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Drunk Step Daughter – Part 1

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Maya was a 16 year old girl who lived with her Mom and Step Dad in his house since she was 8 years old.

She had grown up to be a Stubborn naughty girl and she always hung out with a bunch of bad kids at school.

Maya started to have drinks with her friends and she even started to steal money from her mom and Step Dad for booze. Many times she got caught for misbehaving but because they loved her a lot they always let her go without punishing her.

All because she used to be this darling when she was younger.

One day Mayas Mom had to travel abroad for a Business meeting and she was supposed to stay with her Step Dad. But on that particular day she went out with friends and she totally missed the curfew when she came back home, tipsy af.

It was almost 12 midnight when she came through the door and she saw her Step Dad sitting at the living room watching TV.

He looked at her shaky gestures and eventually he figured out that she was drunk.

“I thought you were supposed to be at home at 9pm today” he said

“no I thought you said 12” she replied in a Sarcastic tone.

It made him so angry and he went closer to her and grabbed her phone from her hand and said “you will get this after your mom comes home, this is what you get for behaving like a fool”

Maya tried to grab the phone back but with her high heels and the tight dress she was wearing she couldn’t even move properly.

“look at you” he shouted “you can’t even stand straight and look at this dress, you look like a prostitute”

She was so shocked at the way he had spoken to her and she got furiously mad about what happened.

“you are a Boomer and stupid” she shouted at him back “you don’t even understand how to dress up or to enjoy the life like I do”

She kept her fists tight and stepped on the floor with so much anger and went upstairs with eyes full of tears.

He felt a little upset for calling her a Prostitute but he thought to himself it’s kinda true, she was only 16 and she can’t get drunk around midnight. What if she gets into something worse. So he tried to relax his own mind and kept watching the TV.

After about an hour he turned off the TV and realized that he took her phone and he felt more upset for doing that and he started to go towards her bedroom to apologise for the bad wording and also to return the phone back.

When he reached her room he saw the door was open and he slowly went inside thinking that she had passed out. But she wasn’t on the bed.

He got shocked and he stepped in fast to realize that she was laying on the floor next to the bathroom door, covered all over with Vomit.

He got closer to check on her thinking she might have hit her head or something but suddenly he saw that she was only wearing a Tshirt and nothing else.

Her butt was up since she was laying face down and her feet were in a funny position revealing her vagina a little bit.

He stepped back few steps in shock but still he had to check on her condition. She might have hit her head then that might made her to Vomit, he thought to himself.

But still he felt awkward to get close to his half naked Step Daughter so he called his wife and she was probably busy or sleeping so didn’t answer.

Then after his failed phone call attempts he took the courage and went around her to check on her head first.

Maya had black short hair so he brushed it to look for any bumps and fortunately there wasn’t any. He tapped on the side of her face and she was completely blacked out.

She was smelly and dirty with vomit all over her, it was like she tried to get inside the bathroom but she slipped on her own vomit.

So he bent down and took Maya into both his hands and carried her straight into the Tub and carefully kept her inside it and turned on the water.

He tried his best not to look at her Naked thighs and her vagina but he can’t clean her up without looking at her. Also he saw her whole body when she was younger but this was different to him.

She’s not that tiny young girl anymore she had grown a lot since her first period. Maya was an athletic girl with thick thighs and a butt. Even though she was 16 her breasts were Similar to an older girl.

While he was checking her out the water filled up half the tub and he started to rub off vomit from her face hands and literally everywhere. Her Tshirt was full of it so he pulled it off of her Exposing her soft young breasts.

She had pink big areola like her mom and it just sent a tingle inside his body.

Then he rubbed her Soft dirty breasts softly and rinsed off all the dirty water. Then opened it up again to properly clean her up.

He mixed in bath soap into the tub and he enjoyed how she was laying there like a baby. So as the water raised and the soap was covering everything he sunk his both hands and rubbed her body head to toe.

He rubbed her legs thighs and he then touched her vagina a few times too. He knew that he was having a hard on under his shorts but he controlled his feelings by thinking about other things.

Then he brushed up her tummy and the breasts and then her neck and ears.

She started to come back when the cold water started to touch her skin more and he didn’t stop cleaning her.

She sent out a few moans “mmmhh” like she wanted to say something but she kept her eyes closed.

Then he left her to soak on the tub for a little and he went out to clean the vomit on the floor. Then he Realized that he needs a shower too since he carried her around so he took a quick shower wearing a towel and with another towel he wrapped Maya and carried her onto the bed.

He kept her on the bed and dried her up well and she opened her eyes when he was drying her feet. She couldn’t move properly yet but she understood what had happened.

“am I naked?” she asked slowly

He was shocked and took his hands away and said “yes I found you on the floor covered in vomit and you weren’t wearing anything under, I tried calling your mom twice but she didn’t pick up so I thought to help you up” he spilled his words out like he did something wrong and then said “I’m sorry I had to go now”

She sat down on the bed and tried to understand what he said, then she realised how she fell down. Then she pulled the blanket and covered herself and blushed hiding her face under the sheets.

He could understand her feelings too so before he left he went closer to her and said “Maya it’s ok I won’t tell mom about this, you just take rest OK, here is your phone”

She took it without saying anything and went inside her sheets.

Then he came closer to the door and said “and I’m sorry for using such a bad word earlier, I hope you’ll forgive me huny”

Then she took her head out of the sheets and said “that’s OK now you’ve seen me naked so I’m a type of a prostitute now”

Then he came back into the room and said “huny don’t say that, I was angry before, I was concerned on your safety, you are a very beautiful young girl and I was afraid something might happen to you since you were Drunk”

She said “mmm OK I know, I’m sorry too, I’ll never drink again”

Then he smiled and said “it’s OK you can have a beer with me but you can’t tell your mom, ok?”

She came out of her sheets and said “OK that sounds good, I promise you I won’t go out late again or drink with anyone else until I turn 18”

“mm good girl, now sleep, you must be tired, ill fix you breakfast in the morning”

And when he was about to leave she said “I felt you touching me before, I thought I was dreaming but now I know”

He did not know what to say and he tried to figure out a way to explain.

Then she continued “its OK it was not wrong, you were helping me.. But it really felt good”

He was shocked and puzzled at what she was talking about and since she’s drunk he thought she’s blabbering out some nonsense. But inside his mind he knew how much he loved to feel her skin.

Then she asked him in a cute way “please can you carry me to the bathroom again I want to pee”

He couldn’t refuse her request and he took her wrapped up body into his hands and carried her inside the bathroom. She sat down on the floor and lifted up the blanket and started to pee in front him like she wanted to show him how she does that.

Then she stood up and without even cleaning herself she jumped onto his hands and said “let’s go to bed”

He didn’t said anything to her because he didn’t knew what to say, then when he kept her on the bed she pulled him onto the bed and asked him to stay with her.

He was wearing a towel around and kinda shy from how it might look. But he got into the bed and said “OK we can sleep together tonight”

She then took the blanket off her body and jumped on to him and wrapped her hands around his neck and Hugged him so tight.

“If you don’t tell mom I won’t too” she whispered into his ears and gave him a deep kiss on his lips, making him to get a hard on under the towel.

Then she kept her vagina on his thigh and rubbed it up and while eating out her Step Dads mouth.

-To be Continued-

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