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Bully Humiliates Mom on my Birthday

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Bully finds the ultimate way to humiliate me, by fucking my mom in front of my class.

It was been 3 months since we shifted to San Francisco, California from Auburn, Alabama. My father had left mom and settled in Vietnam with his new girlfriend. Things were not that great even before that between them, for the last 1 year. Mom choose San Francisco as she used to live there before getting married to Dad like 14 years ago. She was a primary school teacher when she met my dad, who was an executive in a car company.
She soon found some of her old friends and also applied for a teacher’s position in the same school where she used to teach. It was taking a while since there were no open vacancies. But she was happy that I got admission to the school for the moment. She started to work as a waitress in a local food chain and also babysit.
My experience in the new school was not that great for that matter. It didn’t help that the school bully, Hunter who was 4yrs elder than me, choose me as his new muse to try out new methods to humiliate me in school. I didn’t say much to mom as she had her own problems. When used to ask about the school I just used to say it’s fine. One day mom came to drop me to school as I missed the bus. And it happened that Hunter saw her and came to talk to me. He put his arms around me and said, “Hey there buddy, won’t you introduce me to your mom.” I was confused, “BUDDY”. What was going on? I saw, he was staring at mom. I said sheepishly, “Hey mom, this is Hunter a senior and a friend of mine.” Mom was delighted and shook his hand. “Hi there Hunter, I didn’t know Sammy made new friends in school that to a senior, I hope you are mentoring him right” She smiled shaking his hands “By the way, I’m Jessica, Sam’s mom”.
“I wondered it was you. Didn’t you teach in school when I was a kid?” He said.
“Oh, you remember, you must have been very small at that time. So nice of you.”
“Of yeah, you made an impression on all of us.” He said.
“Ok boys, I’ll leave you guys will be late for class. Go on..” She kissed my forehead and drove away.
“Well well well, so Sammy boy is the son of Mrs. Jessica, the hell of a tormentor teacher. ” Hunter said to his buddy Pete still staring at me in anger. “Remember Pete, the buzzkill of a teacher who used to spank us for anything.”
“Oh yeah, now I remember” Said Pete. “Your mom was a bitch to us” Now turning to me he said. “What goes around comes around,” Hunter said, increasing the grip of his arms around my neck. He took me inside my head still in a headlock. From that day he increased the humiliation of wedges and toilet swirlies. Each time telling me new stories of how my mom used to spank them in front of everyone and how cruel she was when she was young. Apparently, my mom was not very good with other kids. Even the ones when used to babysit.
My birthday was coming this Saturday, and I was worried that if Hunter came to know he would insist on coming and ruining it for me. I just told some of my close nerd friends. But on Friday, when again my mom had to come to school to drop me Hunter caught up with her. Mom asked him if I had invited him to the party. To which Hunter replied, “Yes, Mrs. Jessica, he has invited me and Pete from our class and his whole class.” To which mom said “Whole class, Sam you didn’t tell me that you invited the whole class. No problem I will arrange it accordingly. Nice to meet you Hunter see you tomorrow at the party. And just can me Jessica”. Mom said smilingly and left.
“So Sammy boy has a birthday tomorrow, nice. We will be there to make sure you have a memorable birthday.” He slapped me on my cheeks and left.
I was so worried the whole day. What is he going to do tomorrow?

The next day the party was supposed to start at 12 pm. Everyone started to show up by then one by one. My eyes looked at the door when someone comes to see if it was Hunter. In the next 20min, Hunter and Pete arrived at the party. Everyone was busy playing different games at the party and having fun. Since mom was the only adult in the party the kids where feels very free to enjoy themselves. As soon as Hunter stepped in, everyone stopped and looked at him. He gestured them to relax and everyone again went back to having fun. He didn’t bring any gifts just a dagger stare for me. He greeted mom and offered to help her. Mom asked to have fun like other kids and went to greet others. His look had changed. He was looking at my mom’s ass in lust. She was wearing a white and pink floral print sundress. With little cleavage, though she had 38D breasts. The dress was narrow near her waist and complimented her waist. Due to her huge ass, her dress was lifting a little every time she used to bend down. Nice blonde hair till her neck, a pretty smile, and a good jawline, Mom was a MILF I guess.

Soon Cake was brought in and everyone sang the birthday song for me. Hunter was still looking at mom and her ass and boobs. He was onto something. Mom got busy distributing the cake to all in the garden. Hunter came near me and my friends and said, “So Sammy it’s a ritual to spank the birthday boy the number of times of his new age.”
“Hell yeah!” Pete confirmed.
“Wait what?? But.. I haven’t heard of it and I…” I was moving back as I was speaking, they were towering over me. Hunter caught me by my arm and made dragged me to the ground and started to spank me.
Soon kids started to gather around me and started to count with Hunter the number of spanking I was getting. Everyone was enjoying it. He reached 5 when I heard a voice.
“What is going on in here?” Mom, it was mom to the rescue. I looked back above my shoulder my hands still pinned to my back by Hunter. Hunter look above and saw Mom standing next to him.
“Well, this is a town ritual, unless you want to take the rest of the spanking, ‘Jessica the spanker’ ” Hunter stood up looking into her eyes, very close to her face. This made mom very uncomfortable and she started to move back. Hunter continued.
“So you feel bad when someone is spanking your son, but when you used to spank us every day in school, that was ok yeah?”
“What.. what are you talking about? I….”
“yeah, you used to spank Pete and me in front of all for silly reasons remember?”
“It’s you, Hunter, the class nuisance. You were a troubled child from an early age. you deserved every bit of it. Now stop ruining my son’s birthday and leave. Else I will spank the shit out of you like I used to, in front of your friends.”
“Friends? these are not my friends. I am their king and they worship me.” Mom looked around and everyone looked down in fear. She knew he was the bully and I was one of his victims. She said with a stern voice. “Hunter, you and your friend should leave immediately, or else I will teach you both a lesson on how to talk to elders. And yes, I will spank you if required.”
“go ahead try me,” Hunter said holding mom’s hand on his ass. This made mom angry and she lifted her hand to spank him. Pete grabbed her hands and pushed her forward on the table, and pinned her down. He held her hands to her lower back and her head to the side. She couldn’t move without hurting herself. She was bent over the table with her stomach on the surface and her legs on the ground. Due to her heels, her ass was in the air above her backline. Hunter walked slowly behind her rubbing his palms.
“Well well well… how the tables have turned. There was a time when you used to spank me in front of the class, and today you are all bent over and going to be spanked by a bully like me in front of our son’s class.”
“Let me go your scoundrel. Let me go and I will tell your parents about you.”
“Well, I will think about it later, for now, I want to have fun. Humiliating Sammy boy, as well as taking my revenge” Saying that he spanked mom’s ass really hard “Six”. The sound to too good to ignore. Everyone went silent. “Aagh” Mom said loudly. She knew she was in a very vulnerable position. Bent over pinned over by two teen kids and watched over my much younger teens and her son. “Seven” He spanked again hard. Her ass jiggled as she closed her eyes in pain. “Come everyone count” “Eight” Everyone chanted. Including me. This was not enough. Mom’s ass was turning Hunter on. He rubbed her ass nice and slow before making the next contact “Nine”.
“Stop it right now or else I will make sure you are expelled from school you maniac. “Mom said. This angered him more.
“You still have a lot of fight in you. Remember Pete how she used to pull our pants down to spank when she was really angry?”
“Oh yeah!. Spank her bare bottom man. It would be cool.” Pete said.
“No hell no. Don’t even try” Mom said struggling to free herself. Pete increased the grip to keep her under control.
Hunter looked at me smiling as he lifted my mom’s sundress slowly over her back. And like that everyone could see her beautiful round ass. She was wearing lacy pink panties which didn’t cover much of her beautiful white ass. “Now we are talking,” Hunter said grabbing her left ass cheek really hard. “ten” Hunter now had everyone’s full attention. Especially all the horny teenage boys. They had their hands down their pants already. Even the girls were turned on by the scene. Some girls wanted to look like mom when they grew up and some were jealous of her looks. So everyone was enjoying. Including me. Still, I stood up and moved ahead to stop Hunter. “Eleven,” Hunter said loudly looking at me with raging eyes. I knew he wanted to step down. So I did.
“You want to be a man and save your mom getting spanked, big boy? You think this is humiliating” Hunter was rubbing his hands all over mom’s now red ass. He continued “this is just the beginning” His hands now caressing mom’s nether region. Rubbing it slowly as he made constant eye contact with me.
“Hey get out of there you son of a bitch” Mom screamed.
This made Hunter really angry. And with a single stroke, he ripped her panties off. There was an audible gasp from all. Mom went quiet she couldn’t believe it. Her clean-shaven pussy and asshole were visible for all to gaze at. Some boys couldn’t resist anymore and took out their dicks in their hands and started stroking them vigorously. It was an amazing view. Hunter didn’t stop at that he lifted her up, still holding her wrist to her back, and commanded Pete to take her dress off. He obeyed. Then came off her bra. Her beautiful, voluptuous boobs jiggled for all, as she tried to resist the peel off. Hunter again pressed her against the table. And continued. “Twelve” It was so exciting for everyone that they started to clap with every number. Hunter could feel the approval and started to take more time playing with mom’s bare ass. With every stroke, he was getting close to her pussy. Now instead of spanking her ass, he lifted his hand in the air with his middle finger bent in 90 degrees and bam! With all his might he brought his hands down on her. His middle finger was in her pussy, his open palm hit her ass hole and the rest of the open fingers made an amazing sound on striking her upper thighs. “AaaaaHHHH” Mom squealed. Everyone cheered, “Thirteen Yeaaaa”. Hunter raised his left hand in the air like a rock star with his right hand still inside mom’s pussy. He was wiggling it hard. It was evident on Mom’s face. He removed his finger out of her pussy and showed everyone as a victory trophy. It was wet and dripping of mom’s pussy juices. Everyone clapped.

“Hey I want to spank her too, after all, she used to spank me as well.” Pete said. “Oh sure come on here” Hunter offered.
“No, I do not want to spank her butt”. Everyone stood there for a minute. “I want to spank her boobs, they are huge”. The crowd cheered again. Mom couldn’t say anything just accepted her fate of getting humiliated in front of kids of her son’s age. Jerking off and Cumming in front of her. She had lost all respect in front of them. Hunter still behind mom lifted mom up by holding both her arms in lock with his arms. Making her arch her back with her boobs popping out and her ass against Hunter’s crotch. She had closed her eyes tears rolling down her cheeks. Pete, warmed his hands smiling as everyone looked at him and wanted more.
Mom’s boobs were a huge target for Pete. Though she was 32 years of age with massive boobs, they will still firm and soft. Hung only a little due to the massive size. Pete spit on his right hand and took aim and smack! her boobs jiggled left and right. Making everyone in the room horny. Even girls were now playing with their pussies, looking at mom getting humiliated and boys’ dicks in their hands. It was a festival for all. I had a hard on myself. Pete struck again. “Aaagh” Mom was in pain, I think she was starting to enjoy it a little. With every slap on her boobs, she was jerking back her ass a little. This was turning Hunter on as her ass was hitting his hard dick. By the time Pete reached 5, Hunter said stop. This is not enough. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His dick was all hard. he had the biggest dick in there for sure. He spits on it and said to Pete “Go ahead continue”. This time when Pete slapped mom’s boobs, she came back with her ass and smash! She could feel a huge dick in her pussy rammed inside. Her eyes are wide open in astonishment. Such a huge dick of a teenage boy. Hunter made her arch a little more and held her wrist tighter. He started throbbing his dick inside her wet pussy. The sound of my mom getting fucked in her pussy, made a lot of boys cum in their hands. Girls looked in shock and smiled. “Aaagh Aaah Aaah” It seemed mom was enjoying herself. Pete stopped slapping her boobs and held her cheeks and started to kiss her lips. Mom was reciprocating. Seeing this hunter let go of mom’s hand and held her by her hair and pulled her back. Still kissing Pete, she started to touch his crotch. Pete was squeezing her boobs vigorously. He had never touched such beautiful full boobs ever. All the boobs in our class were very small. Mom was in the zone now. She unzipped Pete’s pants and pulled them down and started to stroke his cock. Seeing mom’s willingness, Hunter spread apart mom’s legs and lowered her a little more, and started pounding her with more thrusts. Her ass was jiggling with every thrust.

Hunter looked at me. took his phone, placed on the table, and threw it at me, without stopping for a bit. He gestured to record them in action. I shook my head in disapproval. He made a fist and threatened me to do it. So I obeyed. I was recording from the side. Mom getting fucked by Hunter from behind who was now holding her ass tight and fucking her hard. Making a thumbs-up sign looking and smiling at the camera. By this time, Pete had brought a chair and placed one leg on it and fucking my mom’s face. Still grabbing my mom’s boobs. All were in a trance. Mom’s eyes were closed so she didn’t see me recording. Hunter gestured to come close. I did. He pulled me close to my mom’s pussy and made me a record in close up his dick going in out of her pussy. “What a fucking slut is your mom Sammy. She is my bitch now. Look at her getting fucked by me and Pete like a street whore.” Hunter said looking at the camera. It was humiliating but I guess it was turning mom on. With her pussy juices all around his cock. I could smell it. I was so hard, that I knew I would cum in my pants if I stayed a little longer. I then went to Pete fucking my mom’s face. Pete took my left and placed it on my mom’s boob. “Squeeze it,” Pete said. This made mom open her eyes, and I was there groping her boobs with one hand and filming her sucking a huge dick. She didn’t say anything. She was close to orgasm it seems. “Sorry mom,” I said and continued filming her and groping her boobs. She was so soft and smelled great on heat. “I’m cumming” Hunter announced. This made all shift to mom’s backside. Hunter came with a loud roar. “Aaagggggghhh. It was awesome.” and everyone cheered. “Yeaahhhh” I recorded all of this. He came so much that his cum was flowing out of her pussy. He gestured for me to go and record Pete cumming in mom. I obeyed. Soon Pete came into mom’s mouth and she tried swallowing it all, but it was too much I guess, so some of it flow out on her lips. Mom was looking into Pete’s eyes as he came in her like he was her master and she was his bitch. Mom licked clean his dick. Pete just slapped mom’s face one last time before putting his pants back on. I ended the recording with mom licking her fingers of cum collected from her lips. She stood up finally and everyone saw her naked ravaged body in full. Her ass, pussy, and boobs were all red due to the damage done by both Bullies. Hunter grabbed the phone from my hand and started to leave. “Bye-bye my bitches. See you soon.” Others also said nothing and started to leave slowly. They knew the show was over. It was a hell of a surprise show but it was over now.

Mom still cleaning her face and her pussy of cum. trying to find her clothes. She was tired and just sat there naked on the kitchen doorsteps. Only we were there. I went close to her. She looked up at me and said “Sorry son I couldn’t protect you from your bullies.” and she hugged me. I was still standing so my crotch was in her face. She felt the bulge in my pants. She looked at it and said. “I guess, I did it, so I need to help you out as well. ” she started to unzip my pants and pull them down. “I will take care of my son don’t worry.” And she put my dick in her mouth. I didn’t know whether she was still horny or had lost her mind but It was amazing feeling my mom’s lips around my cock. She was so good at it. I took advantage of the situation and started to play with her beautiful boobs. It didn’t last long and soon came into her mouth. She looked me in the eyes as she swallowed every drop of my cum. I put my pants on. Didn’t say anything and started to clean the back garden. She sat there for a while alone naked and smiling. Maybe she was a slut and enjoyed it. I thought as cleaned the trash.

I knew that Hunter was not going to stop bullying me though he had fucked my mom’s pussy in front of all. He will still find other ways to humiliate me.

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