touch and rub it, it was really soft and squishy, and quite wet, there was some watery slippery liquid on my fingers when I’d finished playing with it.

“Watch this.” She said, then she took her finger and pushed inside her pussy.

“Oh my god. Does it hurt?” I asked, watching her finger herself with curiosity.

“Not really. Just feels nice.” She replied, “You try.” She said.

So I put my finger inside it and it was very hot, soft and lumpy on the inside, my pants were still down and I had got another erection while playing with her pussy, “I know. Put that in it.” She said, pointing to my cock.

“You want me to put it in there?” I asked.

“Yeah. Let’s try it. See what happens.” She replied.

So I stood up and moved towards her between her legs, she reached out, held my cock and aimed it at her pussy as I shuffled forward, the tip of my cock slid in to the crack and then up her hole, it made me gasp, the tingling sensation was back and it was amplified by about a thousand, it felt very nice, she moaned as she helped guide my cock further inside.

My body took over and my hips began to swing backwards and forwards, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, “This feels good.” I groaned.

“Yeah – Ungh – Keep doing it. That’s nice – Ungh” She moaned.

And that was the first time we fucked, about two minutes later I ejaculated inside her pussy and my cock shrank down again, after that all we seem to do is have sex and play with each other sexually all the time.

When lockdown ended, we ended up going to the same school and one morning we were walking down the hill going to school and she pushed me in to the bushes as we walked by them, she’s always doing mischievous things like that to me, she forced my school trousers down and tugged on my cock until I was hard, then she stood over me, reached up her skirt and pulled off her panties, she looks so hot in her school uniform, then she sat on my cock and rode me, she basically raped me in the bushes on the way to school.

She won’t leave my cock alone, even while we’re at school, at lunch time I try not to sit next to her because when I do she puts her hand down the front of my trousers and jerks me off under the table while we eat lunch, well, try to eat lunch, not easy when someone’s yanking on your cock.

I love Mia, she is so much fun, and I have more sex than any boy in my school, that’s for sure.

She’s the best girlfriend ever.

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    GO TO HELL MF! what the fuck are you doing here you fucking PEDO PIECE OF SHIT.

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    Very hot story. Would love for this to have happened to me at that age.

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    Nice story but she needs a real man size cock.

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      Fuck off you pedo