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Oh Sadie. Oh Daddy.

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I lost everything when I slept with my daughter and impregnated her, but I have no regrets at all. It was the most perfect night.

This is my story of how I impregnated my daughter, wrecked my marriage, and lost all my friends, but it was totally worth it.

My wife was away on a business trip, she’d be spending the night in a hotel, so I was home alone with my daughter Sadie, who had just turned 12.

It was late at night, Sadie was asleep, or so I thought, so I went to bed, I stripped off and laid down on top of my bed, took out my auto-jerker, it was a battery operated device that looked quite futuristic, a long white tube that fit snuggly over my cock, and when I turned it on, a motor inside it gently stroked my cock, jerking me off automatically, it was a wonderful gizmo to play with when my wife wasn’t at home to please me.

I was laying happily on my bed, laid back and relaxed, letting the jerker do all the work, it felt so good.

I heard a voice and opened my eyes to see who it was, it was Sadie, she was in my room standing right next to my bed in her nighty, looking at what was happening, “Why do you have that on your dick, Daddy?” she innocently asked.

I sat up and immediately turned it off, but kept it in place so she didn’t see my cock, “Uhm – well – what are you doing in here, you should be in bed?” I asked.

“I couldn’t sleep.” She replied.

Then there was an awkward silence between us, I was kind of embarrassed and didn’t know what to do with her just standing there staring.

“What does it do?” she asked.

“What??” I asked back, pretending I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She pointed to it, “That.” She said.

“It’s a – uhm – it’s a massager.” I replied.

“For your dick?” she asked.

“……Yep.” I replied.

“Why does your dick need massaging?” she asked.

I shook my head, I couldn’t believe she was asking so many questions, I just wanted her to leave, preferably off her own free will without me simply telling her to get the fuck out of my room, “It helps me release my stress. Daddy is very stressed, sweetheart.” I replied.

Then she sat down on the edge of the bed, clearly she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“You should go back to bed, sweetheart. Daddy needs to rest.” I said.

“I want to watch and see what it does.” She replied.

“NO!.” I snapped, immediately regretting snapping at her, “…You can’t sweetheart. Just go back to bed. Okay. There’s a good girl.” I said.

“Fine..” she said in a huff, getting off the bed and walking moodily towards the door, “…”I’ll ask mom what it does.” She said.

I couldn’t let her ask her mom what it does, she’d find out that Sadie and seen me using it, “No. No. Come back. Come here. I’ll show you. You don’t need to ask mom. I’ll show you.” I said, begging her to come back quickly.

She skipped back over and sat back down on the bed, then I turned it back on and let go of it, she find it fascinating, watching it move and wiggle on my cock and make a strange humming noise, she crawled across the bed and put her face right close to it to get a better look and she watched it was a smile.

Then it happened, the batteries ran out and it stopped moving and fell off my cock, Sadie watched as the device fell between my legs and my cock slipped out of it and sprung up like a cobra, her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped in shock of seeing my mighty manhood, then she grabbed my cock and the device and tried to slip it back on, “I’ll fix it.” She said.

“No – Don’t touch it.” I said, but I was too late.

She managed to slip it back on to my cock, but the batteries were completely dead and it wouldn’t work, so she placed it down on the bed and started stroking my cock with her hands instead, “Don’t worry Daddy, I’ll massage it for you.” She said.

I was sat up on my elbows, watching in horror as my little girl tugged on my cock with both hands, she had no idea what she was doing was wrong, to her she was just doing something nice for her Daddy, giving me a helping hand, as it were.

“Sadie. Darling. Don’t do that. You don’t have to do that.” I said, beginning to feel quite aroused, her little hands just seemed perfect for tugging, I hated myself but I started to enjoy it.

“Is your stress being released?” she asked.

“Just a – Ooah – Few more – Jesus – Seconds….Ooooooaaaah” I groaned out and then instantly ejaculated several long streams of sperm up in to the air.

It splattered all over her hands as it came back down, she didn’t seem too bothered that I’d just nutted all over her hands, she giggled, “That’s a lot of stress, Daddy.” She said.

“Yep.” I replied, feeling very relieved, and laying back down wishing I had a cigarette to smoke.

“What do I do with this?” she asked, holding up her sperm covered hands for me to see.

“Go wipe your hands in the bathroom, sweetheart.” I said.

Off she went to wipe it all off her hands and then she came back a few minutes later and sat back on the bed, “Did I help, Daddy?” she asked.

“You were a great help, sweetheart. You’re such a good daughter.” I replied, and I pulled her down to lay beside me and I gave her a bug cuddle and a kiss.

Later that night, when Sadie was asleep cradled in my arms, I starting thinking about what else she may be willing to do, she’s already seen my cock, tugged it, and had my sperm all over her hands, and she’d really turned me on, I was extremely horny, I just looked at her, she was so beautiful, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to try her out, find out what it would feel like to fuck her.

I gently rolled her off my arm and on to the soft sheets, and then I slowly lifted and removed her nighty before finally pulling off her pink floral panties, and I rubbed my hands on her naked body, she was so warm and her skin was smooth like silk, especially her pussy, when I rubbed it it felt so soft and tender, so delicate and heavenly to touch.

She woke up and opened her big pretty eyes, “Daddy? – What happened to my panties?” she asked.

“Daddy just wanted to play with you.” I replied.

She looked down and saw that I had an erection, “Are you still stressed, Daddy? – I can massage your dick again if you want.” She said, starting to sit up, but I stopped her and kept her laid down, “No, that’s okay, sweetheart. Daddy’s going to try something new. Do you want to try it with me?” I asked.

“Yeah. Okay.” She replied, eager to help out her old dad.

I went down on her and ate out her pussy, I can’t even begin to describe how delicious it was, I listened to her gasping and moaning out as I flicked and twisted my tongue in and around her crack and clitoris, “Ooh – Ungh – Am I stressed too, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, sweetheart, but don’t worry, Daddy is going to help you.” I replied.

With my tongue glued to her soft young flesh, I licked my way up her entire body to her face, pushed my tongue in to her mouth and kissed her sexually, then I pushed my hands underneath her back to hold her, arched my back as I shuffled my legs between hers, and then I pushed my cock in to her small pussy.

“Daddy – Ungh – Ooooah!” she moaned out, she held her breath and had a startled look on her face as my cock slid in to her, and she breathed out with long moan, “Uunnnnngggh”

I started rocking my hips and fucking her like only a father could, fast and hard, “Oh Sadie.” I groaned.

“Daddy” she moaned.

“Sadie.” I groaned.

“Dad – Ung – dy!” she moaned.

“Oh Sadie.” I groaned.

“Ungh – Ung – Ungh” she moaned, feeling the full intense pleasure of her Daddy’s mighty cock.

When I eventually nutted and shot my load in to her hot sweaty quivering body, I felt love for her like I’d never felt before, it was euphoric, we were truly connected, the very seed that created her, was now inside her, and swimming towards her eggs.
Sadie really enjoyed us having sex, and she felt more love for me as I did for her, we promised never to tell mom about it though.

Unfortunately, a few months later her mom found out she was pregnant, and when she confronted Sadie about, she got scared and told her out secret and that I wasn’t just her Daddy, but also her baby’s daddy.

Over the next few months my wife divorced me, my friends found out and they disowned me, I lost everything, but I still had Sadie, even though she still lives with her mom, she can’t stop me seeing my daughter, and my future daughter, or is it grand-daughter, that part is confusing.

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  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09l

    Wonderful. My dad started doing it to me when l was really little. At first it was painful & scary. But l grew to accept and love it. Fucking my little pussy til it was raw and sore. Then nibbling and suckling my little nipples til they were painfully sore and purple.

  • Reply Anonymous 19 Year Old ID:15bdv986

    Sadie is such a good girl.. So cute.

  • Reply Samantha ID:bo2qeotzjk

    This really brings back wonderful memories of my dad and me. Except I was on birth control since 10,and had been taking his cum regularly. A few weeks before turning 13, I decided to stop taking it. 2 days after turning 13 and still taking my dad’s cum 2 days after turning 13 , I was pregnant. I’m still active with my biological dad, and was pregnant again. I wouldn’t change anything for the world either.

    • 3 ID:3zxjp0lg4996

      @Samantha what’s Your Wickr or Kik

    • Samantha ID:bo2qeotzjk

      @ #3
      There’s no way in hell will I give out my wicker or kik here

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

    I would have &$&” your wife putting a baby in her pussy before she divorced you

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20dr

    Nice story. Glad you bred your daughter

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2t0c1

    Sick, Perverted and for some reason I loved it.