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How i learned to love being fucked

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I was going to stay over at my uncle’s place. My mom and dad had gifted a holiday to them and i wasn’t quite interested in joining them. Actually, I already knew what would happen during this two weeks. My parents, a lovey-dovey couple, who would only have eyes for themselves and not for their own daughter, would look, kiss and maybe fuck each other, while their daughter would be right next to them.

Only thinking about these kind of scenarios made me want to puke. So I thought it would be much better to stay with my aunt, uncle and cousin for these weeks. What would happen during this time I couldn’t even tell yet …

“Okay, my dear.” My Mom told me, when my dad and her were about to drop me off at my uncle’s house. “Don’t make us worry about you and listen to your uncle and your aunt.” She told me, straightened my green summer dress and gave a me a few kisses onto my cheek.

Disgusted I pushed her away from me. “Mooooom!” I cried out. “I’m fifteen and definitely not a child anymore.” I told her and immediately regret what I said, when I saw her saddened face. I gave her a hug. “I won’t make you worry. I promise, Mom. Have fun in your holidays and enjoy it.”

My mom sighted. I know she was worried about her only child. About her baby girl. Twenty years ago, when my parents tried to become a family they lost their first child. It was a stillbirth and my parents told me, they were already about to give up on getting a baby. But then they tried again and … Ta-daaaah! I was born. They fulfilled their dream of a healthy, little baby.

I hugged my mom and my dad, before getting my bag out of the car. I didn’t want to admit it, but I would miss my parents. On the other hand, maybe … just maybe, this was my chance to show them I was already a grown-up girl who was able to stand on her own two feet.

I heard the engine of the car, driving away, while I was walking up to the front door of my uncle’s house and rang the bell. It was Heather, who opened the door for me. My cousin, who was two years younger than me. She was a spoiled brat and always got what she wanted. Just like me, she was an only child. But unlike me, she thought, there wouldn’t be any rules for her. She did what she wanted, she got what she wanted. It was … how do I put it? DISGUSTING!!!

“Hey … Heather.” I said and rolled my eyes over. I knew she had a crush on me. Her own cousin. Last year, on her birthday, she tried to kiss and have sex with me. That’s when I decided I actually didn’t want to see her anymore. But for these two weeks I thought it was the right decision to get through. I just had to move out of her way. It seemed like the easier task than endure my parents’ habits during a vacation.

“Emily!” She shouted out in glee and was about to hug me. I pushed her away from me and clearly said: “NO!” which made her pout immediately. “Where are your parents?” I asked and pushed myself behind her and through the door. “They are invited to a birthday party. I guess it will be late until they’ll be back home.” She answered. “I have a friend with me this evening. I hope, you don’t mind.” She added and I shook my head. At least she wouldn’t try anything stupid with me then.

“Actually …” She said. “This friend is my girlfriend.” She finally added and closed the door.” I turned around and looked at her in surprise. “You … have a girlfriend?”
“Yes. Why is it so surprising for you? Because I tried something with you last year? Emily … i’m really sorry about this. And i’m sorry about how I was like all these years. I was a spoiled brat and just did, what I wanted. It was wrong and to be honest … I really do like you. I really missed my cousin during these last months.”

I was quite surprised and a little bit shocked about what Heather had told me just now. “I … I … I … just don’t know what to say about this, to be honest. I’m quite surprised right now, Heather.” I stuttered and tried to catch my breath again. Finally she hugged me and whispered: “I missed you.” I looked at my Cousin and could hear her sobbing. Suddenly I felt bad for her and somehow I knew she wasn’t lying. She definitely changed in character. I hugged her bag “It’s okay, Heather. It’s okay.”

We sat down in the living room and talked a lot. She told me about her girlfriend who was called Jennifer, Jenny for short, about what happened to the both of us during that last year we didn’t see each other. Heather told me about how her girlfriend changed her, I talked about my ex-boyfriend I broke up with after he betrayed me. We talked a lot about our love life and even a little about having sex with other people. I had to admit I was curious about having sex with a girl and somehow it aroused me, hearing a little about Heather having Sex with Jenny.

It felt like hours went by, while we where sitting in the living room talking, when the door bell rang. Heather had a big smile on her face, when she jumped up. “That must be Jenny. Now you will meet her.” She said, really excited about this. She almost fly out the room and it didn’t take long, when she returned with a really cute girl, about my age. At least I thought she had to be about fifteen.

I knew my cheeks must turned red in this situation while looking at this girl, in her cropped top and these tight blue jeans, with her white sneaker on her feet. Her long hair was tight up to pony tail and I realized I must have had something like a crush on her. I shook my had, banning every thought about this.

“Emily … this is my girlfriend Jenny. Jenny … this is my cousin Emily.” Heather introduced us to each other. Both of us smiled at each other and I stood up to shake her hand. It seemed like Jenny wasn’t quite a hand shaking person. Instead she rushed towards me and hugged me. “I like hugging more.” She giggled and I had to laugh. Jenny seemed to be very open minded and not scared of other people. “Yeah … that’s much better.” I said and hugged her back.

It felt really comfortable around Heather and Jenny, while the three of us talked to each other. These two weren’t like that lovey-dovey couple my parents are. For sure, the two girls kissed each other from time to time and they were cuddling a lot within our conversation. But I didn’t felt weird or uncomfortable.

“Okay, you two.” Heather said and getting up from the couch, she were cuddling with Jenny just a moment ago. “I guess, it’s about time for the drinks and the snacks.” She winked and left the room. Left me with her girlfriend, who suddenly stood up and sat on the armrest of the armchair I was sitting in. “So … Emily. You have any experience with girl?” She asked directly and I turned completely red, shaking my head.

“Oooh, that is quite disappointing.” She said and nodded her head to mark her words. “Maybe … “ Jenny added. “You like to join us in bed in the future.” She giggled and I raised an eyebrow. “You sure like to talk about sex, huh?” Jenny looked at me with a surprised look and laughed out loud. “Yeah, sure. I do. I love my little Heather. She’s such a perfect girl. But what I like most about her is, how easy it was to get her into bed.” Jenny laughed. “Actually i’m just with her to have sex. She’s so easy to manipulate. That spoiled, little brat. As if someone could actually love her.” Jenny rolled with her eyes. “But you on the other hand …” She caressed my cheek with her hand and gave me long, lovingly kiss onto my lips. “You on the other hand.” She whispered. “Seems to be quite an interesting girl. Fuck Material and maybe even girlfriend material.”

I snapped and slapped her into her face. “You … little … “ I shouted out and Jenny backed off of me. I jumped up from my chair. “How could you do something like that to my cousin?” I was really getting angry and was about to punch that disgusting girl into the face again. “I will definitely tell Heather about what you just said.”

Jenny smiled and this time it was me who backed off for the moment. “You don’t know much about Heather, right?” She started. “You actually know, why she is so easy to manipulate? She’s looking for someone who loves her for real. Her parents? They don’t. Actually Heather was raped by her own father. Her mother wasn’t even paying attention and even knew about this. That’s why she was such a spoiled brat. Her mother wanted her to shut up by gifting her everything Heather wanted. How I know about this? Heather told me, because she thinks she’s able to trust me. But for me, Heather is just a toy. Some Girl I want to fuck until I find another girl.”

I was shocked about hearing this. I never knew Heather had experienced something like this. “And now ask yourself, Emily. What will happen, when Heather finds out the truth about the only person who she is able to love?” I didn’t even have to answer this. It was totally clear for me, what would happen to Heather, if she learned about Jenny’s true motives. I gulped, couldn’t speak and fell back in to the armchair, while Jenny sat back onto the sofa.

“I didn’t knew …” I started mumbling. I didn’t knew a part of my family was fucked up like this, I wanted to finish my sentence. I didn’t knew why Heather was like this before. Did she … tried to kiss me before, because she thought I would love her? I felt tears running up my eyes. When I knew Heather had a life like this I would … I shook my head. What could have I done to help her? But I was to busy thinking about myself and judged my cousin for what she was. For being spoiled and egoistic. But it was me, who was being just thinking about herself.

Heather came back into the room, bringing some snacks and a few alcoholic drinks. “This should be enough for the evening.” She said to Jenny and me with a shining smile on her face. I tried to smile and hoped, the alcohol would help me to forget about what I just learned. I would think about helping Heather at a later point, I told myself.

The evening went by, we were drinking, talking, eating. Heather’s parents came back from the party, greeted us and went straight to the bed. Even though I was drunk a little, I could tell my aunt and my uncle were, too. They were drunk and drowsy. Finally it was me who left the living room, leaving Jenny and Heather alone. I was tired and just wanted to go to bed, asking myself how I could even live her for the next two weeks, knowing what happened to Heather and who she was with.

I knew where the guest room was. I realized, I had forget my bag downstairs, when arriving. But I didn’t give this fact a second thought. I just wanted to go bed. So, I just stripped down to my underwear and lay down in bed, closing my eyes and fell to sleep almost immediately.

I didn’t know how late it was, when I woke up again. It was still dark, the alcohol was still making me drowsy and I felt the urge to pee. So I stood up, went out of the room to go to the toilet. I wanted to open the door to the bathroom, when I realized it was locked up. “Taken!” I could hear the voice of my uncle from behind the door. I sighed and decided to wait in front of the door, until he would be finished.

Unsettled I was walking down the floor, again thinking about what Jenny told me, when I suddenly hear someone mourn. I looked around and realized that the sound was coming out of Heather’s room. I knew I shouldn’t have done this but I couldn’t resist my curiosity.

Carefully I opened the door of Heather’s room and took a look insight. The lamp on her nightstand was still on, so were a few candles around the lamp. It was just enough light to see, what was happening in Heather’s bed. Jenny was lying on her back, caressing her breasts, her eyes closed and her face was showing her pleasure. Heather on the other hand, was kneeing between Jenny’s legs. Her brunette haired head down into her girlfriend’s lap, down were Jenny’s intimate parts were.

I could hear a slurp sound coming from my cousin, she must have licking Jennifer’s vagina. Far more I could take a look at Heather’s bare ass, which she was holding into the air. Looking further down I was able to see my cousin’s own vagina. It was shaved and pink in color. This look at my cousin fucking her girlfriend with her tongue heated me up. It aroused me and I felt my hand touching me down at my pussy, which was already wet.

Then I realized something else, which shocked me. I wasn’t able to see it before when Heather was wearing her clothes. But know I was able to see her belly. It was a little bit rounded and I suddenly knew what was up with my cousin. She was pregnant. And somehow I knew who the father was.

I didn’t have time to think about this any further, when a hand wrapped around my wrist and turned me around to look into the face of the person who was grabbing me. “Jillian …” My Uncle whispered my mom’s name right in front of my face. I could smell the alcohol out of his mouth. “You look just like her, my dear little Emily.”

“What do you want …?” I asked him and tried to get away from him, but he was much stronger than me. I couldn’t get out of his grab and the next thing I knew, his other hand ripped off my bra. Now I was standing in front of my uncle who was grabbing my wrist and now my breasts. I didn’t even need to ask him anymore to know what he was up to …

“Your breasts are bigger than your mom’s, when she was fifteen.” He whispered again. I tried to catch my breath and knew I couldn’t get away from him. I tried to kick him, but it didn’t matter. He barely recognized the kicks on his leg and my strength was leaving me already. I no longer was able to get away from him. I could feel the tears in my eyes, knowing exactly what would happen to me in the next few minutes. “You know, I fucked your mom a lot. And twenty years ago, when we both were around 16, I made her pregnant.” He told me. “Sadly it was a death child. But then you came. Your mom’s and my child.”

“What?” I stumbled. “But …”
“You thought your dad is your father?” He laughed. “Jillian just married him to cover the fact, that i’m the father of her child. Since then she never let me fuck her again, that bitch. But now I have you, my little Emily …” His hand caressed my cheek, tears running down on them, my heart was pounding faster and faster and I felt fear. “No …” I whispered and no longer could resist to him, while he was dragging me into the guest room, where he was throwing me onto the bed.

“I guess she thought I would leave you alone and wouldn’t do anything to you. Otherwise she wouldn’t let you stay here for two fucking weeks.” He whispered while laying over me. I could feel his naked body on my own. Every little hair from his body was touching my teenage skin. I wished I could cry but even for that I didn’t have any strength left, so I just sobbed, while my own uncle was tearing apart the slip I was wearing. Totally naked, in fear and sobbing I felt my uncle’s hand on my pussy, which was still wet.

“Guess you like this situation.” he laughed out, rubbing my labia. I was ashamed of myself while realizing that i was aroused to this feeling. I closed my eyes, so I wouldn’t be able to see what he was doing to my body. I just felt, which was already enough to tear me and my soul apart. I could feel his fingers, his tongue his lips, on my nipples, on my breasts, on my whole body.

He was enjoying me, I could feel and hear it. His tongue and fingers playing with my stone hard nipples, which made me gasp. I wanted to resist this feeling of lust while being raped by my own uncle. My own family. I was able to hear him jerk off and felt his lustful glances on my body.

“Damn … Jillian, you are so damn hot.” He whispered and then I could feel his dick shoving it’s way into my young pussy. I could feel his whole dick inside of me. Pulsating inside of my innards. It felt … good to be filled like this. He slapped my left breast, which caused me to gasp in pain and agony. Even though I didn’t want this I was ashamed to feel good being paled up on his dick like this.

Then I felt his dick going out of me just to push back into me again. I mourned loudly while being fucked by my own uncle. With each thrust he made me mourn, he made me cry out, he made me feeling good, he made me wanting more. I tried my best to resist this feeling. Tried my best not to feel anything during this traumatizing experience. I realized my brain was shutting down and it felt l like watching a movie in which my uncle was fucking me. Was raping me.

The next thing I felt was my uncle’s dick pulsating inside of me. I felt his semen shooting out of his dick, filling me up. A few second’s his dick was staying inside of me, while I felt my uncles tongue around my nipples, before he stand up and left the room.

I was alone in the guest room, curling up into a fetal position. I was crying, while the sun was rising outside. Today I learned that my family was fucked up. That I’m an incest child out of my uncle’s semen and born by his sister. I learned that my cousin was right down for a mental breakdown and was still being raped by my uncle and somehow even by her own girlfriend. But what I learned the most today: I like to be fucked. I like to have a big penis inside of me. And what would I learn in the next two weeks while staying with my aunt, uncle and cousin? I will learn to like being a slut. Being a fuck toy, enjoyed by others …

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