The 5 inch sub

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Did stuff today that I never thought I would do

So this is an experience that happened back in 96 or 97 I would have been 24 years old
Just recently got a job working at Subway not many employees 3 girls and 3 guys that worked part time and weekends manager worked day shifts and me to work the weekdays Sunday to Thursday 5pm
To close
My first day one of the guys says to me go and look at the board with the schedule have a look at the picture underneath it.
So I walk to the back and see a Polaroid picture there look closely at it and in the picture is a white guy naked spread eagle a little heavy set his penis was soft 3inch walnut size nuts no hair
Went back to the guy that told me to go and look and said DUDE WHAT THE FUCK who’s that? he laughed and said the manager
I’m not gay but couldn’t stop looking at the picture any chance I got.
Few minutes later the manager walked in that was going to train me on things making subs preparation of the vegetables and meats
well as preparation of the bread to be cooked

Threw out the night I would glance at it then he caught me and said looking at my picture..said yes looks like it was taken here in the back on the prep table….he said yes It certainly was with a smile on his face

We started making small talk about relationships asking if I had any girlfriends been with a girl.said yes been with a few…then asked if i have ever been with a guy before I said yes but was very quick but told him I’m not gay.but in the back of my mind was think would like to try it again
Asked him if he has ever been with a guy ….said yes a few asked anyone here guy or girl and what’s with the picture
No not yet anyone here… the picture was just a joke but never got taken after a few years

So we closed up cleaned everything and put away everything count the cash and we’re done waiting for him to do some of his paper work and we can go..say to him I’m just going to take a piss I’ll be back ….go out the door walk down the hall to the washroom take a piss and walk back open the door and there he was spread eagle on the back counter(like in the picture)with a hard on playing with his 5. inch cock rubbing his balls says to me better then the picture Eh!

I smile and think to my self can I touch
Just then he says you’ve been looking at the picture all evening I know you want
to feel it..haha

I walk a little closer to him put my hand on his ankle and slowly move up his leg when I reach his knee I moved my hand to the inside of his leg and keep going till I reach his balls and lightly play with them they were a little warm moved up a little to his shaft wrappedmy hands around his shaft…..it was warm and hard….i slowly moved my hand up and down on his shaft he gave a little sigh and said oh ya…I said how’s the feel….go s little fast..Start moving my hand op and down his shaft faster and faster
He reached down and star rubbing my bulge s 5.5inch a little thick

He Started fumbling with the button to undo it and stuck his hand inside my boxers said your a thick one Eh wiggling around so my pants and boxers would slide down and give more freedom as he pumped my shaft with hi hand ever once in a while cupping my balls
I leand in a gave his balls a little link and proceeded to suck on his ball sack was little salty from the sweat…but I didn’t mind…has I’m pumping his shaft slowly licking my way up his shaft to the head of his penis
I opened my mouth and tilted his penis to the opening closed my mouth and went up and down three ot four times and felt him throbbing like he was going to cuM
I never tasted cum before so I didn’t want it in my mouth just yet so I took my mouth off his cockgave his shaft a few short pumps and his think cum oozed out of the head down over my fingers gripping his shaft over his balls and on to the counter
Looking at
my fingers all covered in his cum made me shoot my load
I brought my fingers up to my mouth and stuck out my tongue to give a little taste I liked it and quickly licked his shaft and balls..moving his one ball that was against his leg to lick up that cum and the little that was on the counter
Never would I have thought that I would suck balls and cock and like eating cum

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