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Playing with the 2 little girls in swimming class

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Been playing around with my little daughter Amy since she was 10 and we keep it a secret

I just got back home from work
And my little daughter Amy said can you take me and her little friend swimming
I said yeah that sounds like a great idea
So I had taken my little daughter and friend swimming
As we were swimming Amy’s little friend started playing around with me and so was Amy
Amy friend Phph raped her legs around me and I had 1 hand on her little Ass cheek and Amy noticed what I was doing with my hand as I held onto her friend Phph and I my hand was slowly slipping under one side of her little swimmer’s and I could feel her pussy a little as I was doing this Amy said daddy can she help me and you tonight and I said ok
Then Amy asked Stephen if she wanted to say over for the weekend
Stephen said ill need to ask my mummy first ok
As we played in the pool with Stephen Amy pulled out my Dick as the other people walked around the pool playing with their kids
I said to Amy be careful ok
She said NO ONE knows
And put her head under water and started sucking my dick and Stephen asked what is she doing
I said heav a look and see so she went under water to have a look what Amy was doing
And she popped her head back up for some air and then Amy did the same thing and said you can’t say anything to anyone else ok
And then said we needed to get ready to go home
So we all got out and got changed and started walking back to the car and Stephen said if I do what Amy was doing before I’m not going to be in trouble or anything Amy said only if you do it with me and my daddy it well be ok all right Stephen
One’s I got the 2 girls back home Amy asked Stephen to come to the bathroom
As I went to the kitchen to put back the drinks in the fridge and Amy called out asking for me to come to the bathroom
As I walked into the bathroom Amy said ok daddy pull them off she’s going to keep this with you and me ok
Then Stephen undressed and said ill only keep this a secret between use ok
And Amy said quietly come here Stephen and began to suck on my cock showing Stephen how to do it and let her do it her self and Stephen only 10 years old could put it all in her little mouth
As Amy looked at her she began to pushing her head down some more making my dick fall into her throat and Amy started sucking on my Ball
Then Stephen stopped and said ok now you do us and sat down pulling Amy to the floor and laying on there backs spreading there legs open
And I had fallen to my knees placing my hands on each of their pussys spreading them open and started pushing my 2 finger in Amy’s pussy making it go half way in her ask she cried a little and pushing 1 finger all the way in her little cunt making it bleed
Amy said ok Stephen since you can only take 1 finger now it’s your turn tonight ok
Tonight for what she said and
Amy grabbed my dick and started sucking on it like
A little crazy bitch
And Amy’s dad said we needed to get 3 or 2 fingers in you so your apart of Amy and me tonight and she nodded saying ok I want to be apart of you guys and what do I need to do tonight with you guys
Amy looked at her dad and said daddy show her and then Amy stood up and said doggy style and Tim her dad said that a good girl and Amy said ok and got in doggy position and her daddy got behind her and said like this Stephen and said look as he placed the tip of he’s cock up in Amy’s little red cunt and the head was all the way inside Amy’s little pussy
As Stephen looked Amy said just like this Stephen and pushed 2 fingers tips up her pussy up until the 2ed knuckle and started making it go in and out of her pussy and Stephen said I think I can take the tip of you Tim and said try pushing it in so Tim got between her legs and said that it might hurt for a minute but it’s going to feel better soon ok
As Tim lined up the tip to Stephen pussy he pushed it in and it went 3 inches in and Stephen moaned a little and Amy said it going in more then mine And half of daddy cock was in Stephen little red cunt sucking on it like a vacuum cleaner and the look on daddy face was like he was in heaven
Or something then daddy pulled it all out and grabbed Amy’s little head and made her suck hem off a little then daddy spit into he’s hand and rubbed it on Stephen bleeding pussy and said shshshs
As he pushed it back in Stephen pussy really roughly and making more than half go into her
Then layer on top of her pushing more and more into her slowly until he said ok Amy your next now
So lay on your belly next to us so she did and Stephen could feel Amy’s daddy dick sliding out of her red cunt as he wiped it with he’s T shirt and Stephen seen hem push it all the way in her bumbum as Amy was spending her ass apart for her daddy
As he’s dick was pumping in and out of Amy’s bum he would pull it out really quickly and stand up in front of Stephen making her suck on he’s cock Then would stick it back into Amy’s little ass
Then Stephen said who was the first person to try this with and daddy said it was your older sister Mel
And Amy said you and Mel daddy nodded he’s head and said shut up let me Cum be quiet
And daddy started fucking Amy’s ass really hard and fast and yelled a little and died and slipped off Amy’s back and he’s cock slide down her ass
And said Stephen can you suck daddys dick she said hold on just need a drink and Amy stood up and looked at Stephen sucking on her daddys cock
She said can I get your toy out daddy and daddy said only if you can help me with Stephen first she said ok
And asked Stephen to get in doggy position and she did and said ok Amy get the toy so she went to her daddy table and opened up the draw and pulled out this big pink rubber dick & put it inside her pussy smiling And said her turn now as daddy pulled out of Stephen and slipped his dick in Stephen ass hole just a inch or so and she said NO MOER PLEASE Amy laughed a little and said be strong and pushed more of it in her and she stared crying saying stop stop
As I looked over at Amy smiling I said slowly Amy and she stopped and said ok
And slowly fucked her inthe ass with big pink dick
And said I think that’s enough daddy try pushing you 1 into her ass now and spate on her little ass hole
And Amy watched her daddys dick disappear inside Stephen ass hole making her yell a little and then in a matter of 5 minutes he was all the inside of her fucking her really hard and roughly as she cried out because of the pain and Amy said finish In me now daddy and then he pulled out of Stephen ass and began to fucking Amy’s little body
Little she was a grown woman and Amy was saying she wanted to turn around so she could see daddys dick going in and out
So he let her get on top of hem in front of the Mirror and they both could see daddys cock go in and out of Amy’s little spread ass making Stephen feel more comfortable about being fucked in the ass
Ass Amy’s daddy was about to cum he asked for Stephen to suck hem off as soon as he pulled out of Amy’s ass and she did then Amy started sucking on it with Stephen and CUM IN SIDE AMY’S mouth and asked Stephen to to suck it out of Amy’s mouth and she did what exactly Amy’s daddy said the daddy said ok I’m going to have a shower then it’s movie time ok girls as they where slowly getting up off the floor saying that was fun
We should do this more often when Stephen comes around

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    Yea, it was pretty bad.

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    God god that was bad. please do not give up your day time job if you have one.