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My fantasies turned reality

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I am Tomi, and, at the age of 13 my dad’s friend finds out that I looked at porn online. And he’s not telling anyone if I help him out.

I’m desdesperately trying to orgasm. My hand is moving that hairbrush in an out at a terrific speed, the juiced already starting to leek out onto my hairbrush.

At 13, I haven’t managed to reach an orgasm even once yet, despite months of trying to masturbate, and watching all the tutorials I could find online. I even started watching porn for inspiration, and, at a certain point, just because I liked the feeling of doing something so secretive. And my fantasies are getting wilder each day, as I find out what makes me wet- the taboo making it all the more enticing.

However, I’m staying home alone today, so I decided this night, I’d reach that point. So I read a good story about being turned into a personal pet, imagining myself in the scenario of being forced to please. Adding some hentai I kept saved on a doubly hidden account, I was getting closer than ever.

But suddenly, I heard the door slam. Noone’s supposed to be here, is someone braking in?

“Tomi, are you still awake?” I hear a voice, and recognize it instantly. He’s my dad’s friend, Jacob, and he used to babysit me. I thought my parents said I was old enough to take care of myself!

I irritably pull my pyjama bottoms on, hide the hairbrush, and shout, “Yeah, but I’m going to sleep now!”

I hear heavy steps and he opens the door to my room.

“Oh hi Tomi, your parents sent me to make sure nothing happens- you know how dangerous this area can be.”

“Umm, yeah, ok,” I try to hide my frustration, and say, “but I need to go to sleep now, so you can stay in the guest room.” I fake a yawn, hoping he leaves me alone. I mean, I look innocent enough. Being a “late bloomer” my breasts hadn’t started growing yet, and my face was covered with countless cute freckles, enveloped by long, brown hair.

“Of course then, good night sweety.” He looked around the room, and then his eyes rested on my phone, resting on my bedside table.

“Aren’t you supposed to leave your phone in the sitting room for the night?”

I gulp, and answer, “Umm, no, I’m using it as an alarm…” I honestly hated my parents for these stupid restrictions right now.

Jacob raises his eyebrows, and picks up my phone. “It’s warm- you were just using it.”

“B-but no!” I panic, not wanting my phone being taken away from me. “It’s- I was just texting my friend, sorry-”

He sighs, “Sorry sweetie, but you know the rules. I can wake you up at whatever time you want, and give you your phone then.”

I grit my teeth, but have no option but to go along without raising suspicion. We said our goodnights, and he left me in my room to wallow in self pity, definitely not in the mood to continue my earlier plans. I thought that’d be it- that he’d wake me up tomorrow, and leave the house when my parents came home at noon.


I’m awoken by my slumber late at night, at around 2 am. I blearily open my eyes, and see Jacob entering the room.

“Tomi, I need to talk about something.” He says in a serious tone, and sits beside me on my bed, uncomfortably touching me through the covers. “I found this on your phone, and, well, your parents wouldn’t want to find out.”

He pulls out my phone, and shows the erotica I’ve been reading. My throat goes dry.

“I- I must have clicked on a link or something-” I barely whisper.

“Not with everything.” Is that a smirk I see on his face? He goes into the next window, into my alt reddit account- my main app for all the dirty stuff. It’s still on a post of hentai, a woman tied down with a dick coming in from the edge of the frame.

I can’t even speak. Tears form in my eyes as I open and close my eyes, my world falling apart around me. If my parents knew…

“But, this can stay our own little secret Tomi. If, and only if, you do something for me. Well, I’m just helping you achieve your goals- and I do know you want this.”

My heartbeat is increasing. I know what Jacob’s gonna say- I just know.

“So get out of bed, and stand in front of me.”

“But-” I start, lost for words.

“Now sweetie, do you WANT everyone to know what a dirty little slut you are?”

Shaking, I get up, out of my bed, and stand in front of him. He smiles as he examines every inch on my body, making me both shiver in disgust and, oh god, making me a bit… wet. But this isn’t just a fantasy, it’s happening in real life, with someone I trust.

“Now, take of your clothes.”

Tentatively, I slide my arm out of my pink and white sleeve. Desperately trying to not believe this is real, I take my top off. The once-trusted man smiles in approval at my flat, pale chest, with the nipples only slightly pointing out, and my skinny body. I know a blush has already enveloped my face.

He nods for me to continue, and I pull down my pants, leaving me bare and naked. My pubic hair has only started growing a few months ago, but had recently started being bushier so I had cut it shorter with some scissors for comfort. Underneath, is a decent thigh gap, and legs that luckily aren’t as unnaturally skinny as that if some of my peers’.

A smile envelops his face- but not the usual, cheery smile, but more of a possessive one.

“Well, tell me, did you have a period yet?”

My eyes open wide, but, knowing the consequences of not answering, I let out, “no-”

“Excellent, this will make this easier.”

The tall, imposing man starts taking off his clothes, until he’s left with just his boxers on. I stare, transfixed, at the bulge I could see there.

“See? I knew you wanted this.” He takes off the last of his cover, and for the first time in my life,  I’m in thd presence of a naked man. He stands, his dick already hard, and utters another command, knowing I can’t decline.

“Now come here sweetie, and suck my dick just like you’ve always wanted to.”

I stand still for a second too long, horrified mostly by the fact that he’s right- I do want this. Suddenly, Jacob leans ovet and spanks me, making me jump forward as I flinch from the touch, while hearing the loud, sudden sound.

“Sweetie, you know I have to punish you if you’re naughty- you have to listen to me.”

The tears finally start flowing down my face, as I come over and kneel in front of that hard cock. Squeezing my eyes shut, I lick the top of his member. So like my fantasies.

“That’s right sweetie, now suck it as if it’s a lollipop.”

I open my mouth wide, and try to put it into my mouth- it’s harder than I thought, and I can’t put it in far. I start slowly licking and sucking it, hating myself for enjoying this.

After maybe a minute of this, with me growing more confident, I feel Jacob bend over, and slide his hand onto my pussy. He chuckles as he feels how wet I am.

“Well, I can see you want this in another hole. Got a cherry to pop after all.”

And without letting me utter a word, he somehow gets me onto my back, and starts sliding it into my pussy. It’s way larger than my hairbrush handle, and I can’t help uttering some sounds from the pain. He starts thrusting, my wet pussy making it easy for him.

Well, my goal to achieve orgasm worked. My parents got home the next day, and Jacob told them I had a bit of a stomach bug and should be left alone in the room. And I can’t stop fantasizing about next month, when I’ll need a babysitter again…


Thanks for reading, this was my first ever erotica, so I hope it was good. The story is just a fantasy, but Tomi is based of me, except I added stricter parents for the plot.
And, since Tomi is mostly me, I’ve no clue how to write orgasms, so had to leave it off early. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it~

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  • Reply jim ID:71ou0taghl5

    verry lucky girl

  • Reply [email protected] ID:bo1uhxwm2m

    Devilishly delightful

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2t0c1

    Liked it. orgasms cum natural so just try to relax and let it happen. read more and listen to your natural sounds coming from your mouth as you orgasm.
    good start and hopefully you will get better both in story and in bed.

  • Reply AdultRP ID:202m32f6ic1

    Very good girl sweetie. Maybe I can help you learn what an orgasm feels like do you can write about it. Just let me know when you are comfortable enough for that.