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Babysitting a stubborn little girl, things get interesting

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This is true writings about a little girl I’ve been babysitting recently. These are messages I sent a friend who I was talking to about babysitting.

I’m 19 years old.

October 11th 2021 – 8:33am
Recently i’ve been babysitting this little girl who is the daughter of one of my moms friend’s friend, my mom asked me if i could do it and i had never done anything like it before but i said sure since i wanted to help out, she’s like 10 or something, but anyways, i went over there on Friday, i only had her for a few hours, but yeah, it was pretty normal, we just watched stuff and i fed her and she just played around and i didn’t do much, and she came back to the couch after playing and i put on a movie and she asked if she could sit on my lap and i just said sure, a little while later i started getting hard, i felt weird because of it, but i assumed it was just natural since she was sitting on me there and she was being silly and wiggling around and humming or whatever, but it got hard quickly and she felt it and turned and asked what it was and i had shorts on, and i just said nothing and she was being silly and didn’t believe me, i said i needed the toilet and went because i freaked out, i pulled my shorts down and i wasn’t expecting it but she kind of ran into the door while being silly and it opened and she saw my penis, i turned quickly around and pulled up my shorts, her mom came back home like barely ten minutes after and she was asking me what it was during those 10 minutes, and i guess she’s just really curious, like since she’s a kid, and then i left. (as I said in the summary, these are messages I was sending a friend, I cut his out and you might see parts where I’m addressing him, this was at the start where I was still nervous, I’ll leave dates of times when I left these messages)

October 11th 2021 – 10:34am
And ok thanks, I’ll try keep her occupied, she was really persistent in asking last time, and also i’m a little afraid she’ll maybe ask to see it or wanna sit on my lap again, she gets what she wants, like.. she always does, she’s very easy to upset, she said she was hungry and i told her i would make her something in a couple of minutes and she kept nagging and literally looked like she was about to cry, and so i had to make her something, if i can explain to her the stiffness, i wouldn’t mind if she wanted to sit on my lap again, it’s ok to deal with the hardness, even if she is sitting against it and wiggling around and kind of grinding into it i guess it’s a natural reaction so i think maybe i could ignore it if i really tried, but there’s still the chance she asks to see it and if i say no that she’ll start crying, in the final 10 minutes before her mother returned home she was literally tugging on my shorts a little bit. She has no idea what a penis is, so i guess it’s her natural curiosity, i can’t blame her, but i’m sure it will be a challenge..

October 12th 2021 – 10:39pm
I was with her again, it was eventful and it was harder this time, she did ask to sit on me and i couldn’t avoid it, i did try pushing it down but it was hurting a little so it had to be up against her again and she wiggling down and grinding against it for about 30 minutes, it was hard to deal with and she was asking to see it pretty much for the entire time i had her, so i was around her but always making myself clean up so i could avoid her and have an excuse to not be with her constantly, she was tugging at my shorts, and just before her mom got home she started crying because she wanted to see it and was tugging and i was about to break and show her, i guess it’s not too bad to do that since it’s the human body and natural but yeah, i didn’t do it and then i left, and i have her again tomorrow.. her curiosity is making her too curious, what should i do? (At this point I’m talking to my friend with concern, asking what I should do or how to handle things, I was being friendly with her and trying to let things be natural, but I kept the part about being horny to myself, because it was exciting me.)

October 13th 2021 – 9:14am
I know, it’s crazy to think what could happen.. i’m pretty scared about the telling the mom, so the “its a secret” route just seems to make more sense to me.. even though it’s more risky and difficult, sometimes i can’t bring myself to do things, and in this situation that’s the mom route. Of course i wouldn’t want a teen to keep it a secret about my daughter like that, but in this situation i’m deciding to not look at it that way because in the position of not wanting someone to keep that secret is, the premise is that you don’t know the teen at all, so you don’t know what they could be keeping, but in this situation i am the teen and i know who i am and i know that i genuinely have no wish for harm or violence, if i will go ahead with something like this, i will with full dedication to do it in a healthy and educational way and a way where i can just get through it. Also yes the cage things sounds crazyyyy, i’m sorry that happened. (Don’t ask about the cage, idk what the fuck my friend was talking about, but yeah, at this point you can see me talking serious, me trying to get myself across as more safe than anything, obviously I am and I wouldn’t hurt her, but I was still early in and I was still concerned about being found out)

October 16th 2021 – 7:47am
Ok well here’s an update.. i went back to babysit again, and it seems whenever i go there, each time she forgets about it for a little bit and then remembers, she sat on my lap again and i was hard once again, with her squirming and wiggling on me, i managed to keep my cool and not think about it much at all, she was really sleepy on the day and so she laid down and actually had a long long nap. When she woke up, she ate and we watched tv with her on my lap again, time went by and eventually i needed the bathroom, i knew attention would be driven to me if i went, but i was starting to get desperate, she followed me and i managed to shut the door on her and when i went out she started doing the tugging on my shorts again and was saying she wanted to see, she doesn’t know what it is at all, but her curiosity and i guess my want to not show her makes her childish curiosity bloom more and i kept saying no but then she started crying and pulling and i just said ok, we were back on the couch because she was begging as we were going back and she started crying, i said fine and pulled down my shorts and briefs and it was out and it was soft, she didn’t ask anything, she just stared at it and i told her it’s called a penis, i thought if this was going to happen i might as well actually teach her something instead of her just looking at it, so i said it was called a penis and i say that boys have it, she just smiled and kept looking at it, then she reached over and i said no and she looked sad because i kind of snapped before she got to it and she started tearing up again and i tried to hold my ground and just ignore her and hand her things, but she just kept getting louder and so i freaked out and i was saying ok softly but she wasn’t hearing me and then i panicked and said ok here and i grabbed her hand and put it next to my penis to stop her from crying.. and then she put her hand on it, her hands are tiny, but she randomly just grasped at random parts of it and i was trying to just ignore her but i got hard very quickly and i guess just because of human touch, and she seemed shocked or confused why it got so big and i didn’t know what to say so i just said that it gets big when someone touches it. She was just messing around and touching it randomly for like 5 minutes, but then her favorite show came on the tv and i guess she heard the theme song because she stopped and then she sat down and watched it, i pulled my shorts up and tried to not think about it, she laid down whilst watching it and fell asleep and then a little while later her mom was home and i left… and that’s my update for now.. she seems to just be exploring her curiosity.. she makes me nervous..

October 16th 2021 – 8:13am
I seriously don’t think i can bring it up to anyone, like.. my confidence is not there and i don’t think i can do that.. at all.. and i’ve already let her see and even touch now, so i’m not sure what to doooooo, So instead of panicking over that, i need to plan this now and the best way to move forward with it and keep it safe until i no longer have to babysit her, i guess it can be seen as educational, but i literally can not tell anyone, i could never bring myself to do it.. I honestly think she would.. (he asked if i could get her to not say anything and keep it secret) im not 100% sure.. but i think she could.. after the first time she saw, i said to keep it a secret and nothing seems to have happened so far.. i just say it in a tone that makes it seem crucial and as if i’d get upset if she said, so i don’t think she will.. I knowwww, i know i know, i panic a little when i think about it.. because obviously it’s a light and heavy situation, i’m just going to go ahead with it.. and try my best at keeping it hidden until it’s over.. i just need to believe in myself..

October 20th 2021 – 9:23am
Okay another update, i wasn’t there as longer yesterday.. but there was more lap sitting.. she also wanted me to get it out again and she was touching it, i wanted her to stop as soon as possible and i started putting it away but she said no and looked like she was going to cry.. she just kept randomly grasping at it and smiling innocently, it was natural for me to get hard since she was touching it, and then pre-cum came out naturally as she was touching it and she started touching it and asked what it was and i just said it’s called pre-cum because i know she wouldn’t know what it meant.. then she rubbed her finger where it was coming out and she was rubbing the slit and i twitched a bit.. i didn’t ejaculate.. she just played with it a lot, i was really embarrassed and was going red as she was doing it to me… she even made me wanna pull my shorts off so i was more comfy.. i felt a little humiliated even though she’s only 10 and doesn’t really know what she’s doing, i didn’t know what to do, but i was managing to keep it together.. that was all she did on that day, i have to go again soon..

November 4th 2021 – 10:56am
Hi Chris, my babysitting with her is officially over now, i babysat her like a couple times since we last spoke, it’s over now.

(At this point I wasn’t really needed any more to babysit with her, and so it kind of ended, and I wasn’t talking to my friend much at this point because we were kinda both awkward so we would talk randomly at points, but yeah, in the couple times I was with her that I didn’t talk about, not much happened, just the same touching and her being curious, but it didn’t progress, and so yeah, in February I was needed again and of course her mom had no trouble asking my mom if I could babysit again, I don’t really know much about her but she gets busy at points in the year with extra work, and so I messaged Chris one day and said it was starting again. I was nervous, concerned, but I think a little excited to see if she would touch my cock again, I’m a loser and a virgin so just her hands on my cock was enough to keep me interested and enough for me anyways haha.)

February 24th 2022 – 11:22am
Hey Chris, it wasn’t the most expected thing, but I’m babysitting her again now..

Nngh yeah! I guess it will come with it, I’ll just be trying my best to get through it and keep it casual and stuff!! <3

Yes, I feel it’s inevitable and will probably go further than last time because I can just feel it, but I’m confident it won’t be found out, it never did after last time, I’m confident, I just need to prepare for what stuff could happen..

Yeah I just know I can make it friendly and casual no matter what she wants for me, I want to give her what she wants and get through it and help her explore whatever she wants, but she is young so I don’t feel she can view it as sexy as she doesn’t understand that, so I want it to be a casual thing to get through for her

She is really young, it’s hard saying the age because then it makes me come to grips with what is really happening, I’m just trying my hardest to get through it and making it casual because doing anything else is too risky and hard to connect with myself and stuff whilst doing it, but yeah she doesn’t know what sex is

I guess it is good she’s younger actually since it allows me to maintain keeping it at a certain atmosphere, but I will still do whatever she wants and listen to her whilst also keeping it safe and friendly for her

(just some replies I was giving to him)

February 26th 2022 – 9:43pm
Ok I was with her, I went in earlier on today, for a while it was just casual as she watched something, then it was the usual, she came over and sat on my lap, I think she kind of remembered, I lasted a little while before I started getting hard from the wiggling and she kept bouncing up and down kinda as she was being playful, obviously she remembered it and felt it under her and she turned around and got in front of me and pushed it a bit, she was pushing it a bit through my shorts as it was straining, she tried to pull them down and I just experimented to see what she would do if I said no and she looked sad and then pulled them down a bit like a hard pull and so I just decided that from now on I’ll just follow or do whatever she says and let her do anything so I can get through it casually and friendly, so I pulled them down and she touched my boxers a bit and pretty much tried pulling them down too so I pulled them off for her and so I was sitting on the couch in just my shirt and socks now with her in front of me standing between my legs, she’s young and doesn’t know much so her first instinct was to just grasp at it and play with it and so I just sat back and let her since it was what she wanted, I was really hard and it was really sensitive, she was kind of slow though because obviously she has no concept of stimulating it, so she just played with it like a toy and would smile at it, and yeah she did that, I wasn’t with her much tonight, so she played with it for quite a while, at one point she was pretending it was a doll or some sort of action toy and was moving it left and right and then she pretended she was connecting with it like it was a friend and she put her face towards it and pushed the side of her face against it like she was nudging against a friend when you like comfort them, and so her cheek pushed up against it, it was sensitive so I twitched a bit, this was now like 5 minutes before her Mom came home and so I waited until I heard the car coming because it’s really easy to hear when she’s here and then I said it suddenly and it made her look over and then I pulled up my shorts and boxers and I was still hard under them, actually when she came in and I said hi, I think she like blatantly noticed my erection in my shorts and there seemed to be maybe a half second delay and she smiled at me and then I said have a good night and headed home, so yeah..

Yeah it’s just nice for me to write up on each day I’m there so I feel I have some sort of release, I was not expecting the smile from her mom though, she rarely smiles to me since she seems quite strict but she saw me and smiled.

Yeah I’m ok with it, as long as I just get through it casually and stuff, then it’s ok really

(when I leave gaps with another message, it’s showing some replies I gave to my friend)

February 26th 2022 – 11:20pm
Went to her again earlier today, she was really excited to see me today for some reason, as I walked in before her Mom left she ran up to me and hugged my leg and put her face against my leg and hugged me, then her Mom left and we went and sat down and watched tv for a bit, she got on my lap of course because it’s just standard thing now, I got hard as she wiggled against me, she needed the toilet and pulled my hand and took me with her, she sat down on the toilet and peed and then after said that I have to wipe her because that’s what mom does, I wasn’t going to but I’m doing anything she tells me to, so I got some tissue and wiped her down there, when I was done we went back to the living room and she pulled at my shorts so I took off my shorts and boxers for her again, and of course instinctively she hopped on over in front me as I sat down and started grabbing at my cock, she was playing with it and I started leaking eventually a little because it went for a while and she asked me why I was peeing, and I basically told her it was precum, she obviously knows nothing but she pushed her finger against it where it was coming out and she smiled for some reason and it kept leaking but she was having fun with it so I just let her, she was rubbing her fingers where it was and was just playing around with my cock and my balls sometimes here and there, then she was pretending to play with it like a toy again and then she randomly leant towards it and kissed it, it made me twitch and squirm a little because it was sensitive and made me really hard. We had little times here and there in between where I made her food and got her a drink, just a lot of the same playing with my cock today, wondering when she’ll get more curious and it will go further or something, but yeah that’s it for today, I have her again tomorrow <3 .. I left her playing until I heard her Mom again and she came in and saw me hard once again and also smiled once again but it was like a long smile, so yeah idk.. but yeah then I went home.

(After this my friend thought maybe the mom was smiling because she thought I got hard when seeing her, but I didn’t think this was true because she’d see it seconds after coming in the door, I didn’t tell him this though.)

March 3rd 2022 : 6:03pm
With her again today, it was a standard for a while, you know, lap-sitting, her playing with my cock and stuff, she also sat beside me today at some point too, so instead of in front of me as I sit on the couch, she sat next to me and played with it, she also hugged me and asked me for a kiss so I kissed her, I guess because she must do it with her mom, like girly bonding with her mom, so I kissed her and she kept asking for them so I gave them to her, she carried on playing with my cock and I leaked again so she was playing with it, and then it happened, of course what me and you were probably both wondering if it would happen, she licked the pre-cum, obviously I don’t know, kids are attracted to taste and flavor because they just like to eat so I’m not sure if my cock looks like candy or something but I guess it is quite pink and the tip is a light pink, she licked the pre-cum, just a little where it was at the top and clearly she liked it because she was giving my cock soft little licks at the tip where the pre-cum was, I was very hard as it’s not something I can really avoid, and she kept licking the tip of my cock and I was starting to squirm and she noticed and slowed down a bit because she has no idea what it means, but she did lick the slit on my tip and I moaned just a bit but she didn’t really notice, I was just keeping it friendly and safe and letting her do whatever, then she needed the bathroom and I helped her again and helped her wash her hands, she took me to her room and showed me random toys and stuff and kept putting them in my hands and doing random stuff and then she took me to her Mom’s room and obviously she was quite giggly because she knows she shouldn’t be in there and she basically went in there because she wanted to jump on the bed, she asked me to join her so I just listened of course, it was a bit embarrassing as I only had a shirt and socks on and I was on the bed so.. yeah, then she wanted to play and wanted to play like a tickle game, she didn’t ask me, she just started tickling me, and I saw no harm in just having genuine normal fun and so I tickled her too and pinned her arms down just a little and tickled her stomach, my cock kept poking against her legs but it was ok, she was wearing a skirt and some light top, but yeah, I kept tickling her and she laughed really loud, then she wanted to tickle me and I kept resisting and tickling her but I could tell she wanted me to stop so I just let her do whatever and she pushed me back on the bed so I was laying flat and she kinda just straddled me a little and was tickling my body, it didn’t tickle much because her hands are tiny but I pretended it tickled, my cock was kinda going up her skirt and poking against her panties a little but it was ok, she wanted more kisses so leaned down to my face and I gave them and she wanted hugs and so was just hugging me on top of me as I laid flat on the bed, it was relaxing but I was just wondering when she would get off, then we went back to the living room and I sat down and she hopped in front of me and played with my cock some more and she licked my cock some more, then I made her some food and she watched her favorite show for a little and I gave her water, then she played with it some more and gave it some kisses and licks, then after a long while I heard her Mom was here so I got dressed and was hard literally again when she came in but this time she winked at me, it flustered me a little because obviously she’s an older woman so it was kinda like.. idk intimidating in a hot way? Idk, but anyways yeah, then I went home.

I know right? I know she comes home a little later, so I guess there was risk, I’m just lucky, I think it’s a great idea to let her do whatever she wants with me, it keeps it friendly and casual and then she’s happy when I leave. But yeah, not sure if her mom likes me or something, or she’s just flirting with me because she likes flustering younger guys or something, but yeah..

March 4th 2022 – 10:33pm
Similar start as always, lap-sitting, taking off my shorts and boxers, she got to the licking pretty early and I was hard so early, I gave her some kisses and stuff, we relaxed as she licked my cock for a while, she said she wanted to lay down but didn’t want to stop, so I let her lay down on the couch next to me and lay her head on my lap but I held my cock in front of her mouth so she could lick it as we watched TV, glad I can keep it so friendly for her and comfy, she fell asleep for like 20 minutes and then when she got back up we went to her mom’s room again and we jumped on the bed for a bit, then I helped her with the bathroom again, then when I helped her wash her hands she hopped in the bath and was messing around and then she said we should get clean, I said no and she looked sad, and she said bath time like with mom, basically she wanted to bathe with me, so I helped her get undressed and got her naked, (Obviously this part seems crazy, and it fucking is, I was NOT expecting to bathe with her, I really really wasn’t.. And I would of said no over and over but didn’t wanna handle her crying non-stop but I also had one of those fuck it moments where you kinda just say screw it..) then I turned on the bath, I got really hard when she was naked because obviously I can’t help it but she kept hugging it and touching my cock while we were waiting for the bath, we hopped in the bath and it had bubbles because she loves them she said, then I bathed her and cleaned her body, she kept sitting on my lap in the water and my cock kept poking against her ass and sitting between her asscheeks and it was so sensitive and I kept twitching and throbbing as she slid up and down and played, she kept splashing me and sliding against me, idk if it’s normal but I started getting horny, because it kept feeling good and then I got horny and was even slightly enjoying it which I guess is concerning? (I had been horny previously, but this was me needing someone to tell so I was trying to casually tell him and trying to make him see it in a natural way) I’m not attracted to her doing it, I think it’s the the sensation of what is happening, but she kept splashing which was concerning for me because Idk how wet she’d make the floor and make stuff on the floor wet, so I tried to distract her and got on my knees in the bath and offered my cock to her, so I gently pulled her towards me a little and placed my hand gently on the back of her head and got her to open her mouth and I slowly placed the tip of my cock in her mouth to distract her, so she could suck on it. It’s hard to connect with my emotions after and to go in my mind then when it has already happened, so it’s concerning I did that and put it in her mouth, I was horny but I also did genuinely need to distract her and so Idk, maybe the reasons clashed, but it was still friendly and safe for her so it’s ok I think, as long as everyone is ok. We got out eventually and I dried her body and got her to wear the same clothes, they were clean. I dried the floor where she splashed and then I got dry and she wanted to help toweling me down so I let her, then I got changed and only put my shirt on and we went back to the living room, we ate a little and drank water, then she got in front of my cock and started licking it again and kissing it, I was leaking a lot of pre-cum so she made sure to lick it all up. Eventually I knew her Mom was gonna be back soon, so I got up and pulled my shorts up and just let her sit on my lap whilst we waited and she was wiggling and stuff as always, and then I wasn’t expecting it but her Mom came through the door whilst she was on my lap, I was gonna like jump up but then it would make it obvious I had a reason to freak out, so I just sat back and said hey when she came in, she got off my lap and her Mom saw that I was hard, She didn’t say anything she just looked at how I was hard and then smiled at me again, she said she really really appreciates me looking after her and even put her hand on my shoulder and made sure I knew how much she appreciates it, she smiled and looked down at my erection and then winked again and we were so close and my heart was beating fast, then she needed to take the shopping to the kitchen and then I left.. (My heart beating fast was an understatement, also I still wasn’t sure if she had clocked on when seeing my hard-on right after her daughter got off my lap, but I guess we can’t say for sure.)

March 9th 2022 – 4:33pm
Was a short day, just her licking and kissing my cock for a little while, was with her for like an hour.

March 16th 2022 – 7:29pm
I went into today, she sat on my lap for a while, I decided to just take my shorts and underwear off for her without her asking this time because I knew it was coming, so was just getting ready for her, she gave me lots of kisses and licks on my cock while I watched the tv, she was having fun, she always smiles and seem happy when she’s doing it, so I’m glad I can keep it safe and casual for her, there was a lot of pre-cum and she was making sure to lick it all up as it came out of my cock, I know she likes how it tastes. We went upstairs and I bathed with her again, it got me really horny as we were in the bath because her ass kept pushing against my cock and was sliding against it and it got me throbbing, like genuinely, it got me so horny, but yeah, I cleaned her all over, I didn’t clean her everywhere properly last time, so I made sure to clean her everywhere, I was cleaning her, and I needed to make sure I cleaned her between her legs so I did rub her down there to get her clean, so I pulled her back against me as she stood up and rubbed between her legs with my hand to make sure she was clean, I was also horny so I did go for a little while and I guess I decided to show her how to feel good so I was rubbing her pussy between her legs, I was horny so I was enjoying it that way but I also thought showing her could be cool and educational so I was rubbing her pussy for a little while and she was making some little whimpering sounds because it tickled her she said, which meant it felt good, but then I stopped after a little while and got her between my legs and she licked my cock some more and water was warm and a nice breeze was coming through the window so it was really relaxing, then we got out and I got her changed and stuff, then we ate and went to the living room again and we chilled, she sat on my lap until her mom came home, she winked again when she came in, she’s so pretty, but yeah then I went home.

Yeah Chris!! As we’ve gotten closer I’ve become quite adapted to it, so I don’t really mind it now because I’m used to it, and she is too, she is safe and likes it and so do I because I know it’s keeping her happy and she is safe with me, so don’t worry about it, she’s telling me about a mean person at school.

(That was the last time I messaged Chris about what I do with her, I haven’t talked to him in a while,
I still babysit her here and there sometimes, like quite a few times since I last messaged Chris. But yeah, I babysit her still, it hasn’t progessed much at all, since I still don’t have much confidence and I’m trying to keep it safe and not get caught, I like babysitting her and I am at a point now where I find it hot and it gets me horny literally every single night as I’m thinking about it. I randomly came across this site and saw that the small community like little girls and like underage girls and so I thought it was cool honestly and after reading some stories and seeing that some of them were true, I thought I’d put my own together, all of this text other than words in brackets are REAL old messages, that I sent to a friend on forum site I talk to him on, but yeah, be sure to leave a comment on what you think.) Or if you have any questions I made a random email:

[email protected]

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    email at the bottom of the story still if anyone wants to ask anything

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