Breaking in Trish

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We are from a small town in the Midwest. We were normal family my mom and dad and my sister Trish, I was 16 and she was 15. My parent worked in the city nearby and were gone by the time my sister and I got up in the morning and we were alone until they came home at about five in the evening. I had my driver’s license, but my mother would never let me take her car to school saying that they paid for a bus pass, and I was to take the bus with my sister. Sometimes I thought about sneaking away with the car, but I knew my sister would squeal on me and I would be grounded for years. Our parents expected us to help by doing chores. Since I was the boy, I was supposed to cut the grass and clean up around outside while Trish looked after things inside the house. I never paid much attention to my sister; she was just an annoying kid. When she was 14 things started to change, she started to develop, her boobs showed up and her ass grew fatter. During that period her behavior also changed many a time when I was just looking at her, she would shout at me that I am staring at her like a pervert. On some other occasion, she was wearing a small skirt she would sit in front of me in such a fashion that her legs are spread wide, and her thighs would be visible or sometimes even her panties were visible. I pretended not to notice, I was still a virgin and did not have much experience with girls. Sometimes she would complain mom that I was ogling her, mom would just tell us to stop fighting with each other. She was always self-conscious about her figure and regularly dressed in baggy dress shirts and skirts that went below her knees. Sometimes, she wore flared dress slacks that went above the waist, but always with a dress shirt. She had and still has nice, thick thighs and an equally nice bubble ass that was tight as a drum. I googled her every chance I got and more than once had to leave the room because my cock started to get hard.

In the middle of June, mom told me that they would be leaving for the weekend because they had to go and check on her mother, who had been diagnosed with dementia. They were going to meet with her family and discuss how they could get their mother into a senior residence where she would receive proper care. They were going to leave on a Friday morning and told Trish and I that they would be back on Sunday afternoon. My mother gave us a list of chores that she wanted done and told me that I could use her car to go to school if I promised to drive my sister to and from school. Trish complained that it was bad enough to have to live in the house with me for three days and she wanted to know why she had to spend time driving back and forth to school. She eventually gave in and said that I would be allowed to drive her to school, but I was not under any circumstances to drop her off or pick her up where her friends could see.

That Saturday, while I was mowing the lawn, she had already finished all her chores and was practicing with her rifle for her color guard routine, but she was only wearing a regular set of gray sweat clothes. Even through that baggy sweatshirt- with a sports bra on- her jugs bounced so great through all her movements. I stopped mowing for a moment and told her she should change into her color guard outfit, because it was so much tighter than the sweats and she’d be able to get a genuine feeling of how well she did her routine. She looked at me liked I was full of it, but after mulling it over, she went inside and changed. Now, I don’t know if it was just too hot or whether she just forgot, but she came back out in her uniform, but she wasn’t wearing a bra! Now, when she went through all her motions, her tits were free to bounce all over the place, and the stiff uniform jacket made her nipples as hard as rock. It was fantastic! I finished mowing at the same time she decided to quit practicing. Both of us went in to take a shower. I beat her to the shower and got mine done first. She was pissed off that she had to wait until I was finished. I just threw on a pair of shorts.

I had the worst raging hard-on I ever had- it poked my shorts straight out- just would not go down. I sat down and watched some TV, trying to get my mind off her. She finally finished her shower and came out, hair still wet, sat on the other end of the couch, and started reading her schools books- again. She finished her reading, glanced down my way, and immediately noticed my bulging cock. She pointed at it, laughed at me, and asked, “what the hell is your problem there?” She said, “that’s absolutely disgusting, and you’re a sick asshole!” She snuck a little smirk, as she bolted back to her room, yelling to “stay the hell away from her for the rest of the day and get a grip already.”

I made myself something to eat and went into the basement to play on my Xbox, I was hoping that Trish would settle down and praying that she didn’t say anything to our parents. I went upstairs at about 9 o’clock and noticed that she was in her bedroom with the door closed, so I went to my room and laid on top the bed flipping through one of the porno magazines that I had found hidden in my father’s closet. I noticed that it had started to rain and there was a lot of thunder and lightning. I heard a knock on my door and Trish told me that the door to the shed was open and blowing in the wind. I cursed through on my sandals and went outside; it was pouring with a strong wind. I ran over and tried to close the doors, but they kept blowing open, that’s when I noticed Trish standing beside me trying to close one of the doors. Together we managed to get them closed and fastened properly. We ran back to the veranda and out of the rain. We were both soaking wet, I stripped off my T-shirt while Trish went inside to get a couple of towels so that we can dry off. I noticed that her nipples were erect and look like hard marbles as she walked down the hallway, her nightdress clung to her body clearly, she was not wearing a brawl or panties, I could clearly make out the impression over pussy. She passed me a towel and I started to dry off while she bent down and wiped the floor up with a spare towel saying that mom would freak if she found out that the floor was soaking wet. I looked down her top and could clearly see her breasts, my cock started to grow and quickly did an imitation of a tentpole. Trish looked up, smiled and said we needed to get out of her wet clothing. I wrapped a towel around my waist and started towards the laundry room before that when she changed, she should throw her wet clothing out into the hallway, and I would put them in the dryer. She said that she would do it because she didn’t her nightshirt to get shrunken. I went back into my bedroom and a short time later I heard her bedroom door close I lay down on my bed and got ready to go to sleep.

I lay on my bed playing with my cock and nuts fantasizing what it would be like to fuck my sister, in no time at all I had a raging hard on and was thinking about jerking off. There was a bright flash of lightning and thunder that shook the house, at the same time the power and the house went out. I heard a knock on my door and my sister was asking if she could come in because she did not like being alone when there was a thunder and lightning storm, when I saw that she had a flashlight I quickly climbed under my blankets so that she wouldn’t see me naked. She came in and quickly slid between the sheets. After a couple minutes she laid out ground rules that we were both to lay on our sides facing away from each other that way there would be no embarrassment, I said that I needed to get up to get a pair of boxers, but she said not to worry about it that if I left my thing alone it would go to sleep on its own. I rolled onto my side and close my eyes eventually falling to sleep. I woke up when I felt her nipples pressed against my back and I rollover and noticed that the lights were on, and the blankets had been pushed off the bed. Trish rolled on to her back, I could see her nipples were huge. She looked down at my cock, she couldn’t stop staring at it, and her nipples got hard as a rock, pointed straight up. Her pussy was completely shaved- it was magnificent!

We kept lying there for a long time until she started to kiss me. My cock rose to attention immediately and I forgot everything else. I was a novice and a virgin at that time it seemed like she knew everything. She started to play with my cock and asked me to suck her boobs and kiss her. Her breasts were quite big for her age and when I mauled them, she started to groan in pleasure, she took her fingers and spread the lips of her pussy she said that she was thinking of what it would be like having sex with me and her pussy just start dripping like crazy. I said that we couldn’t because she might get pregnant, she laughed and said that she had been on birth control since her first period. I asked if she was a virgin and she said that she was but that she had played around with a couple guys never going all the way though.

She got on her knees, puts both hands around my erect cock and starts to massage in a up and down motion, my cock started to go hard in her hand she reached up and touched my nuts with her other hand and started rolling my nuts around in a ball sack. I can’t believe I didn’t cum immediately, right then and there I started to leak some pre-cum. She asked if she could taste it and then she opens her mouth wider and, took my cock into her mouth she choked a little, but she held my whole 9 inches down and started tickling my balls with her hand. I asked how she knew how to do that, and she told me that her girlfriends always talk about sex and how to please a guy. Her best friend Barbara mother always lets them practice with her dildo’s and watch sex videos when they had sleepovers.

She looked me straight in the eyes and whispered, “fuck me- now!” We spun around and she laid down on her the bed. I went to jump on top of her, but she sprung up before I could, grabbed my cock in a tight fist, now stick your cock in me she said. I started rubbing the head inside her pussy lips, which made a wet, sloppy suction sound. Her cream started oozing out again and started soaking the bed sheet. At first, she screamed like she got stabbed, I stopped because it was hurting her, she shocked the hell out of me when she grabbed my ass cheeks and forced my cock all the way inside her. After about 7 minutes of pounding the living shit out of her, her body suddenly stiffened completely, and she thrust her head back. She screamed, “oh my GOD!” and her pussy started clenching and releasing violently. I couldn’t stand it anymore- I immediately started cummings like mad- It felt like I shot a quart in her. My cock just wouldn’t stop pulsating until the final drip came out, she pulled back on her pussy lips, flexed her abdomen a little, and me cum started leaking out of her, making a puddle on the bed. She looked at my remaining cum still leaking out the head a bit and trickling down my shaft. She clenched my cock at the bottom of the shaft, squeezed it so hard, the head turned purple, and licked all the cum off me. We both sat there stunned for about 5 minutes. My cock was still erect, pointing straight up. She started gently rubbing it with her fingertips, which caused cum to start forming on the tip and eventually running slowly down the shaft.

I lay back in my pillow and Trish put her head on my chest gently playing with my nuts. We fell asleep like that. When I woke up in the morning Trish was already in the shower getting breakfast ready. I asked her how she felt, and she said that her pussy hurt a little bit but that it would be okay. From that day on, whenever we got the chance, we had sex together. I have no idea where she got them, but she had a hidden stash of magazines that had sexual techniques and experiments in them that she started collecting. And the guy she first tried them out on every time was her brother. Which was just dandy with me.

My wife is a petite redhead with nice tits, is adventurous in bed, loves to talk like a slut to me, and her favorite is a 69 with me. Loses her mind when I eat her pussy.

But my sister is my #1 of all time. Probably because of being my first ever.

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  • Reply Supercalafraglelisticespaladocious ID:2vqwknnr49i

    If you say it fast enough you’ll always sound precocious

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    I wonder what it would be like to fuck your sister now as an adult maybe you should try

  • Reply Kevin ID:bo1u79hr9

    Young bro sis is my second favorite incest story. It is a close second to daddy daughter ( as long as the little girl likes it).

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Could have been a good story, but too many errors like instead to saying “bra” you said “brawl”. You also stated that she came to your room, but you also stated that you were in her bed, kind of confusing.

    • J ID:1zfwhz06id

      Fuck you fuck you fuck you wow I’m never writing again fuck u man omggggg

    • Negative ID:60aaribd3

      There were many errors hreat story but again proof read before you finalize submissions

    • Keith ID:6s74u2a5d1

      Gee, wow, friend you are such a avid reader. It must be fantastic to be so articulate.

  • Reply Ted ID:21c71xsihm

    Great growing up story. Put me wondering down memory lane.😎