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Crossdresser and Best friend part 2

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Well the rest of the day we kissed an made out. I sucked him and he licked my glued down boi virgia and gurly boi pussi hole. So this went on for a few days. We even got up the nerve to give each other hickeys on our necks.
So about a week or so had gone by . Not once did I even think or want to be anybody but Paula . Well I came downstairs one morning Mike’s mom Becky and my mom were having coffee at the kitchen table. When said sit down we have to talk about stuff. Well my mom asked me if I was going to be Paula full time 24/7. I said yes. She an Becky said ok then basically had a heart to girl talk to me. Then they asked me sex I told them what we have done. Then asked me if I wanted to have full sex. I said yes I do but I want to I don’t know what Mike wants. We all talked for a while then they went to salon and they left in car.
Well after a couple of hours they returned. When they came in had few bags. They told me to go douche and take a bath and come back downstairs in my robe. I said ok. Well after I came back downstairs Becky said that Mike really liked certain dress style. Well they got a black full corset out since I had my already glued my silcone d-cup breast on. Then I put it on and they tied it up gave me small hole fishnet stockings to put on an hook to the garter straps. Then black g-string and black micro mini dress that didn’t even cover my ass cheeks completely. Did my makeup and lipstick and jewelry. Then they gave me 6″ strappie stilettos high heels. Then after I did my hair and couple other things I looked in the mirror and looked how hot an slutty I looked. Then Becky whispered in my ear asking me if I was horny. I said yes. Mom an Becky said if Mike doesn’t take me he crazy. I said ok. Then they said that they were giving us permission to stay out all day and night together and do what ever we want to.
I called Mike and told him to come over here and that we could walk to our special place. He said ok. I met him at the end of the driveway. When he seen me I could tell he was turned on. As we walked we he was holding my hand. He said that he couldn’t believe that our moms letting us stay out an he said could not believe believe how amazing and hot that I was dressed. I said why don’t you like it. He said that he loves it an way my ass cheeks were showing out of the dress . Well I let go of his hand and put it on my cheeks he said he loved it so I put my arm around his waist as we walked. We stopped an took a break and we kissed passionately an I said do you know what I need an want to do. He said I think so then said you want me to make long slow passionate love to you and I said yes do you want to. He said yes. Then we kissed an started walking again his hand squeezing and rubbing my ass cheeks an he even rubbed my gurly boi pussi hole. I told him that I an it was his an how much I really wanted his thick 7″ cock in my hungry gurly boi pussi. He rubbed it and said okay.
As we walked every once in a while he would unzip my dress some . We were on the back road that was closed an about half mile away from our special place. Well he unzipped it some then back up so I told him to unzip it all the way. I figured that he wouldn’t but did so I took it off so I was just in my corset an stockings and high heels. He said are you sure about this walking rest of the way I said yes I am. I asked him if he wanted to do something he said what. Standing there I made him close his eyes and moved my g-string to the side and put some lubricant on my gurly boi pussi and I said keep your eyes closed and took his hand an put it between my legs pushing two of fingers into my gurly boi pussi. He opened his eyes and kissed me and I moaned softly whispered in his telling him that it felt wonderful. He started to finger fuck me. I kissed him and told that I couldn’t wait for his tongue and cock. So we walked on to the house.
We got to the house went in and secured the doors before I stripped his clothes off. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lipstick lips around his cock an sucked him till he shot his hot creamy load down my throat then got up an grabbed my purse telling him that I was going upstairs and get ready for him. Well I got upstairs put candles out and fixed the bed and got on it waiting for him to come up.
I was laying there with my legs spread open and I told to eat my gurly boi pussi. He dove head first and buried his tongue deep into me. He had me moaning in pleasure . Then I knew he was hard so I pulled him up and kissed him rolling him on his back an put lubricant on his hard cock. Then I got on top of him an lined his cock up and easied on his cock. As the head of it opened my gurly boi pussi I felt bit of pressure then I keep easing on it till I had it completely in me. Omg it felt wonderful and amazing an I bent down giving him a passionate kiss and told him that it felt so amazing and wonderful. I slowly worked my hips up and down for a few minutes. Then I sat up and rode him for a good while moaning in pleasure kissing him and telling him that I loved it. He told me how great it was an felt. Well after a few minutes he shot his hot load deep inside of me which made cum an scream in pleasure. I fell on top of him kissing him passionately till his job slipped out. We spent rest of night fucking me in different positions till we fell asleep.
Part 3 …. different twist coming…….

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    They’re both 14

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    How old are the characters?