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I will fuck you

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I decided to drug and rape my sister and her friends because they were hurtful towards me, they deserved it, and it was epic.

My 13 year old sister had a sleepover one weekend and her 4 friends aged between 11 and 13 were gorgeous, I’m 15 years old and kind of fell in love straight away with Clara, she was the youngest at 11 years old, but damn she was fit as fuck.

Clara looked a lot older than she was, she was 5 foot tall, long gorgeous legs, a beautiful slender body, long golden hair flowing down her back, nice breast bumps, her ass stuck out a bit, it was nice and plump, she looked about my age, and I my cock started twitching the very moment I saw her running up the stairs with my sister and the other girls.

My sister wouldn’t let me in her room, it was girls only, I tried to chat Clara up every chance I got, but she just kept rejecting me and my sister and the others just made fun of me and called me a loser, and girls like them would never want to go with a boy like me, it was hurtful, and it drove me over the edge.

The next time she had a sleepover was about a month later, and mom and dad were out for the night, that was the night I decided I was going to fuck Clara whether she wanted it or not.

I pretended to be the nice brother for the night, and got them snacks and drinks from downstairs, but I’d crushed up sleeping tablets and sedatives in to it all, that’s how evil I’d turned.

An hour later and I checked my sisters bedroom, they were all zonked out on the bed and on the floor, 5 girls, all laid out in their silky and cotton pyjamas, ready for me to have some fun.

I instantly went over and scooped Clara up in to my arms and I carried her back to my room, kicking the door shut with my heel as I entered and I placed her down on my bed, then I took off all my clothes before stripping hers off like I was opening a birthday present.

I’d barely got her pyjama top off before I started licking and sucking on her perfect little soft round tits, my erection sprung up instantly, I sat up, eager to see more of her, yanking down her bottoms and her panties I revealed her little bald pussy, it was a work of art, sculpted by the gods themselves.

I layed myself down with my head between her legs and I ate that pussy, ate it good, sticking my tongue in to her wet crack like I was trying to lick the ice-cream from the bottom of a cone, crawling up her body I rubbed my hands over every inch of her, leaving nothing untouched, then I slid my hips down between her silky long legs and my cock rested on her pussy like a sausage in a soft bread bun.

As my cock hardened even more, I leaned to her ear, “You can’t reject me now.” I whispered, and I thrust my hips forward and breached her virginity and my cock slid in to her tight virgin tunnel, she didn’t react, I guess I gave them a big dose of drugs.

I fucked her for a very good long 15 minutes, licking her pretty face and watching her body rock as I thrust in to her repeatedly, my hips sliding up and down her silky soft thighs, her little round titties bouncing against my chest, my balls knocking against her ass, and my cock making slopping sounds as it went in and out of her pussy.

And then I nutted, ejaculated my load deep inside her, she briefly made a sound like a whimpering dog, I guess she must have felt me seed her.

I got my phone and took a picture her laying naked on my bed, and then I got a great idea, I took my phone in to my sisters bedroom, stripped the other girls and my sister naked, filmed them all, and then over the next 2 hours, filmed myself having sex with them, well, I didn’t show my face, one by one I laid them out on the bed, and I stood with their legs perched on my shoulders, camera facing down, making sure to get their entire body in the shot, including my cock, and I filmed my cock pounding their little pussies in to dust.

I especially enjoyed fucking my sister, been wanted to do that for a while, not because I found her attractive, but just because I thought the little brat needed a good hard fuck to sort her out.

At the end of the night, I went back to my room and fucked Clara two more times, she was such a sweet young thing, I loved her so much, she made my cock feel so good every time.

When I went back to school I showed all my mates the footage, they couldn’t believe it, but it made for some amazing viewing, I’m pretty sure my mates still jerk themselves off while watching the videos of me fucking them.

Don’t reject me, bitches, cos one way or another, I will fuck you!

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    wish someone raped me like that too :/

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    Next time make sure you bred them all, including your sister.

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    Did they found out you drugged and rape them?