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My two hoes part 1

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Took my littles sister and her friend my hoes

My name is Tom. When I was 25 I fell in love with my little sister friend. A nice 11 old Chinese girl. She always come to visit my house with short skirt. One day she bend to pick a pencil from the floor as she bend I saw a nice little ass . She wasn’t wearing panty. I told my self I don’t care It make me a pedophile but I have to fuck that. She was 11 but she was like 4 feet. Very skinny. Her tits was small. My sister and her was playing with dolls. My parents wasn’t home. I took my mom sleeping pills mixed with juice. And the other juice with no pills. I gave the juice with pills to my little sister. And in 6 minutes she was out. I’m a black horny man need young 11 old pussy. As soon my little sister fall asleep her friend try to wake her up. Then she saw me removing my clothes. She started be scared screaming at my sister to wake up. I grabbed her she was fighting me grab her by her hand push her down. You little fucking slut I scream at her. I slapped her face once and told her ” listen slut you going be mine. Now shut the fuck up and let daddy play with you. I started licked her face. All over her face. My saliva all her face, I open her mouth put my tongue inside her mouth, French wet kiss her, then bitting her neck give her a hickey. I removed her shirt nice tiny tits. Mmmm so tasty bitting her little nipples and another hickey on her little tits. She started moaning and crying and talking chinese. Got me more horny. I love how chinese slut moan. I went down to her pussy and started eat her kitty like animal and finger her crazy. She cry and moaning. Ohhhh fuuuuck she cums. I cleaned her pussy and eat her cum. I took my 10 inch put inside her tiny pussy put all in and started fucking her, she wasn’t bleeding she wasn’t a virgin she moaning but she was crying because my cock was big. She telling me I’m bigger than her step dad. Screaming fuuuuck me oooooooh fuuuuck me. Oh fuck she like it. Mmmmmm yessss slut take daddy cock ooooh yes I’m fucking harder. Because the screaming my little sister wake up . She started
screaming . I yell a her Shut the fuuuuck up. You next. . Then I couldn’t take no more I going to cums oooooooh fuuuuck. Oh fuck I cum inside her. I’m going be a dad. Seem all cum coming out from her pussy. She can’t move, I fuck her brain out. I put a black baby inside her. My little sister is crying see her friend fuck. I was sweating but I’m not finished yet. I picked up my ten year old s little sister removed her clothes and her panty put on my head as a hat. She was crying. Telling me not to do it I’m your sister. Open your fucking mouth. Force to open her mouth put my cock inside her mouth fucking her little mouth mmmmm yess feel good took it out. I spit inside her mouth then put my cock back her mouth. My little sister was heavy set. Ooooh shit she sucking me.( To be continued)

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

    Keep writing

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5m34

    Same here

  • Reply Marcel ID:1ghnn6rov997

    the idea of the story is good but the writing is just baaadd

    • Dan ID:10zhlx7x20jp

      Who gives a shit about the grammar. All you care about is the content.

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20dr

    Can be a good story, but the grammar needs a lot of correcting. Once the grammar issues are addressed you will have a very pleasurable story to read