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Do you want me to take my panties off again?

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I’m in love with my little sisters friend, we have to keep our relationship a secret though and its hard to find time to be alone sometimes.

I’m 13 years old and I’ve been secretly having sex with my 8 year old sister’s 8 year old friend Carla.

It started off innocently enough, we were all downstairs one night watching Disney movies and my sister fell asleep, Carla and I stayed up to watch the rest of the movie, we snuggled up and shared some microwave popcorn, and somehow we ended up holding hands and then kissing, she was a really good kisser for her age and her tiny lips were so wet and soft.

She sat on my lap, put her arms around me and we kissed non-stop for what felt like an eternity, but then my sister started waking up so we quickly stopped and acted like nothing was going on.

The next morning, after laying awake in bed all night thinking about Carla, and jerking myself off a couple of times because every time I thought about our kiss I kept getting an erection, I went in to the bathroom which was right next to my sister bedroom, and I waited for Carla to come out of the room.

Eventually she did, “Psst – Carla, here – come here.” I said, through the slightly open bathroom door, begging her to come inside with me.

She came in to the bathroom and I closed the door, I held my arms out and she enthusiastically jump up in to my arms, wrapping her arms and legs around me, I pushed her back against the bathroom door and we kissed passionately, I wanted to eat her cute little face.

She had gotten changed that night in to her little white nightshirt, while I was holding her my hands were touching her butt and I could feel the outline of her panties, I pushed my hands down the back of her panties and cupped her tight little naked buttocks in my hands, “Let me take your panties off.” I said.

“Okay.” She replied, unwrapping herself from me and dropping down on to her feet, I got on my knees and pulled her panties down her legs, she stepped out of them, then I lifted up her night shirt and looked at her small bald pussy before putting my hand between her legs and rubbing it firmly.

She saw my erect cock poking out from my bottoms and giggled while pointing at it, I stood up and it slipped further out of my bottoms, sticking right out, she jumped up in to my arms again and we started to kiss, “Your dick is poking me.” She giggled, and while I rubbed my hands all over her naked ass, she dropped one of her hands down, curled her fingers around my erection and started rubbing it up and down.

“Oh yeah. Keep doing that.” I groaned with pleasure.

I was lightly thrusting my hips as she continued to rub my cock for a good few minutes, her back pressed against the door, us kissing like crazy, and then I came, ejaculating my sperm all up her front, “Eer – you peed on me.” She said, then she noticed the colour, “Why is it white?” she asked, spreading it around and touching it with her fingers.

I just laughed and went back to kissing her again.

We heard my mom’s voice shouting up the stairs, so Carla quickly dropped to the floor, put on her panties and then left the bathroom.

I spent most of the day in my room waiting for another chance to be alone with her, but my sister kept her in her room all day playing stupid games, but then I got a message on my phone, it was from Carla, I was so happy.

“Why does your dick get bigger when we kiss?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Just does.” I replied.

“My vag gets wet when we kiss. Is that normal?” she asked.

“I guess so. When can we be alone again, I want to kiss you some more.” I replied.

“Me too. It’s fun.” she said.

I wouldn’t be alone with her again until later that night, when she sneaked out of my sister bedroom and in to mine, after coming in to my room and very quietly closing my bedroom door, she turned and ran over to my bed, I lifted the covers up and she jump on to my bed and under the sheets.

We laughed and giggled quietly under the sheets while kissing and hugging each other.

“Do you want me to take my panties off again?” she asked.

“Yeah. If you want too.” I replied.

We kissed and I rubbed my hands all over her butt, I got an erection again and she reached in to my bottoms and pulled it out and started to very gently rub it with her tiny hand, I rubbed my hand around her butt and down the back of her leg, then I lifted her leg up and draped it over my side.

I felt my cock throb and get a little bit harder, it was probably sensing how close her pussy was, at some point while snogging her face off, we rolled over and I was on top of her, her knees raised up at my sides, I was between her legs and my cock was touching her pussy and twitching against her crack.

My hips started to move in a thrusting motion, a few minutes later I felt a tightness around it, followed by a sudden change in temperature, and a wet sogginess, Carla whimpered briefly, and we both looked down and saw that the tip of my cock was inside her pussy.

We remained motionless for a while and then I got an uncontrollable urge to push it further in, “Ouch.” She gasped, but I kept on pushing, “Ungh – Ouch.” She gasped again, I kept pushing, she closed her eyes and threw her head back, scrunching up her face, and I pushed my cock all the way inside her tight hole.

“I feel it moving inside me.” She gasped out.

“Me too.” I huffed.

I pulled back, slowly sliding it back out, but as my tip reached the rim of her hole, I couldn’t help but push it back inside, it didn’t want to come out, “Ungh”, I repeatedly started to move it back and forth, in and out, and gradually I got faster, Carla was breathing heavily and moaning quietly, and soon we were having proper full sex on my bed.

“Argh – Ungh – Ooh.” She moaned and moaned.

She got used to the feeling of my cock being moving inside her, and we started kissing again while I thrust in to her again and again.

When I ejaculated and my sperm exploded in to her, she let out the loudest moan ever, I had to quickly cover her mouth it was that loud, “Ssshh – you’ll wake my mom and sister up.” I said

“Ungh – Sor – Ungh – Sorry.” She said, gasping for breath.

Having sex had wiped us both out and we fell asleep, luckily we woke up in the morning before anyone else, and Carla, after a quick kissing session, was able to sneak back in to my sister’s room before anyone noticed she was gone.

Ever since that night we try to find time to be alone together, and we have really great sex, I know she’s young but she’s amazing, I think I’m in love.

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