How my bestfriend turned to a fuckbuddy -01

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I am Elais (Name changed) and i have a girl best friend Helene. We soon turned into Fuckbudies, here’s how.

I am Elais and I have a girl best friend Helene. I tried to get her into relationship with me but she never agreed. She always had her heartbreaking motto of ‘ I dont believe in dating’. So we became friends when we were in 6th standard and are friends till date. I am 17 now and she is also 17.
This all started when we were chatting before bedtime. She was already in her bed texting me. After a long while of conversation i asked her out of curiosity “Do you were bra on bed too?”, she casually replied taking interest in the topic, “No thats uncomfortable, moreover there is no one here i shall be hiding from, i even sleep naked on summer days”. She is very close to me and shares almost everything. I replied with a flirt ” I would like to see you in that form too”, she laughed and said ” I bet you would love it”. After some talk I asked getting horny “What is your size, mere 28??🤣; I bet laia has bigger than you” Laia is a girl in our class with the smallest breast among all the girls. She replied ” No!! I have bigger boobs than her. My size is 32, I bet her would be 28″. I said ” So what about showing those to me” She said ” I can but i meed to see something too, if you know what i mean” she was getting horny too.I said “Ok then you send nude and i will also send” She replied ” You first” i said ” No girls first” she replied “Ok so lets meet tomorrow at my home so i will asure you dont bait me” I said “Ok”
To be continued…….

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    Check your spelling and grammar, parts of this story didn’t make any sense. Can be a good story, also you need to include more details about your f.w.b. and yourself.