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Sherry and the magic van

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Sherry a 15 year old High school cheer leader turns out to be a big cock teaser.

High school was a crazy time in my life. My cousin Bobbi and I had sex when we were barely teenagers and since have been fucking every opportunity that we could get. I was so addicted to having sex that my first vehicle that I owned was a full size van. Bobbi helped me decorate and break it in as a love machine. It had very dark windows, a great super stereo, mood lights and a large full bed in the back. I had got it when I was 16 the summer before my junior year. Bobbi loved this van, we would sneak off together parking in some field and just fuck hour after hour . But Bobbi almost became pregnant from me accidently coming inside her. We had quite the scare, besides that our friends and families were wondering why we spent so much time together . Why were we not dating like all the other kids our age. So Bobbi decided that we needed to date other people now before we get caught. It would make it easier on us, but we needed teens that would satisfy both our hungers.
Bobbi hooked me up with one of her friends that was a cheer leader . Sherry was 15 , blond ,95 lbs., and 4 ft. 8 in. We had dated 3 times , I had got to know her family. She had 2 sisters Sandy 14 and sally 12. Every time that we parked Sherry would let me kiss her and feel her up with her clothes on . The one time I tried to get her top off she got upset with me . One of the last times she road home with me after a game. She was dressed in her hot cheer leading outfit ,short skirt, short top, We pulled into a field and started making out. That short skirt made it easy to touch her bare legs and work my hand up to her couch. Sherry broke it off and push me away. I was getting very frustrated with her. We ended up going to homecoming ,Sherry was really dress super hot. She had this short red silk dress with spaghetti shoulder straps, red high heels and I could tell she had no bra. I thought maybe this would be my lucky night.
We ate diner and danced until late. After we decide to go parking in this field way off the road. Once there Sherry and I started making out real heavy. I ran my hand up her leg . then her thigh, ending at the edge of her panties. As I started getting my finger under the panty leg opening Sherry started to push me off. This time it was not going to work, I had her pinned down and with my free hand I managed to pull her panties down then ripped them from her bottom. Sherry screamed at me to stop. What kind of pig was I . I’ll show you what! I told her holding her hands and arms tight against the bed. I pushed her thighs wide apart with my legs, then quickly got my hard erect cock out of my pants. Sherry bucked and tried kicking me with no luck. I lowered myself down, she felt my cock press against her virginal lips . Sherry panicked begging me to stop and not hurt her. She could not do this ,I could not do this to her . I was so excited that my cock was oozing lube all over Sherry’s pussy. I pressed forward until my head rested against her hymen. Sherry swore and cried feeling my cock pressing against her, I thrusted and pop her sweet cherry. I could feel her warm blood bathing my cock. Sherry sobbed as I started to fuck her . She felt so hot and tight inside. I has been awhile since feeling something this good. Sherry kept sobbing all the while that I fucked her . Soon she stopped and started moaning as my huge cock kept going in and out of that fresh deflowered vagina. I picked up my speed , Sherry was panting and then she started to come , this overwhelming hot feeling exploded in her . I kept fucking away at her, finely I had to pull out and exploded a thick creamy load of my seed all over her cunt and tummy.
Sherry laid there panting to exhausted to move. I stood up and stripped off my clothes. Then pulled Sherry’s dress off, she was to spent to protest. And when she did it was to late as my hard cock entered her again. No, no, please stop Sherry beg as my cock thrusted in and out of her . I grabbed both her legs lifting them high over her head. Her tight cunt opened more and soon was taking it all. Sherry moaned and moaned as My balls slapped against her wet ass. I had her ass lifted off the bed as I fucked her . She screamed as my hard cock slammed against her cervix. Sherry’s insides exploded, she screamed as her body shook and sprayed hot fluids all over our groins . I kept fucking her faster and faster my heavy balls slapped her wet ass. Her vagina walls were gripping me tight and I started to explode again. I pulled out as my come sprayed her wet pussy lips and mound. It was about 1 am . Sherry was so exhausted that she quite protesting and just let me do what I wanted. I hadn’t had sex for some time so I was not ready to stop so I fucked Sherry again. This time as I kissed and suck wildly her mouth she responded . I sucked both nipples until each was hard and red. Sherry was wildly aroused and she now moved her hips to meet my thrusting cock . Again she started to come, Please stop, Sherry begged and begged . She couldn’t take any more. I lifted her legs up high over her head so that my cock thrusted deep and hit her tender cervix. Sherry squealed at each stabbing hit , she could not take any more and either could I . Again I started to come and managed to get out of her just in time. Exhausted we both slept a bit . It was almost morning when we got cleaned up and dressed. Sherry had no panties because I had tore them. She was also upset with me for taking her virginity, she was not sure if she wanted to go out with me any more. I was a dirty bad person to do such a thing to her . I told her that she be wanting it again really bad just she wait and see. I bet your little sister would want this and I shook I cock at her. She is not stuck up like her big sister is. I got Sherry home by 5 am, she had a tough time keeping her legs together as she walk to the house. I saw a light go on and one of her younger sister was looking out . Maybe just maybe her 14 year old sister might be better. Either way there are a lot of other girls at school that would want this huge cock in them …

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  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    You absolutely have to fuck both or sisters and then eventually all three of them at the same time

  • Reply nitecaptain ID:gnrv3blhm

    Yea me and my magic van popped a lot of high school cherry’s.