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My husband turned me into a lesbian

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live out my never ending lesbian fantasies. Some would say, I’m bisexual, I would say I’m a lesbian, who respects her man enough to remain married.

I’m Kathy F. Mills, a wife, Lover, Slut Wife, and Artisan of love for Lesbians. I’m also married to a wonderful man who expressed his desire for me to be with a woman sexually, then to gravitate to a Lesbian lifestyle once I confessed to him of my constant desire to eat pussy once I tasted it, I mean I’ve lived life, after-all I’m 49. I never thought I was gay, I thought maybe bi, or just maybe I found girls sexually attractive at 47. It’s been two years since I’ve slept with my husband. I’ve had more pussy, licked more ass and kissed more sweet lips and sucked on more female tongue than any woman has in two years.
I am so extremely attracted to women that Richard, my husband, has allowed me to make love to dozens of women with him in a threesome. However, he makes love to me only, he never gets another pussy but mine.
Let me give some background to this true story. Richard and I have been married since college, I knew of my attractiveness to both men and women, and have always gotten off on it. I have a strong resemblance to the porn star Canela Skin. My husband says, “she looks like in the face, but you have a better body”, more hips and thicker thigh and firm butt even at my age. I look around 30, when I put my hair in a pony tail, people say I look like in my 20’s. I work out religiously 4 days a week, and I’ve made love to over 1500 men since being with my husband, from my college days, before we were married and just girlfriend and boyfriend. My husband has seen me with many, many men too much to really count I just know it’s way over 1,500 so I just say 1,500, It’s more like 6,500, Anyway, Richard is very used to me being with other men. All of his male friends, his 4 brothers, and, all of his uncles on both side of the family and his Grand father and even his Dad & Step Dad together, at the same time.
I’ve sucked horse cock for years, way before it became a thing, and I’ve let dogs fuck me on a regular basis. Specifically 9 dogs, and regularly 2 dogs; Fife and Magnet, my two Rottweilers. So I’m a woman who has loved dick my whole life, not pussy, well it’s not just pussy. I truly enjoy women, and I fell in love with many of them. At first it was all a fantasy I wanted, plus a fantasy to fulfill for my husband, but it became so much more. I enjoyed the conversation, the hanging out, the petting, especially in public, the constant kissing and feeling each other up. But it grew to genuine affection. I relayed my feelings to my husband and he said, ” maybe you should explore it, and date these women and girls, maybe, if you want to you can be a full blown lesbian, meaning no man, no cock for at least 5 years “, I said, “REALLY, YOU WOULD DO THAT FOR ME”. We discussed all and settled my fantasy in 2 hours, that afternoon.
We kissed and FUCKED ALL NIGHT. In the morning, I left him to go and live a lesbian lifestyle with my girlfriend Jenny. 22 year old Jenny was a lesbian Dyke, who’s parents were rich and left her a trust fund, so she could afford to live in Houston, Seattle (where I live) and NYC. Jenny was a knock out who loved women and we went at it like gangbusters, we dated and fucked other women as if every day was our last day on earth. Remember when I wrote that I was with over 6,500 men and when anyone asks, I say I’ve been with 1,500 men, well I’ve been with more women at least 12,000 and I’m not over exaggerating, and that’s in only two years. From private orgies to one-on-one, I out did Jenny by far and that became a problem for her, their were lots of argument and she hated that I did bestiality with her female dog, Bay. I licked that dogs pussy for all it’s worth, I LOVED BEING A LESBIAN, women are so smooth, and women smell so nice, with all the different perfumes they wear Agggghhhh, women are so hot, with all the outfits women are such a turn on. Anyway, Jenny came home and Bay, was licking me to an orgasm, and Jenny and I fought, and broke up, so I hooked up with several girls over the next year, until I missed my husband terribly. I went home after 2 years, and he was home, I thought he’d be screwing some girl to get some relief, but he wasn’t, he was cooking when I entered with my luggage. I made love to my husband for two weeks straight, every day, afternoon and evening. IT WAS WONDERFUL. We spoke after two weeks of me being home. I told him that he and I never argued, but with all my lesbian relationships that is all I did, huhh the emotional roller-coaster I was on was too much, I need my Richard. I also told him that having his family members take turns fucking me and fucking the dogs regularly and even giving the horses a blow job he never judged me and argued or was jealous. I said, ‘ I love you Richard, and I always want to be with you”, but I always need pussy. Richard said, “lets enjoy threesomes and orgies with women, so you can eat pussy while I fuck you. I was so happy. I was on Tinder the next day, lining up women to be with knowing Richard only wanted my pussy. And he thanked me saying how lucky he is to have such a highly sexual woman. So, yes, I’ve become a lesbian first. I could live my life as a lesbian, TRULY, but I love, love, love my husband and miss his love making. The turn on is his desire for me to be married to him and live out my never ending lesbian fantasies. Some would say, I’m bisexual, I would say I’m a lesbian, who respects her man enough to remain married.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrb

    No one made you change. it was there all along it just took certain events to trigger it or allow it to the surface.
    Understanding Human psychology is the first step in understanding yourselves.
    PS. 12,000 in two years = 16 a day…..BS!. good luck lost soles.

  • Reply Angela W. ID:7z8m29oxik

    Oh shit, this is my life. I didn’t sleep with so many men & women but you and I have the exact same experiences. OMG, your story is great, and enticing but it’s exactly my life. And I don’t consider myself Bisexual, but Lesbian because I would rather be with a woman, or actually hop from woman to woman.