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My Niece and I (Our 1st Experience)

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My 12 year old niece, Liunice, came to our house to visit for 1 week since it’s vacation already. She is the same age as mine so having her in is fine, since I’m bored anyway being inside the house alone.

I missed her so much because we haven’t met for almost a year. I still don’t know if she still remember everything I did to her like touching her thighs whenever I got the chance, touching her body and her pussy, and even kissing her while she’s asleep.

The moment she was there, we hugged it each other because we haven’t met for a year. We talked a lot about things like kpop since that is the topic she’s most fan of. We played games in my PC which she enjoyed a lot. After that, we ate lunch and got to bed to get some rest.

While we’re in bed, I remember the things I did to her a year ago. I got excited since I can do it again but at the same time I’m also nervous. So I tried to cuddle her first, she was facing away from me so it was easy to cuddle her in.

Next, I removed her clothes a bit so my hand can go inside and touch her soft body. It was so good that I want to rape her, but I feel like it wasn’t the right time yet. I was getting nervous while my hand was going up to her bra. I was so nervous while doing that since I haven’t touched her in a very long time.

After I struggle to remove her bra, I stopped and just slept with her still cuddling her.

When we woke up, I went down and made snacks for both of us while she was still in bed. I called her out so we can eat together. While she was about to sit down to eat snacks, I kissed her touching her body. She was shocked of what I just did.

She couldn’t resist but kissed me back. We lied down on the couch to continue or business. Her lips were so soft I feel like I don’t want to stop. I can feel our warm bodies reacting to our kiss. It was so good that we even managed to removed our clothes going onto the process of doing the real deal.

While we were kissing, I managed to stick my thing into her without even noticing it. I even popped her cherry causing her to lose her virginity. She felt it but she didn’t bother. We still continued until we’re actually having sex.

I knew it was inappropriate, but we both wanted it, to hell with man’s law, this was happening, and I wasn’t about to stop.

We fucked for nearly an hour, even surprisingly myself by how long I lasted, then the moment arrived, I was about to come, I thought about pulling out, but as I lay on top of her, enjoying the feeling of her tight young pussy as I continued to thrust in to her, I couldn’t bring myself to it.

What we were doing was natural, it was nature’s way, our biological instincts doing what we were always meant to do, no, I was going to let nature run its course, and I was going to finish how nature intended.

“Ooah!” I groaned, thrusting in to her faster and deeper, “Oah – Jade!” I groaned. She held on to me, digging her perfectly manicures nails in to my back, her small silky legs swinging in the air, my
thrusting increased in speed the more I felt my seed flowing up my shaft, “Ooah – Ooah” I groaned.

“Ungh – Ungh – Oooo – Ung” Liunice moaned in response.

I just exploded, I relaxed and let it go, my seed flowed out of me like hot water through a pipe, I felt every single drop come out of me, flooding her insides with millions of my little swimmers, and in that moment I had visions of my seed fertilizing her egg, I wanted to impregnate her, I wished for it to happen, I wanted her to be mine forever, so I could breed her again and again.

She fell asleep, but I couldn’t, I just laid and stared at her while she slept, she looked so peaceful, so
satisfied, she even had a smile on her face while she was sleeping, just laying there naked on my bed, such a beautiful creature.

In the evening we did it again, but this time in the bathroom. I turned on the shower to start it off. Both of us got naked, she was kinda shy to do it at first but eventually she did it anyway. I was shocked to see her bald pussy. I pushed her to the wall of the bathroom near the shower. I guided my cock into her while she spread her hole so I can get it in easily.

I was thrusting slowly but after we get the hang of it I thrusted faster and faster. Liunice was moaning loudly that I kissed her. She kissed me back too. We spent 20 minutes fucking and kissing until I exploded my seed to her again.

After all of those happenings we bathe ourselves together. I got the opportunity to touch her pussy again. She even let me wash it! I got so horny at the time that I put my fingers in her. She was enjoying it. I fingered until she had another orgasm.

After we finished, we slept and called it a day.

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  • Reply DaddyJake ID:1idyob9tt0bo

    What in the actual fuck. Your friend needs fucking Jesus or at least a working functioning brain

    • My friend is bad writer ID:6cdogbufijk

      so true, he needs the brain of Einstein or something to work lol

  • Reply Better writer then this ID:fx7ita6zm0

    Lousy story anyways aside from the copying. Only a moron would rate this a five star.

    • My friend is bad writer ID:6cdogbufijk

      yahhh, only someone with pea-sized brains can rate this 5 stars. my friend forced me to write this so….expect it to be bad.

  • Reply Jared ID:1u6viufic9

    You copied someone else’s story bro

    • Daddy ID:craba2km3o

      Didn’t even bother to change the name of the girl LMAO

    • My friend is bad writer ID:6cdogbufijk

      my friend forced me to write this so….expect it to be bad. plagiarism exist in him, idk why. I even noticed it at first when he told me what to write