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My first time teaching her

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My first time teaching a girl I met online how to touch herself

I first met her on Kik. I called her kitten since she was shy and didn’t want to tell me her name. She was 11 at the time, knowing I am 33 she was nervous. I started things I’d show, getting to know each other, playing silly games like 20 questions. If she thought anyone was cute. Things like that.
After about two weeks we shared face pics. She was adorable. Brown hair, blue eyes, pale with braces, little dimples. I got hard thinking of my cum on those braces. I brought up why she had messaged me and she admitted she wanted to learn about boys and girls.
I gave her basic info on her body and about mine. Explaining sex, babies, and masterbation. She wanted to know about boys first. I think she was shy about her body. I explained how a bit gets hard if he is excited, how he touched himself, about cumming. She asked if I got hard from her. If course I do kitten, would you like to see?
She was very shy and nervous but eventually said yes. She was amazed and scared something so big could fit inside her. I explained about oral, and how it feels good too. I sent a video of me masturbating and then cumming. She sent me a pic of her in her training bra and panties.
I told her she looked amazing. She thought she was too skinny and didn’t have big boobs. I reassured her she looked amazing and didn’t push for more. She opened up more, asking how she could feel good. I told her all about touching her nipples, her pussy, her little clit. I explained sex toys and things she could use. She sent me a pic of her naked. I came to that one.
Later she asked if a maker would work as a toy. As long as it’s round yes. I got a short video of her pushing it into her little pussy. I sometimes still talk to kitten, I am going to explain anal to her, see if that marker ends up in other holes.
If anyone needs advise or wants to share or learn my Klk is AdultRP
Send your age and let’s talk, I would love to explain and explore with you. I am bi so any guys are welcome to message me as well

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