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daddy and his friends

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daddy taught me how to please men by forcing me to practice on him and his friends when i was 11.

i can still remember it like it was yesterday.

daddy and his friends liked to drink a lot, usually once a week. sometimes they binged over a weekend. they always drank and always stayed out late. their favourite places were parking lots with some privacy bushes and trees around.

i was always the only daughter there. most of my daddy’s friends didn’t have kids yet anyways. i didn’t mind it. i actually loved it. everyone paid attention to me. that’s how this all started.

one of daddy’s friends had lifted me up and i was squirming around so he ended up holding my little body up by my ankles and because i was facing him, my face was directly where his cock is. i heard everyone start to laugh. i didn’t know why but i was blushing. daddy told everyone that i am a good girl and then i felt his hand on my back as i stay hanging.

” the best girls do this for their daddy and their friends and we’ve been waiting to find our special girl. ” that made me feel really special just knowing they waited for me. ” you’re going to do what daddy tells you and make mike really happy. ” daddy started to unzip mike’s pants and my face was so close i couldn’t not watch. all of a sudden two of daddy’s other friends come help hold me up for mike.

daddy pulls out mike’s cock in front of my face and drags the tip along my face. i’ve seen them before, well one. i’d seen daddy’s in the shower a lot. ” open your mouth and suck on mike’s lollipop, princess. suck nice and hard baby because you’ll get cream at the end. ” i really didn’t want to but i felt so much pressure because i knew everyone was watching and i wanted to make them all happy.

i took mike’s cock into my mouth and suddenly my daddy starts pushing my head. daddy made me choke a lot by fucking my head on a cock like that but mike was really enjoying it. he started to take over and soon he was holding my head still and fucking into it. he moaned so much and told me he loves my little throat.

i was crying and wanting to stop but everyone wanted a turn with me now. they passed me around like i was a party favour for everyone to try. daddy said i couldn’t go home until i tried everyone’s cum.

ever since… daddy and my new daddies have been fucking my mouth and sitting around having drinks while i walk around and suck on all of their dicks until i’m choking on cum.

it was much easier when it was just oral. daddy and his friends couldn’t resist my tight pussy and ass. i wonder if you want to hear about it …

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